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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECULATION

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Astrology, 8:appearance, but the phenomenal appearance. Speculation about the nature, the history and identityAstrology, 30:The vibration is of too high a character. Speculation along these lines is profitless. A vastAstrology, 91:I impose no doctrine. I indicate phases of speculation which might prove illuminating and fruitful.Astrology, 115:purpose is for us only a subject of interested speculation. There is a possibility that this planAstrology, 308:lies another planet as yet undiscovered, though speculation is rife about it, owing to certainAstrology, 348:itself an interesting and far-reaching field of speculation. Gemini is, therefore, one of the mostAstrology, 445:years in what has been called the Black Lodge. Speculation anent this Lodge and its activities isAstrology, 499:by any of you - even the most advanced thinkers. Speculation on your part is useless. Time aloneAstrology, 516:of the caverns of bewilderment and the areas of speculation and enquiry. This process ofAtom, 35:may be worlds within worlds. An interesting speculation along these lines is to be found in a bookAtom, 43:extent of influence. This may sound like a wild speculation, yet, judging from analogy, there mayAtom, 147:of affairs. Thus we were led into the field of speculation. We considered then whether all thatAtom, 150:opens up for us an immense field of study and speculation. Again, within the solar system we shallAtom, 151:a definite effect upon it? This may be but a speculation, but it has its points of interest. If weAutobiography, 141:orthodox Christian, which I had held without any speculation as to its truth. This posits anAutobiography, 262:of orthodox Theosophy, of Hindu metaphysical speculation or under Christian terminology. MuchBethlehem, 136:is a point to consider, and worthy of serious speculation. The bias thrown on Christian theology byBethlehem, 233:the fact of immortality is still but a source of speculation to millions. But it was their sense ofDestiny, 4:anent the seven rays remains a profitless speculation unless it is susceptible of investigation, ofDiscipleship1, 345:of any other person. It is an entirely futile speculation on the part of personalities. I have onlyDiscipleship1, 384:Look not so much into the future with speculation or with [385] foreboding, nor even with hope,Discipleship1, 385:with hope, which is but a form of optimistic speculation. Live today as your soul dictates and theDiscipleship2, 72:dispersed. I charge you to waste no time in idle speculation, but to carry your responsibility asDiscipleship2, 299:in man, in nature, or latent in manifestation. Speculation along this line might be and frequentlyExternalisation, 65:understanding and fusion) spend their time in speculation, in criticism of the various worldExternalisation, 70:at length upon it here either, fascinating as speculation might be, because I am anxious to haveExternalisation, 288:additions and are in the nature of adornment, speculation and prediction; they are constantlyExternalisation, 419:and the influences exerted, but there is still speculation and much foolish claiming andExternalisation, 657:little; nevertheless, upon this energy much speculation has been permitted and many falseFire, 306:incarnations. This figure provides room for much speculation. (S. D., I, 191.) It should be pointedFire, 380:It will lead the student into regions of logical speculation, into the study of cosmic electricity,Fire, 381:will eventually become a subject of popular speculation, then of investigation, of scientificFire, 457:has been suggested to form the basis of useful speculation. 52 The Master R. or Rakoczi, is theFire, 586:is quite interesting, and provides room for speculation. Fire, 1059:and utterly unknown. Naught but the wildest speculation is possible to the tiny finite minds of menFire, 1210:who can see all that which is now the subject of speculation. They - from their great numbers andHealing, 272:and the new eras, men will wander in a fog of speculation; a great conflict will be engineeredHealing, 279:however, that the problem is recognized and that speculation and investigation are rife, indicateHealing, 437:present darkness and sick hope, and the unhappy speculation and oft despair which over-shadowsHealing, 671:if the Christ had not reacted as He did; speculation is of little use, but it might be stated thatHercules, 146:of human energies opens up a field of speculation and experiment. In physical science, the energyInitiation, 169:of electricity is as yet but a matter for speculation for modern science. The fact that it isInitiation, 188:and the Pleiades can only be mentioned, further speculation being impossible. The bulk of liberatedMagic, 4:students are at liberty to ponder, omitting idle speculation as to the exact details of unimportantMagic, 11:before the breeze towards an end about which speculation only is possible, and of being governed byMagic, 16:Remarks In some of our considerations, speculation must perforce enter in. Those who see a visionMagic, 128:Students can sidetrack their energies in idle speculation as to my identity. Of what moment is it?Magic, 274:solar system, not just our planetary existence. Speculation about the Existence who, through HisMagic, 340:the place of theory, and direct evidence that of speculation. The theorizing of men as to theirMagic, 369:is the nature of the Spirit and about which speculation is fruitless until the soul realizes itsMagic, 369:self is at-oned with the soul. Therefore speculation and analysis as to the nature of bliss isMagic, 464:factors antedate our solar system and therefore speculation about them remains unrewarded, exceptMagic, 471:these Instructions and wander into the realms of speculation. With the goal, religion has longMeditation, 29:body, opens up for the thinker much food for speculation. The literal figures and the dimensionalMeditation, 202:conveys much matter for consideration and for speculation and is full of helpfulness for the wiseMeditation, 231:to you has provided food for thought and for speculation. It tends to the development of the higherMeditation, 331:enough to provide much room for interested speculation. [332] Psychology1, 12:all of you who take up this study that any speculation as to the emanating source of the rays mustPsychology1, 97:and the encouragement in the aspirant of a happy speculation and an idle expectancy carry the seedsPsychology1, 119:the animal. But man, the soul, remains still a speculation, a hope, a belief. The fact of the soulPsychology1, 150:order to impress upon you the futility of idle speculation upon this subject. Disciples who havePsychology1, 150:differentiates into forces) is not what idle speculation has portrayed it to be. Life is thePsychology1, 218:remains a matter of investigation and of speculation and theory, the reader should regard what IPsychology1, 294:remains to be seen. I am not interested in speculation. [295] But I can and I shall put down forPsychology1, 388:great civilization lies too far ahead to make speculation possible. Psychology2, 73:A deep interest in the final root races and speculation as to the life going forward on otherPsychology2, 398:group (a few million would be an optimistic speculation) who have even a beginner's grasp of whatRays, 133:is there producing curiosity, relief and hope, speculation and cynical laughter, consciousRays, 594:known for what it is, another kingdom in nature. Speculation, wishful thinking and hopefulReappearance, 61:us to a wise consideration and spiritual speculation upon the probable lines which His work willReappearance, 153:and the influences exerted but there is still speculation and much foolish claiming andSoul, 23:of literature, or philosophic or religious speculation. 'Mind' will give way to personality,Soul, 35:Dr. Leary, "that, in the long run, when present speculation has been replaced by more adequate andSoul, 66:with an expression of faith, not indeed in this speculation, about which he evinced great caution,Soul, 85:of the task probably serving as a deterrent. Speculation has always been rife as to where the soulSoul, 90:and today we have included the glands in our speculation and so carried the idea forward. The
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