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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPECULATIONS

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Atom, 120:The further we look ahead, the wider our speculations become, and the more we attempt to accountAutobiography, 220:of suitcases, the arranging of clothes and the speculations on the part of the girls aboutBethlehem, 251:immortality. To these we must add the speculations of the Spiritualists, with their variousBethlehem, 251:interest of man in the hereafter, and his many speculations as to his future and his immortality. Education, 58:with certain mental ideals, dreams and speculations, which can be transmuted into valuable assetsExternalisation, 93:how vague and uncertain are your very highest speculations. Be content with your duty and theExternalisation, 600:the vague belief in Their existence, the dreamy speculations as to Their work and Their interest inFire, 381:will be reduced to law and order. As yet but dim speculations and hints that appeal only to theGlamour, 105:them and ask you to accept them as reasonable speculations and possibly accurate hypotheses: CausesHealingbeen the subject of endless investigations and speculations, and much definite deduction has beenHealing, 360:picture of the Blessed One. There are only a few speculations by the devotees of the early churchHealing, 568:attributable cause for it, though there are many speculations and conclusions among the orthodox.Healing, 583:anent the seven rays as manifesting energies. Speculations as to the nature of the divine TrinityMagic, 128:usefulness. My anonymity will not be broken and speculations as to my identity are fruitless [129]Magic, 327:embodied in themselves practically all the basic speculations of man as to the why and wherefore ofMagic, 327:Out of the medley of ideas, theories, speculations, religions, churches, cults, sects andMagic, 608:years. They do not occupy themselves with idle speculations as to the ultimate goal at the close ofMagic, 608:age. This may surprise you in view of the many speculations of the uninitiated. But so it is. TheyMeditation, 44:needless force in vain imaginings, feverish speculations and troubled expectations. Psychology1, 111:let not your mind be occupied with idle speculations as to the identity of the teacher. WhatPsychology2, 238:devotion and self-awareness, and in the misty speculations of their own minds and desires. They arePsychology2, 328:formulated as theories, we are familiar. The speculations and pronouncements of teachers [329]Rays, 78:the pattern of man's living. Certain great speculations will become experimental theories and laterReappearance, 47:vague belief in Their existence, the dreamy [47] speculations as to Their work and Their interestSoul, 20:opposed to the idle and dreaming speculations of the visionary mystic. The result of its effortsSoul, 75:and spirit, which has figured prominently in the speculations of theologians. The conception of theSoul, 78:natural phenomena engrossed attention, until speculations as to the soul and its nature wereSoul, The sp:thalamus as the scat of the soul life. [The speculations of these various writers have been takenSoul, 130:now accepted as realities emerged from the speculations and vague hypotheses of the past ages? Has
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