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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPHEROIDAL

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Atom, 79:the expression of a life manifesting through a spheroidal form and working out an intelligentAtom, 98:as the central life, manifesting through a spheroidal form, and showing the quality of mind; butAtom, 149:nor their own individual identity, and their own spheroidal life remains, but they put the wholeFire, 40:the cause of rotary motion, and therefore of the spheroidal form of all that exists. The Ray ofFire, 41:ring-pass-not of the average human being is the spheroidal form of his mental body which extendsFire, 42/43:the basis of rotary motion and the cause of the spheroidal coherent manifestation of all existence,Fire, 45:as latent heat which is the basis of life of the spheroidal cell, or atom, and of its rotaryFire, 143:movement, and by circulation along an orbit or spheroidal path (which circles around a centralFire, 152:seven veiling forms of the Spirits, themselves spheroidal bands of color, rotating longitudinally,Fire, 152:of the solar system, and produce its form spheroidal. Let us withdraw our thought at this junctureFire, 155:the radiation comes. This absorption of extra-spheroidal emanation is the secret of the dependenceFire, 155:any plane sphere. Every atom, though termed spheroidal, is more accurately a sphere slightlyFire, 157:commencement of a chain, of a globe, or of any spheroidal form whatsoever without exception. ThisFire, 165:motion eventually builds them into planets or spheroidal bodies. These planets are each of them anFire, 220:to the atoms of the physical plane, but to all spheroidal bodies within the system, and includingFire, 246:stage to stage: An Atom 1 An atom consists of a spheroidal form containing within itself a nucleusFire, 247:An atom therefore is distinguished by: Its spheroidal shape. Its ring-pass-not is definite andFire, 247:Two - Introductory Questions A Man A man is spheroidal in form, he can be seen as a circularFire, 249:A man is distinguished therefore by: His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not is definite and seen.Fire, 250:3 a. Each Heavenly Man is likewise to be seen as spheroidal in shape. He has His ring-pass-not asFire, 254:Heavenly Man is distinguished therefore by: His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not, duringFire, 255:Logos, the Grand Man of the Heavens, is equally spheroidal in shape. His ring-pass-not comprisesFire, 277:of life, not only on its axis, but along a spheroidal path or orbit around a central point. InFire, 310:its tendency to dissipate, causes it to take spheroidal form, and builds it literally into a bodyFire, 312:radiation is first seen. Form is taken, and the spheroidal shape of all existence originates. TheFire, 316:of the solar system, and resulting in: The spheroidal form of all manifestation. The innate heat ofFire, 319:the Sacred Word. Electricity as Light, causing spheroidal objectivity. This is the birth of theFire, 479:heat of its environing. The atom radiates. The spheroidal wall of the atom is eventually brokenFire, 493:which produces: The force which plays upon the spheroidal wall of the atom. The response within theFire, 531:the permanent atoms which are more definitely spheroidal and are slightly flattened at the top,Fire, 762:out from all sides of the lotus, and forms that spheroidal shape noted by investigators. [763] TheFire, 784:of heat, and a consequent demonstration of the spheroidal form, so that the vehicle of all entitiesFire, 818:they swing around, thus forming the well-known spheroidal form of the causal body. As nine petalsFire, 818:petal are those which cause the illusion of a spheroidal shape. As nine spokes of a wheel,Fire, 836:and seeks the central reservoir of energy. The spheroidal form is thus disintegrated. This can beFire, 1036:such radiance that the effect is produced of a spheroidal aura, cast around the interlacedFire, 1040:indwelling every form is the cause of the spheroidal form of every life in the entire solar system.Fire, 1040:dwells within a sphere. 6 The chemical atom is spheroidal; man [1041] dwells within a sphere, asFire, 1044:and merge. The ring-pass-not of the confining spheroidal wall is negated, and a blaze results. TheFire, 1094:the occult standpoint, all that manifests is spheroidal in form, and is appropriately called aFire, 1094:many, and unless etheric vision is present, the spheroidal forms of all lives are not apparent. HowFire, 1097:the world illusion." The final reason why the spheroidal true form of everything is apparently not
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