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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIFIC

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Discipleship1, 751:asset in the Ashram and is entrusted with specific duties and tasks for which he is individuallyDiscipleship1, 760:forces, to direct so-called energies in a specific and particular direction. He realizes his goalDiscipleship1, 760:I had almost said privilege - to direct force in specific directions. When their status is notDiscipleship1, 760:energy in a general and universal but not in a specific manner. Discipleship1, 761:of force and distributors of energy, colored by specific quality and of a certain note, vibration,Discipleship1, 768:Higher Evolution. It is a stage which marks a specific location (if such an inappropriate word canDiscipleship2, 19:must do to "take initiation." He receives - at specific "points in time" - according to his successDiscipleship2, 50:selfishness and an undue emphasis upon your specific group importance. The groups are simply theDiscipleship2, 57:he to lose sight of the inner orientation and specific recollection. All the time he was outwardlyDiscipleship2, 90:available to the general public, after certain specific deletions, about which she knows and whichDiscipleship2, 102:in himself a point of response. It was for this specific reason that I engineered this experimentDiscipleship2, 133:and factually. Each of these words will convey a specific meaning, and rightly apprehended willDiscipleship2, 154:possible registrations involves a certain and specific phase of alignment, a conscious use of theDiscipleship2, 157:your readiness, as individuals, for certain specific preparatory work for the initiation which youDiscipleship2, 226:of the New Group of World Servers, what is my specific, fixed intention at this moment of dedicatedDiscipleship2, 246:their groups of disciples those who have started specific work under their direction in someDiscipleship2, 249:time nor space exists." Formula Four has a specific effect upon the "jewel in the lotus," awakeningDiscipleship2, 297:south, east and west are symbols) there are specific techniques, but today I may only indicateDiscipleship2, 332:place within affiliated Ashrams and having a specific ray effect. Initiations into those degreesDiscipleship2, 415:and love (of personality and soul, to be specific) can only be possible when the will aspect inDiscipleship2, 438:center which is receiving attention during any specific initiation. There is another point ofDiscipleship2, 458:is what the world needs today... I assign you no specific meditation. Work out your own, but let itDiscipleship2, 482:is it possible to convince him that - in this specific connection - he is totally blind. VisionDiscipleship2, 538:you have directed your energies in some one specific direction. You have thereby short-circuitedDiscipleship2, 539:consequence of a particular state of mind and a specific state of being; it signifies a point inDiscipleship2, 548:though in a lessened degree and with a specific emphasis laid upon the required training forDiscipleship2, 562:upon the physical plane. You might ask: To what specific end? You know that such a mode of dailyDiscipleship2, 627:Disciples - W.D.S. Let me now return to your own specific instructions. I am going to give you noDiscipleship2, 631:to me to give a general call and to state specific principles and lines of activity which shouldDiscipleship2, 645:come through; true triumph is dependent upon specific achievement upon the inner planes and uponDiscipleship2, 646:conditioning you, interesting because of the specific combination. The saving grace of your lifeDiscipleship2, 690:be with its. I am not being very definite and specific with you, my brother. You need it not, forDiscipleship2, 694:to master. 3. The severing of connection with specific lines of thought. This may refer to theDiscipleship2, 694:immersed in any ashramic thought-form. These specific abstractions are being rapidly learned byDiscipleship2, 717:November 1944 BROTHER OF OLD: This is the last specific and individual instruction I shall giveDiscipleship2, 742:of it to form their own Ashrams or to take up a specific place in another Ashram as they meet theDiscipleship2, 746:only in an embryonic manner; more difficult and specific training should be given to the few whoEducation, 51:and physiological equipment, upon certain specific tests, and upon the new form of astrology. IEducation, 64:has been the source of form production on any specific level. It is his task to develop withinEducation, 66:him; when he has ascertained the meaning of any specific problem, he uses it as an invitation toEducation, 108:outlines and omitting any study of detail or of specific personalities, except by way ofEducation, 108:causes, and the peculiar contribution which each specific nation has to make to the world whole. WeEducation, 122:of some grasped idea more than of some specific person's determined and imposed plan. The PisceanEducation, 125:cooperation for [125] certain visioned and specific ends. It is, for mankind, a new field ofExternalisation, 64:[64] Each group has been organized to fulfil a specific task. This united group work has not yetExternalisation, 74:call the Jewish people. What I say here has no specific reference to any individual; I amExternalisation, 101:much of the group difficulty lies. Let me be specific and illustrate. I, your Tibetan brother,Externalisation, 112:consciousness. Many lesser crises, initiating specific tribal, national and racial experiments inExternalisation, 117:effects before committing himself to any specific deed. Only through pain, [118] error andExternalisation, 153:immediate nature are consequently induced over a specific period of time: The energy of the Will ofExternalisation, 257:seven men who personify in themselves great and specific aspects of material forces (connected withExternalisation, 312:to extend its use through the world. It is my specific plan to help mass world thought and thusExternalisation, 324:the will of the group - unitedly dedicated to a specific objective - which is the point of majorExternalisation, 335:work. You might ask me at this point to be specific and state if there is any significant hindranceExternalisation, 365:subject is too vast for us to be intelligently specific. We can, however, consider the immediateExternalisation, 373:It is only the motive for the emphasis of any specific racial and national culture which must beExternalisation, 442:program and are being presented in their specific forms by the other Masters. There is little thatExternalisation, 554:it possible to permit human beings to know His specific objective; this has never before been theExternalisation, 569:which They may need at any given time or for any specific purpose. This will still remain true ofExternalisation, 673:They connote simply a way of life in any specific time. These energies were started on theirExternalisation, 693:is also the Science of Applied Energy, with the specific objective in view of "eliminating theExternalisation, 695:spirit of adoration, will not be chosen for this specific training. Their own attitudes andFire, 82:of matter of the four ethers, and built into a specific form. It forms, a focal point for certainFire, 145:the wheel of existence in ordered cycles for a specific purpose, and the progression of theseFire, 155:the fires latent and radiatory have achieved a specific stage. This is the secret of finalFire, 155:heat, to produce added momentum and to give specific quality according to the source from which theFire, 158:point of perfect balance then produces certain specific effects which might be enumerated andFire, 170:the center at this stage not only rotates in specific direction, but literally turns upon itself,Fire, 183:three channels within the spinal column have for specific purpose the blending of these threefoldFire, 185:is so unless for certain work and for certain specific ends, the man consciously and willinglyFire, 211:Ray. It is produced only at stated times when specific work has to be done. It is used not only atFire, 230:it is the form which His life animates for the specific purpose of Gaining experience. MakingFire, 231:Then the form is either consciously utilized for specific ends or is vacated, and the man isFire, 239:takes shape and incarnates in order to carry out specific purposes of His own. But this hypothesisFire, 252:that which is developed to bring about certain specific effects and to attain certain specificFire, 252:certain specific effects and to attain certain specific goals. Ability to evolve, to increaseFire, 273:set of atoms, it will call forth from them a specific sound which will demonstrate objectively asFire, 278:greater or lesser, in which some life runs some specific course, in which some particular periodFire, 281:with time and space in their relation to a specific center of consciousness; we have seen that theyFire, 360:reveal for general publication details as to His specific Identity, His number and His scope ofFire, 360:men in large numbers conceive of the purpose of specific manifestations, when they realize that allFire, 368:globe in our chain, and this resulted in a specific vitalization in the dense planet itself.Fire, 376:manas on three globes, and utilizes it for specific purposes on the final two. This is a lesserFire, 376:vibrate to a different key, and serve their own specific ends, so do the globes serve an analogousFire, 401:the forms (built up of active matter) in a specific direction, and along certain destined paths. ItFire, 427:will be seized by man to bring about specific ends during specific cycles. 49 The Trinity.Fire, 427:by man to bring about specific ends during specific cycles. 49 The Trinity. "Mahavishnu presidesFire, 446:of close on two thousand five hundred years, a specific number of men will pass on to the Path ofFire, 449:in Heaven, the Sun)." - Unknown. There are specific formulae, known to all initiates of a certainFire, 491:both control the devas, and attempt to produce specific ends by manipulation of the matter of theFire, 501:and circumstance of time and environment to the specific need under the Law of Karma. TheFire, 519:with Them. These latter have achieved a certain specific goal, and are the [520] embodiment ofFire, 527:aggregates of force points which have reached a specific point in evolution, and are responding toFire, 548:will be scientifically utilized to produce specific results in group evolution, and thus some ofFire, 552:To provide a body for an idea To carry out specific purpose. Let us first study the logoic thoughtFire, 560:Elementals and Fire Elementals c. To Carry Out Specific Purpose We touch here upon the most vitalFire, 560:be borne in mind as we consider these words "specific purpose." By their tabulation [561] we shallFire, 561:The ideas involved are: The Factor of Identity. Specific purpose is the practical application ofFire, 561:or expected consummation. The Factor of Time. Specific purpose in the solar system is the gradualFire, 563:later, when considering the elementals. The specific purpose of a thought-form is connected very
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