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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPHERE

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Fire, 160:the symbol of the point within the circle to the sphere of matter, and the point of latent heat. WeFire, 168:center a replica of this, and has within its sphere of influence seven other centers with itselfFire, 172:so that the center is better described as a sphere of fire than as a wheel. It marks the stage ofFire, 173:to meet each other, and the unmoving becomes the sphere of activity." We take up our second pointFire, 184:or rejects from its surface. It sweeps into its sphere of influence matter that is keyed to its ownFire, 219:them rotating at fixed points from the globe or sphere of opposite polarity. The Law of Friction,Fire, 229:The Son, manifesting through the Sun and its sphere of influence, is yet in a state of gradualFire, 230:[230] Not until each cell in His body is a sphere of radiant glory - a blaze of fire and light, andFire, 230:self-expression, and has included within his sphere of influence and control the mental plane. HeFire, 232:radiation, may be felt beyond His immediate sphere of influence, the logoic ring-pass-not. Both theFire, 237:are, for instance: The deva Lord of a plane. The sphere of his body is the entire plane. Groups ofFire, 247:Its internal arrangement, which comprises the sphere of influence of any particular atom. ItsFire, 247:he can be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphere of matter with a nucleus [248] of life at theFire, 248:in his fundamental position as the Ego, with his sphere of manifestation, the causal body, - thatFire, 248:from the higher planes man demonstrates as a sphere (or spheres) of differentiated matter,Fire, 249:and seen. His internal arrangement; his entire sphere of influence is in process of development. AtFire, 249:is in process of development. At present that sphere is limited and his range of activity is small.Fire, 251:standpoint a Heavenly Man can be seen as a sphere of wondrous life, which includes within itsFire, 251:of the life pulsating at the center of the sphere; the entire planetary scheme is tinctured by aFire, 254:and seen. His internal arrangement and His sphere of influence, or that activity animating theFire, 255:system, and all that is included within the sphere of influence of the Sun. The Sun holds aFire, 255:nucleus of life at the center of the atom. This sphere comprises within its periphery the sevenFire, 256:forth Their influence to all parts of the logoic sphere, and who embody within Themselves allFire, 256:and molecules. Seen from cosmic levels, the sphere of the Logos can be visualized as a vibratingFire, 258:subjective control, by the measure of the solar sphere of influence, or the magnetic attraction ofFire, 261:in certain of our occult books about the eighth sphere. I would suggest that in this linking factorFire, 261:to unite the higher and the lower, it forms a sphere of its own. This is the greatest disaster thatFire, 264:as follows: [264] First Principle - The sphere of manifestation, the monadic egg. Second PrincipleFire, 269:be likewise predicated of a Heavenly Man in His sphere and of a man in his tiny cycle. Thus theFire, 277:around an orbit. This is the revolution of a sphere of life, not only on its axis, but along aFire, 279:states of divine realization within the solar sphere. Planetary consciousness, or the consciousnessFire, 281:evolved may begin to touch the periphery of the sphere of influence of the planetary Logos in WhoseFire, 284:at each rebirth, matter within the particular sphere or scheme within which the Ego has place. SoFire, 284:period involved in one entire revolution of a sphere around its own center of consciousness, is toFire, 284:circling of an orbit, or the revolution of a sphere around the center of which it is an integralFire, 289:own individual ring-pass-not, or of their own sphere of activity. This covers the period ofFire, 292:NOUGHT MAY BE SAID. This center is formed by the sphere of influence of a cosmic Logos. In the bodyFire, 302:of all elemental material forms within His sphere of influence. All the involutionary lives, asFire, 306:of the place of each unit within its greater sphere. Having sounded this note of warning we can nowFire, 310:discriminating cell or atom within its greater sphere is apprehended, and recognized, that anyFire, 325:body of a Heavenly Man, and are held within His sphere of influence by the force of His electricalFire, 326:made. The fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devas of the shadows,"Fire, 326:the physical evolution of man. It is the etheric sphere within which, at a little later date, theFire, 326:evolutions will touch. From this fourth etheric sphere the dense physical bodies are created. It isFire, 326:the dense physical bodies are created. It is the sphere of physical individualization. Only whenFire, 327:mastery before the end of this round. It is the sphere wherein the initiations of the threshold areFire, 337:of the third or Brahma aspect - Their main sphere of influence is on the lowest or third divisionFire, 345:poles light is produced, a flame shines forth, a sphere of radiant glory is seen which graduallyFire, 353:cooperation all the lesser units included in its sphere of influence. Each of us, in illustration,Fire, 353:all Spirit-substance that is included within His sphere of radiatory activity. Certain problems ofFire, 355:form, and the driving of all units within His sphere of influence to the fulfilment of that setFire, 355:So again with a Heavenly Man and His larger sphere of influence, and so with the solar Logos. EachFire, 355:who go to the content of the ring-pass-not or sphere of influence of the indwelling Existence.Fire, 363:cosmic correspondence, found outside the solar sphere. 34 Compare also the followingFire, 380:the place of the solar Logos within His greater sphere, the study of extra-systemic psychology andFire, 381:either The object of planetary stimulation, The sphere of the incarnation of a planetary Logos,Fire, 394:our scheme to form a lesser triangle within His sphere of activity, which triangle eventuated inFire, 400:karmic correspondence. On it he enters into the sphere of conscious cooperation in the working outFire, 411:a scheme, a chain, or any form of limiting sphere down through them all to the physical atom of theFire, 416:chain, which makes it merit the name of the Sphere of Suffering, and the mystery of the long andFire, 418:This narrows the concept down to the sphere of a man's own consciousness, and enables him toFire, 419:himself as distinct from every other functioning sphere of matter from the materialized Logos toFire, 428:of the four etheric grades of substance: its sphere of influence and its utilization will beFire, 436:Being, but knows his place within his greater sphere, a planetary Logos, is conscious of theFire, 449:with a corresponding odor and sound. The sphere of aura that surrounds every human being has oneFire, 451:to guide the life to regions outside the solar sphere of influence. But on the physical plane heFire, 478:electrons or negative points which compose its sphere of influence, and scatters them to such aFire, 478:original center but seek another. The atomic sphere, if I might so express it, dissipates, theFire, 478:and the central essence escapes and seeks a new sphere, occultly understood. We must rememberFire, 478:own form, but negative as regards its greater sphere. Every atom therefore is [479] both positiveFire, 488:Magician develops the inherent energy of the sphere concerned (whether human, animal, vegetable orFire, 488:through the agency of force external to the sphere involved, and produces transmutation through theFire, 513:causal sheath is to the clairvoyant therefore a sphere of vibrant living substance; within it canFire, 513:be seen three fiery points. At the heart of the sphere is a central blaze of light, emitting [514]Fire, 515:atom of the astral and physical planes is a sphere of physical or astral substance, composed ofFire, 515:The permanent atom finds its place within the sphere of influence of one or other of the greatFire, 530:or shape. Nature. Love. Matter - Objective sphere. Intelligent activity. See S. D., III, 561. LifeFire, 530:of all that is manifested, or the entire solar sphere or system. This contains: The ten planetaryFire, 542:to his final emancipation. He becomes in his sphere the "Great Sacrifice." This stage can be seenFire, 543:atomic spheres, and add their quota to the great sphere in which they are contained; the fire ofFire, 548:fire, the result of radiation from one conscious sphere to another will be realized; the method ofFire, 588:is not considered a principle, so there is a sphere of activity that is not included in ourFire, 588:this lies hid in the occult words, "The Eighth Sphere." In regard to the four minor Rays ofFire, 626:cosmic ether, or buddhic plane) we have the sphere of certain occult happenings which cannot beFire, 643:and separativeness, and ends in Avitchi, the 8th sphere, the home of lost souls, or those shells ofFire, 646:essential essence, and in their own peculiar sphere enable man to react to Ray stimulation. EachFire, 652:of this scheme Of being, the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and thereFire, 683:to comprehend the constitution of the greater sphere of which he is but a part. As the nature ofFire, 735:is concerned - centralized within the atomic sphere. The third stage is the withdrawal of the lifeFire, 736:are centralized entirely within the egoic sphere; contact with the three lower planes is stillFire, 742:the thought of the student beyond his own tiny sphere to the consideration of the work of theFire, 743:seeds of all life, and its transference from one sphere to another. The seed manu of a globeFire, 747:and none may say Him nay. To the darkness of our sphere He rideth alone, and on His approach isFire, 763:the greater the beauty of the surrounding sphere, and the more refined its coloring. 52 TheFire, 763:the points is not demonstrated. The surrounding sphere is colorless and is only to be appreciatedFire, 763:transformation has transpired. The outer sphere is palpitating with every color in the rainbow, andFire, 764:produces that merging which destroys the entire sphere, dissipates all appearance of form, andFire, 768:of the coming Consciousness. It is an ovoid or sphere, and very small as yet. This process ofFire, 784:of all entities is seen to be fundamentally a sphere, rolling upon itself and attracting andFire, 784:much pondering upon. 4. The Watery. The ball or sphere of gaseous fiery essence becomes still more
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