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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPHERE

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Astrology, 4:appears to be so as it passes between our little sphere, the Earth, and the constellations at anyAstrology, 28:planets found within the periphery of the Sun's sphere of influence. From a certain point of view,Astrology, 39:do they suffer, burn, and long through the sixth sphere of sense." Astrology, 41:precipitates a man eventually into the eighth sphere. He refuses to become a Christ, a Savior andAstrology, 85:term) will be the condition of the major solar sphere of influence at the end of the Great Age ofAstrology, 102:conditioning signs) and thus staying within the sphere of influence in order to help humanity toAstrology, 111:space (carrying our solar system along in its sphere of influence) around our own central andAstrology, 119:the man always back again and again into the sphere of influence of Aries which, through the rulingAstrology, 126:or the region of death; the Earth stands for the sphere of experience; the Moon or Vulcan standsAstrology, 167:abidingly present and pour into our planetary sphere and life, via the Sun (veiling a hiddenAstrology, 238:A.D. such legislation will be universal in its sphere of influence and control. All this will comeAstrology, 301:be apparent to you that we here have another sphere of influence of major importance, governed byAstrology, 303:is in reality only a unit of energy within the sphere of influence of the soul ray which can at anyAstrology, 359:any unit of consciousness, within the planetary sphere of influence, to conceive of conditions asAstrology, 399:in any particular sign, its fall within the sphere of influence of a sign as well as the lesseningAstrology, 417:in nature - which lie within its periphery or sphere of influence and vibratory activity. It isAstrology, 418:swept finally within the radius of each others' sphere of action; from the point of view of livingAstrology, 432:of Pisces, lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple lightAstrology, 432:of Uranus. This light descended on the waiting sphere and lit the galaxy of little lights upon theAstrology, 433:And thus the little one upon the littlest sphere becomes the greatest God. From the directingAstrology, 453:In the case of the planetary Logos of our little sphere, the head center, the ajna center, theAstrology, 455:[455] shift its focus of receptivity into the sphere of influence of Shamballa. Of this shift, theAstrology, 540:activity the world of forces upon the outer sphere of manifestation, and produces the precipitationAstrology, 568:Crosses makes its presence felt as a fourfold sphere of influence or a potent center of energyAstrology, 594:penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere to that which can be sensed behind the holyAstrology, 665:the building devas have been removed from its sphere of influence." (C.F. 93) "The moon is inAtom, 42:a little vibrant world, and that within its sphere of influence other little lives are to be found,Atom, 42:nucleus of force or life, holding within our sphere of influence other lesser lives, i.e. the cellsAtom, 42:force, holding within the periphery of his sphere of influence the cells of his body; he showsAtom, 43:the planet that holds the substance of the sphere and all forms of life upon it to itself as aAtom, 43:there may perhaps be within the planetary sphere an Entity Whose consciousness is as far removedAtom, 43:center of energy, holding the planets within its sphere of influence. If you have within the atom,Atom, 44:of the human family who are held within His sphere of influence, and who go to the constitution ofAtom, 45:Einstein hints, our entire solar system is but a sphere, coloring is given to the deduction thatAtom, 49:cells which is our instrument, or tool, and our sphere of manifestation. This is something of whichAtom, 50:Who is Himself but an atom within a still larger sphere, which is indwelt by the solar Logos, theAtom, 61:that just as the atom of chemistry is a tiny sphere, or form, with a positive nucleus, which holdsAtom, 63:the planetary Spirit manifesting through such a sphere as our Earth planet; it includes that lifeAtom, 79:we found that he attracted and held within his sphere of influence the matter of his variousAtom, 82:of this scheme Of being, the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and thereAtom, 84:is a life, manifesting by means of the little sphere of which it is the center. We have seen thatAtom, 85:now utilizing it, and repeating, within his own sphere of influence, the work of the atom ofAtom, 90:rapidly out of the atomic stage, and that our sphere of influence and interest is not bounded byAtom, 91:inherent activity, and [91] each one forming a sphere which holds within its periphery other lesserAtom, 91:If we concede that man is a cell in a greater sphere, may it not be possible that there is aAtom, 92:evolutions synthesized within His greater sphere, the solar system. Thus, in summing up, we haveAtom, 98:we extended this same concept also to the great sphere of the solar system, and to the Deity WhoAtom, 100:intelligent life, and a microscopic, active sphere. Now taking that little cell as ourAtom, 120:admit their existence. We are passing beyond the sphere of what has been called "solid matter,"Atom, 122:of interest lies within himself, within his own sphere, where self-centeredness is the law of [123]Atom, 123:begin to lie outside his own particular sphere, and the period arrives in which he is feeling forAtom, 123:great central Life which holds him within the sphere of Its influence. If this is so, we shall haveAtom, 131:to dominate the air. There is a great vibratory sphere, or plane, in the solar system, called inAtom, 143:knew about both these atoms to the still larger sphere, or atom, a planet, which we called aAtom, 146:that we have a central life holding within the sphere of its influence the [147] atoms thatAtom, 151:which the informing Spirit within the solar sphere is gradually attracted, and towards WhoseAutobiography, 46:a care in the world and (apart from my chosen sphere of work) I had not a single responsibility. IAutobiography, 269:emotional and mental worlds are to him the major sphere of his activities. They are simply hisAutobiography, 293:physical plane and its affairs lie outside the sphere of influence of spiritual livingness, thenBethlehem, 39:of this scheme Of being, the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and thereBethlehem, 101:He was a personality doing much good in a small sphere. But after the purification in Jordan,Bethlehem, 249:as in a prison... the soul seeks its pristine sphere of pure rationality by pursuing theBethlehem, 277:it, to share in its wonder and its larger sphere of contacts. We ourselves may have to change inDiscipleship1, 106:as it comes into manifestation. The first sphere of focus was on mental levels. There you areDiscipleship1, 158:of the Plan seeks the middle way. You have a sphere of potent usefulness within my group. You giveDiscipleship1, 182:to make as you serve within your particular sphere of usefulness. Be not discouraged (which is anDiscipleship1, 213:the consciousness in the head and visualizing a sphere of deep electric blue, vivid and living, sayDiscipleship1, 227:of the love of the soul and of the group. Your sphere of work is clear to you, and there you areDiscipleship1, 326:The practice of these qualities will extend your sphere of usefulness for there will be nothing,Discipleship1, 340:there take your stand in the very center of the sphere and from that point proceed with the rest ofDiscipleship1, 371:measure up to demand. Others again come into our sphere of influence who are integrated, wise,Discipleship1, 401:of life. Such was your dharma. Within that sphere of activity, you have preserved an innerDiscipleship1, 499:D.E.I. October 1938 MY BROTHER: The way into the sphere of your richest service is, for you, theDiscipleship1, 583:task and to integrate you into the second ray sphere of influence, which will be of real use. MyDiscipleship1, 618:you, and I am happy to see you again within the sphere of action of the work. I look to you to aidDiscipleship1, 651:you. Get this matter adjusted and your present sphere of service will provide a fine trainingDiscipleship1, 653:the world disciples in your particular grade and sphere of service, if you so chose. Everything inDiscipleship1, 678:grows, and heat is then active within the tiny sphere and does its fiery work. Moisture likewise isDiscipleship1, 689:the specific and the general and between his own sphere of environal conditions and the outer worldDiscipleship1, 694:in an Ashram only that is to be found within the sphere of influence of an Ashram which is of theDiscipleship1, 695:group and begin to form part of the Master's sphere of directed influence. This is the opportunityDiscipleship1, 697:Every center or focus of power has a definite sphere of influence and a true, active Ashram is aDiscipleship1, 728:but that they can throw themselves out of the sphere of activity, though not out of the group. ItDiscipleship1, 739:How effective is my work in relation to my sphere of activity? How effective is my thinking andDiscipleship1, 745:inviolate and constant. [745] The focused sphere of activity in the three worlds, through theDiscipleship1, 751:to his ray type. The periphery of a Master's sphere of group control is contacted by him and heDiscipleship1, 751:Ashram and advances from the periphery into the sphere of influence of the Master and his group; heDiscipleship1, 751:the outer plane, he is gathering around him a sphere of influence as a result of his soulDiscipleship1, 752:form of life can be defined as the quality of a sphere of radiatory activity. Very little is as yetDiscipleship1, 752:of occult knowledge and they are "quality" and "sphere of influence." What the clairvoyant reallyDiscipleship1, 752:what he has really recorded is the quality of a sphere of radiatory activity; this he does when hisDiscipleship1, 752:activity; this he does when his own individual sphere of radiatory activity is of the same natureDiscipleship1, 753:to those recognitions which lead a man into the sphere of influence of a Master and later enableDiscipleship1, 753:only here concerned with the fact of a Master's sphere of radiatory activity and its peculiarDiscipleship1, 753:and drawn the disciple to the periphery of the sphere of activity of such an Ashram, graduallyDiscipleship1, 754:from an Ashram, he moves forward into that sphere of influence. That in his own aura which is akinDiscipleship1, 754:unless he is able so to guard himself and the sphere of influence of which he is now a part. YouDiscipleship1, 755:potency of this radiation and the extent of the sphere of influence will be determined by theDiscipleship1, 756:Master, as it expresses his planned activity and sphere of "influential emanation" is that whichDiscipleship1, 758:to point within the circumference of a Master's sphere of influence until he reaches a period
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