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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPHERES

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Astrology, 10:upon and through our solar system, our planetary spheres and all forms of life upon those spheres.Astrology, 10:spheres and all forms of life upon those spheres. It forms one unbroken field of activity inAstrology, 39:"They burned to know. They rushed into the spheres. They are the longing of the Father for theAstrology, 48:worlds and one which makes itself felt in higher spheres. It is necessary to bear in mind that allAstrology, 108:to "the freedom of the seven planetary spheres," which the experience of initiation has guaranteedAstrology, 376:through the eye of illumination into those spheres of influence upon the sorrowful planet, theAstrology, 542:towards amalgamation today, towards federation, spheres of action and the many groups whichAstrology, 637:Rays... Hence there are seven chief planets, the spheres of the indwelling seven Spirits, underAstrology, 642:Planets 1. "There are seven chief planets, the spheres of the in dwelling seven Spirits. TheseAstrology, 649:being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheres (or planets) on the inner round a dualAtom, 91:which holds within its periphery other lesser spheres or electrons. We have seen that man is theAtom, 151:an attractive force, or goal? Are there greater spheres of solar life outside our system, that haveAutobiography, 295:the Christ is the supreme Head) to those exalted spheres where the Lord of the World works out theBethlehem, 118:Oriental philosophy refers frequently to four spheres of life or four problems which all disciplesBethlehem, 251:of the Spiritualists, with their various spheres, corresponding somewhat to the subtle worlds,Destiny, 134:Much is, therefore, bound to happen in all these spheres of interest, and once the etheric bodyDiscipleship1, 8:The work to be done is on the mental plane. The spheres of service of individual disciples remainDiscipleship1, 151:great circle,' came a voice, 'not many little spheres. Some stars are small and time must feedDiscipleship1, 653:agents of the light to their own countries and spheres of influence can be great. Its extentDiscipleship1, 753:succession of vibratory impacts, emanating from spheres of activity; these range all the way fromDiscipleship1, 753:is termed one of the major initiations. These spheres of radiatory activity are ever present evenDiscipleship1, 757:so that higher levels can be touched and lower spheres of influence can be included. Some day, itDiscipleship2, 208:exists in the three worlds and in the higher spheres is the result of some form of meditativeDiscipleship2, 232:and progress of all men everywhere. In all these spheres of human thought and activity, the NewDiscipleship2, 405:Shamballa who can penetrate into extra-planetary spheres and then focus (within the Council ChamberDiscipleship2, 422:will enable him to move out into solar or cosmic spheres of action, via one or other of the sevenDiscipleship2, 438:or carries the initiate into ever widening spheres of "lighted consciousness," and this makes himDiscipleship2, 472:a load which - when added to the other three spheres of difficulty - often make the disciple feelDiscipleship2, 537:his group of co-workers. This whole question of spheres of influence is one upon which you need toDiscipleship2, 611:That the "middle point" between the auras or spheres of influence of the related Ashrams shouldDiscipleship2, 700:the power of [700] sound, and the "music of the spheres" holds all life in being (note thatDiscipleship2, 764:in the silence of solitude. The silence of the Spheres. In this solitude there is no morbidness,Externalisation, 140:is of a practical nature, falling into definite spheres of work and of planned activity. You areExternalisation, 200:be antagonistic blocs but simply geographical spheres of influence. They would all three work inExternalisation, 209:process. The settling of national boundaries and spheres of influence will be one of the utmostExternalisation, 209:but the restoration of national and racial spheres of influence in accordance with the presentExternalisation, 243:mistakes must be faced; [243] selfishness in the spheres of both capital and labor must beExternalisation, 416:heavens, the solar system and the planetary spheres are all of them the manifestations of greatExternalisation, 598:it has been transmitted on to those still higher spheres where the attention of the Lord of theExternalisation, 628:of the good, kindly people in all classes and spheres of influence. The power of the little man andExternalisation, 648:became such a clamor that it reached to spheres usually impervious to the sounds of earth; theFire, 12:they attended to the work. They built in many spheres, beginning with the third. Upon this planeFire, 18:fourfold reverberation circled the gamut of the spheres. Again it was sent forth. Three times theFire, 18:decision's hour. The seven Lords of the seven spheres watched breathless the result. The [19] greatFire, 19:hour had come. Dark grew the space between the spheres. Radiant two balls became. The threefoldFire, 25:second karmic circle, merge [25] Their migrating spheres and blend Their myriad atoms. The formsFire, 25:through which They work, the lesser million spheres, the cause of separation and the Curse of theFire, 31:magnitude. The whole is one, yet on the lower spheres only the forms appear. They seem in theirFire, 143:it came. These forms are the sumtotal of all spheres or atoms within the solar system, or withinFire, 144:seven major differentiations they are the [144] spheres of the seven Spirits, or the sevenFire, 144:or the seven planetary Logoi. All lesser spheres ranging downward from these major spheres, includeFire, 144:lesser spheres ranging downward from these major spheres, include all grades of manifestation downFire, 145:a specific purpose, and the progression of these spheres of matter around a fixed center, withinFire, 145:everything in the matter of all forms, the spheres of matter themselves and the aggregate of thoseFire, 145:of matter themselves and the aggregate of those spheres that are embodied in the forms of stillFire, 147:or expanded from microcosmic to macrocosmic spheres. 65 "The Hindus place their seven primitiveFire, 150:speed and added vibration by the rotation of the spheres, their interplay thus producing frictionFire, 151:which we call rotary, or the revolution of the spheres. Some of the ancient books, and among them aFire, 151:Suffice it here to say, that the rotation of the spheres within the solar periphery is a recognizedFire, 151:subject, but will study the rotary action of the spheres of the system, and of its content - allFire, 151:the system, and of its content - all the lesser spheres of every degree - remembering ever to keepFire, 152:movement. By means of this action, all the spheres became differentiated, and form, as we know, theFire, 152:The seven planes, regarded as seven vast spheres, rotating latitudinally within the solarFire, 152:a vast interlacing network. These two sets of spheres (planes and rays) form the totality of theFire, 152:informing Consciousness of these three types of spheres, and concentrate our attention upon theFire, 152:and the interplay of that heat upon other spheres that totality is produced which we call "fire byFire, 153:[153] In connection with these two types of spheres we might, by way of illustration and for theFire, 153:which is required of all atomic lives. The seven spheres of any one plane, which we call subplanes,Fire, 153:heat of the matter of which they are formed. The spheres or atoms of any form whatsoever, from theFire, 153:similar correspondences and analogies. All these spheres conform to certain rules, fulfil certainFire, 155:that depression which is seen in all whirling spheres of atomic matter at whichever surface in theFire, 156:the matter of the sphere. This is true of all spheres, from the solar down to the atom of matterFire, 157:and the results [157] produced in diverse spheres by that rotation. What is predicated of any oneFire, 166:changes and increased vitality within these spheres of fire or of pure life force. The centers,Fire, 224:of the Son through the Sun and its attendant spheres, or the solar system in its entirety. TheFire, 232:that which lies beyond their own immediate spheres. Fuse and blend the two fires so as to produceFire, 248:higher planes man demonstrates as a sphere (or spheres) of differentiated matter, vibrating to aFire, 256:within its circle of influence, the planetary spheres likewise vibrating balls of fire. The GrandFire, 260:worlds) wield the law himself within the lower spheres. 1. The Nature of Manifestation Here areFire, 272:the body of the Logos. Therefore, They are the spheres of fire which animate His body, and each ofFire, 276:instance, holds in just attraction the circling spheres, the planets. The notes synchronize andFire, 283:which in each case brings the lesser lives or spheres into its range of influence. The magneticFire, 316:of all manifestation. The innate heat of all spheres. Differentiation of all atoms one fromFire, 317:contains the three permanent atoms or the three spheres which embody the principle of intelligence,Fire, 326:was it possible to coordinate the corresponding spheres on the astral and mental planes and byFire, 329:work of the Heavenly Men in the cosmic etheric spheres will be better comprehended, and assistedFire, 331:fires at different stages under different spheres of influence and under the three laws of theFire, 345:from all other individualized selves, or spheres. Consciousness, above all. Ability to evolve.Fire, 352:the animating discriminative faculty of the tiny spheres which form his body of manifestation; andFire, 352:the manasic principle in the center of the many spheres which form his bodies, manipulatesFire, 352:of lesser atoms, which are the cells in these spheres. A Heavenly Man equally, and in a widerFire, 394:periphery, and, like his greater corresponding spheres, a solar Logos and a planetary Logos, heFire, 400:worked out his personal karma in the lower three spheres. The student whose intuition suffices canFire, 405:that the Pitris and Devas are in two distinct spheres of life. Now Pitris and Devas always existFire, 410:of the different polarities of the different spheres (from a planetary scheme to an atom) withinFire, 412:forms or Beings in manifestation through certain spheres of light, may not be all that IS, but thatFire, 425:the indwelling units of consciousness to other spheres, more [426] suited to their stage ofFire, 451:this power in the higher planes nor within the spheres of the synthesizing and neutral schemes.Fire, 451:the buddhic and the atmic, and within the spheres of the entire Brahma aspect as we visualize it asFire, 477:the atom of chemistry to include: All atoms or spheres upon the physical plane. All atoms or
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