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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECIFIC

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Healing, 269:too much with generalities and that I give no specific and detailed analysis of particularHealing, 270:is necessarily a topic which is general and not specific; it is not yet accepted in the occultHealing, 323:thus in order to expand your view from the specific to the whole. In relation to disease andHealing, 326:soul requirements, as they must be met in each specific life. Healing, 343:the benefic of all? Can you give us some more specific instructions and indicate to us someHealing, 349:which may work out as healing energies in any specific case. Upon these energies for good, whichHealing, 349:it is impossible for him to decide whether any specific case will yield to healing treatment orHealing, 352:years' time, we can probably begin to deal with specific cases. I seek, however, at this time toHealing, 394:basic requirements have been so chosen for their specific meanings: The Work of RestitutionHealing, 427:relinquishing of form, temporarily taken for two specific objectives: To gain control in the threeHealing, 429:- withdraws the life principle from any specific physical form via the solar plexus, which is theHealing, 480:of disease, with enumerating or considering specific diseases, their symptoms or their treatmentHealing, 547:I am not giving rules and laws which deal with specific diseases. This, I fear, will greatlyHealing, 636:of perfection, but is progressing towards a specific goal which will be attained when theHealing, 702:own ray. When he only possesses general and not specific knowledge of his own ray or rays and thoseHealing, 702:and act upon that general assumption. To possess specific and particularized knowledge is useful,Initiation, 37:of the Hierarchy who were willing to undergo a specific training and expansion of consciousness. InInitiation, 69:teaching from the Master, a disciple (for some specific reason) may be called to the Master's studyInitiation, 98:the process of initiation, bring about certain specific phenomena. First and foremost is the energyInitiation, 120:and himself; he is given an insight into the specific group purpose, and its relation to otherInitiation, 124:The present. It is revealed to him what is the specific work to be done during the lesser cycle inInitiation, 129:ray. It is produced only at stated times, when specific work has to be done. It is used not only atInitiation, 142:he wields the Rod of Fire, and effects certain specific results in the body of the applicant.Initiation, 146:when any member of the Lodge takes a specific post in Hierarchical work. This oath deals with hisInitiation, 156:formulas of words only as required to carry out specific purposes along two lines: DefiniteInitiation, 156:along two lines: Definite creative processes. Specific direction of energy. This, of course, on theInitiation, 159:and driving multitudes of tiny lives to take specific forms. These forms persist and carry outInitiation, 159:sound which caused them is prolonged, and the specific will-energy of the one who initiated theInitiation, 159:8. Every Word sounded is distinguished by: A specific color. A particular tone. A special form. AInitiation, 160:musical tone. Its degree of activity is of a specific mathematical notation beyond the grasp of theInitiation, 164:manifestation, and which causes a certain specific greater cycle. It might be pointed out that:Initiation, 165:(when seen clairvoyantly) of an oval of a specific hue, according to the secret imparted,Initiation, 178:way during this particular period for his own specific purposes; it is part of the process ofInitiation, 178:utilized in such a way that it produces that specific stimulation which demonstrates in theInitiation, 192:discipleship is in no way pledged to the same specific attitude and discipline as is the applicantInitiation, 221:to a period of rest, without reference to any specific length of cycle. Frequently used to expressIntellect, 40:is left, speaking generally, without any specific culturing. These two great and divergent systemsIntellect, 43:is the reverse of the Oriental. We have no specific culture of a kind to produce such world figuresIntellect, 95:the sixth sense, the mind, to produce certain specific results. Other suggested origins have to doIntellect, 116:This is why students are advised to take some specific words or a verse from some sacred book forIntellect, 120:of the complex of the Whole, using the specific forms of sensual perception which are at ourIntellect, 128:supernatural divine power. It stands for "the specific non-rational religious apprehension and itsIntellect, 170:bodily sensations disappear, shows that their specific energy has been withdrawn from them, and hasIntellect, 229:outlines which are drawn up to produce certain specific results in particular people, but it isMagic, 9:matter and assume forms whereby their peculiar specific state of consciousness may be realized andMagic, 37:of the vegetable and mineral forms and for their specific natures. Animal consciousness, theMagic, 45:of the planetary Logos, for instance, of any specific form. The particular kingdom in nature whichMagic, 55:his latent powers that he can deal with his own specific problems, stand on his own feet, handleMagic, 59:are revealed to him and his problem becomes specific. Frequently then he reaches the position inMagic, 120:head or the heart method is the objective of any specific life. A fine spiritual discrimination isMagic, 183:Curiosity as to the habits and methods of specific Masters and Their ways of handling TheirMagic, 187:group is entered in service to be rendered and specific work to be done, and not because a man isMagic, 204:all into being for the fulfilment of some specific objective. 4. Meditation. Upon this matter weMagic, 211:steady vision, one-pointedly directed towards a specific objective. The soul or solar angel mightMagic, 213:those forms which "illumination" indicates a specific state of being. It opens up the world ofMagic, 216:region of the third eye and swept into right and specific activity by an act of the will. In theMagic, 246:being brought about through a realized and specific objective, necessitating such a focusing. LaterMagic, 247:control, and of force utilization towards specific ends. Here the magician takes his stand andMagic, 268:plane and the confining of the attention to that specific enterprise, knowing that right thoughtMagic, 403:and are but modes, processes and means to a specific end. The plan as at present sensed, and forMagic, 405:this conclave, the inauguration of definite and specific group work along clearly defined lines,Magic, 410:have come forth under a divine urge and with a specific work to accomplish; they have all beenMagic, 413:of all types and tendencies. This group has a specific mission, and some of the facts about itMagic, 416:one-sided, and their talents ran along some specific line. They demonstrated a capacity to write asMagic, 455:as long as it is needed in order to perform its specific work. Connected to himself by a magneticMagic, 537:like to point out another thing. I have given no specific rules for releasing the prisoners of theMagic, 576:spleen and the heart. In the stimulation of any specific center. The energy employed in this caseMagic, 585:only those souls flower forth into adepts in any specific generation who have "trodden theMagic, 592:are in reality disks, rotating or revolving at specific rates, which differ for the differentMagic, 595:therefore from the above that I cannot give specific instructions as to the awakening of theMagic, 638:vibration of the aspirant and not through a specific knowledge of the deed accomplished or theMagic, 638:aware of, nor have they the time to consider, specific deeds, words and conditions, and the soonerMeditation, 22:its content) the causal body is of a certain specific gravity, and when the circumference of thatMeditation, 23:consideration: [23] The point in evolution. The specific gravity of the causal body. The size andMeditation, 29:Points considered when assigning Meditation The Specific Gravity and Content of the Causal BodyMeditation, 31:life - is set free and mounts to its source. The specific gravity of the causal body fixes theMeditation, 42:towards the universal goal. Such is also the specific situation in the period in which you live, aMeditation, 53:In group and congregational work. c. For certain specific ends. Its effect on the bodies andMeditation, 63:application and in its employment for certain specific ends. We have very briefly studied the WordMeditation, 67:Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation Groups for Specific Purposes Groups will later be formed forMeditation, 67:Purposes Groups will later be formed for specific purposes, which brings me to my third point, theMeditation, 72:The Spleen The spleen, the third center, has a specific purpose. It has its correspondence in theMeditation, 89:to impart forms, invocations and mantrams of a specific character; it will not be possible toMeditation, 94:in their threefold totality. In this way some specific facts may be imparted. I begin with theMeditation, 103:by the student himself, following the specific oral instructions of the teacher. Sometimes the fireMeditation, 105:wise Teachers move among men and openly teach in specific schools, many forms of brain trouble andMeditation, 107:in view for this one solar system: He had some specific aim that necessitated some specificMeditation, 107:He had some specific aim that necessitated some specific vibration and required therefore certainMeditation, 107:Himself. All within that circle is subject to specific rules and governed by a certain key measure,Meditation, 108:vibrating to a certain measure, governed in one specific life by certain rules and aiming at someMeditation, 108:and a temporary loss of time. Let us be specific and illustrate: An Ego has formed his threefoldMeditation, 113:by isolation and by the careful following of specific forms for many hours each day for many days.Meditation, 123:collaboration and proceeds under law and for a specific period... As more and more of the raceMeditation, 128:with the devas can be brought about through specific forms and mantrams and that in this contactMeditation, 131:then his vibrations set in motion matter of a specific kind, and he learns to work with thatMeditation, 133:may suffice to dispel the trouble. Here, in this specific case, the disciple will be wise if he notMeditation, 139:The Use of Form by the mystic and the occultist. Specific Forms. The Use of Form collectively.Meditation, 140:to have me give you in this sixth letter certain specific forms to achieve certain results cannotMeditation, 141:the mystic and the occultist. [141] The use of specific forms for specific ends. The use of FormMeditation, 141:occultist. [141] The use of specific forms for specific ends. The use of Form collectively. In the
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