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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPEECH

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Patanjali, 337:- physical, The voices of desire - astral, The speech or formulated thoughts of the mind - mental,Patanjali, 337:with which he is temporarily concerned: The speech of the Earth, so as to rightly use it, The VoicePatanjali, 338:the Word of God, incarnate in all nature. When speech is rightly used and the sounds of earth canPatanjali, 338:grows able to hear and clearly distinguish the speech of the great Companions, who counsel andPatanjali, 379:consciousness. 3. Words of Power Creation by speech, or the method of the mental plane. 4. IntenseProblems, 24:own loyalties and adherences, and if freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a truly free pressPsychology1, 15:in terms of that One Life, but it remains but speech and thought, whilst the true awareness of thatPsychology1, 180:use of ideas. It is here that the power of [180] speech makes itself felt, just as in thePsychology1, 199:man can, by arbitration and the right use of speech, settle all differences, and thus change thePsychology1, 211:but would always be fluent both in writing and speech. The seventh ray man will often be sectarian.Psychology1, 418:The Word. Instrument of Sensation: Ears. Speech. The Word. Bodily location: The heart. Plane: ThePsychology1, 420:Instrument of Sensation: Tongue. Organs of speech. Plane: Astral or emotional Plane. Desire plane.Psychology2, 40:of the light; True illumination; Right speech through generated wisdom. Ray Three ForcePsychology2, 41:Undue recognition of that which is produced by speech, Abnormal sensitivity to that which is thePsychology2, 43:misunderstanding of the Plan, The wrong use of speech to bring about chosen objectives, Untruth,Psychology2, 44:in the world at this present time) is incorrect speech, conveying ambiguous meanings and motivatedPsychology2, 44:neophyte was forced into a prolonged silence. Speech was not permitted. This was inculcated as aPsychology2, 44:of present right activity is hindered by the speech interplay between disciples, and much time isPsychology2, 63:which tend towards right conduct, right speech, and good character. The thought underlying thisPsychology2, 131:by an active refraining from those acts and that speech which might hurt or cause anyPsychology2, 175:as right and wrong silences, right and wrong speech, right understanding and right indifference andPsychology2, 189:so that the rules [189] and methods whereby speech can be transcended may become known and the newPsychology2, 325:The analytical, intelligent mind uses forms of speech in order to limit the concept intuited withinPsychology2, 420:and expressing itself through the organs of speech. Sometimes this possession alternates betweenPsychology2, 466:a tremendous sense of inferiority, too much speech, a running hither and thither for explanation,Psychology2, 516:(and sometimes enforced) suppression, control of speech and other restraining reactions; they arePsychology2, 559:Inspiration. c. Mediumship. Intercourse. Speech. Mediatorship. d. Materialization. Invention.Psychology2, 569:in line with the usual mannerisms and methods of speech and thought of the departed or livingPsychology2, 621:reason for this should be obvious. Mistakes in speech, idle talk and gossip, the effects of thePsychology2, 666:their minds, their reactions and their habits of speech. They sometimes resent the fact that othersPsychology2, 675:brotherhood, for positive harmlessness in speech and writing, and for that inner synthesis ofPsychology2, 687:though the outer man may be serving with his speech and spoken interest), a day of service carriedPsychology2, 748:be cast. They must strive after harmlessness in speech and in life in relation to their family,Rays, 214:essentially, silence is not refraining from speech. So many disciples seem to think that it is, andRays, 214:the unwholesome use of the creative imagination. Speech is consequently controlled at its source,Rays, 214:consequently controlled at its source, because speech is the result of certain inner sources ofRays, 214:on to the physical plane. The retention of speech and the suppression of words, if they are theRays, 215:Within the permitted levels of contact, speech is free and unimpeded; outside those levels, noRays, 215:of thought activity, with their conditioning speech, even exist. Such is the silence of theRays, 449:are matters of form, [449] symbols in speech, and are used to express events and happenings in theRays, 646:as it comes into incarnation, transforms the speech of the cycle, enriches the existent vocabulary,Rays, 701:downwards." This is only a symbolic mode of speech. Like his great Master, the Christ, when heRays, 764:with learning, and the wise use of the Word; speech of an occult nature and the silence of theReappearance, 21:steps on this Path are: [21] Right Values. Right Speech. Right Modes of Living. Right Thinking.Reappearance, 44:which has no weapons but those of love, of right speech and right human relations. This unknownReappearance, 89:fact by thinking and intelligent people. Speech, the written word, and motivated activity are allSoul, 101:Not only the five pranas, but also eye, ear, speech, and manas originate from the heart. The heartSoul, 101:faith, beget children, know the truth, on it speech also is based, while the further question onTelepathy, 16:and largely took the place of thought and of speech. It concerned itself primarily with two typesTelepathy, 34:immediate response to [34] thought, unlimited by speech or other medium of expression. DisciplesTelepathy, 72:to consult. It does not involve the use of speech or words but is simply a technical method whereby
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