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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPELL

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Discipleship1, 139:duty and your freedom inwardly from ties will spell for you that measure of liberation which willDiscipleship1, 363:and work as it may be indicated to you, it will spell for you a large measure of release. You canDiscipleship2, 284:of divisions in time and space or of the spell of the Great Illusion. It deals with the fact ofHercules, Known:Little by little he fell under the power and spell of Busiris; little by [63] little he yielded upIntellect, 75:millions of bewildered children are trying to spell God? The mind sends us hither and thither inIntellect, 206:the one-pointed attitude, and these two together spell success. The former takes some time, but itIntellect, 255:So he suffers, and has a nervous breakdown, or a spell of insomnia, and his teacher gets the blameMagic, 474:the cruel speech which ruins those who feel its spell, the poisonous gossip, passed along becauseMagic, 620:doings of powerful personalities who cast their spell over their time and age; then isolation andMeditation, 115:the danger of crystallization, falls under the spell of sinful pride, and mayhap even takes theMeditation, 130:and in the interim the bodies now in use but spell disaster to the ambitious student. When a manProblems, 34:World Education in the hands of any church would spell disaster. It would feed the sectarianProblems, 131:an intellectual stupidity which must inevitably spell its eventual doom, unless the faint stirringsPsychology2, 483:in terms or a lesson to be mastered would spell release from negativity and blind, unintelligentRays, 144:carry out the will of God" move free from the spell of evil. The Light in which They moveReappearance, 140:and it is today a rapidly growing one) will spell the doom of the churches and endorse the spread
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