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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPINAL

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Discipleship1, 212:to the head. Picture it as rising there - up the spinal column. Then, as you count eight, think ofDiscipleship2, 71:when the highest head center and the lowest spinal center are simultaneously involved, the discipleDiscipleship2, 660:mind, imaginatively, the straight line of the spinal column, the head center, the sutratma and theEducation, 19:extensions of the organ of sensitivity, the spinal column. The objective of education shouldEducation, 66:be found between the centers up the individual spinal column is its microcosmic correspondence,Externalisation, 18:stream of energy which sleeps at the base of the spinal column. When this process is carriedFire, 55:of heat radiates in all directions, using the spinal column as its main artery, but working inFire, 57:physical well-being of man, and that when the spinal column is duly adjusted and aligned, and whenFire, 106:though owing to the poor condition of the spinal column (which in so many is out of accurateFire, 123:fires through the threefold channel in the spinal column. In the second stage this vitalizingFire, 134:the bony structure which we call the spine or spinal column. This is a fact not sufficientlyFire, 134:Too much emphasis has been laid on the three spinal channels that compose the threefold spinalFire, 134:three spinal channels that compose the threefold spinal cord. These channels are important inFire, 135:lower centers, A point at the bottom of the spinal column. and c. The two major sex organs in theFire, 136:passed (united) still further along the etheric spinal channel they contact the fire of manas as itFire, 137:at which the fires of matter issue from the spinal channel. Part of the work the man who isFire, 183:the head. Each of the three channels within the spinal column have for specific purpose theFire, 812:primarily upon the great nerve centers, and the spinal column. When the connection between theFire, 859:the force or energy out of the two lower - the spinal and the solar plexus - into the three higher.Fire, 886:physical body, and produces effects within the spinal column which arouses the kundalini fire atFire, 886:the spine, causing it to mount along the triple spinal channel, again according to ray and aspectFire, 894:studied, and its relation to the spine, and the spinal currents investigated. This third eye is oneFire, 894:objects of kundalinic vivification, and in the spinal territory there is first the center at theFire, 907:the base of the spine, the three channels in the spinal column, and the pineal gland. All theseFire, 962:of communication between he vital energy of the spinal column (the kundalini fire) and the energyFire, 988:force as it is transmitted via the central spinal channel. The black magician uses the inferiorFire, 1035:The three outpourings, The three worlds, The spinal column and its channels, or those main factorsFire, 1129:which is aroused and mounts through the triple spinal channel just as soon as the three majorFire, 1129:The threefold Kundalini fire. The threefold spinal channel. The three head centers, the pinealFire, 1132:center, which is formed at the point where the spinal channel contacts the skull and is thereforeFire, 1159:streams of energy which pass up and down the spinal column. This triple stream of force has mostFire, 1159:lies in the fact that there exist between these spinal centers, certain gaps (if I may so expressFire, 1159:the force unit. Between the triple energy of the spinal column and the alta major center, there isHealing, 45:body 7. Base of spine Muladhara Adrenals Kidneys Spinal column Will Energy Universal life KundaliniHealing, 86:nervous system (the sympathetic and the cerebro-spinal) with a peculiar emphasis laid upon theHealing, 144:shall consider the five centers found upon the spinal column and the two which are found in theHealing, 182:pouring down through the entire length of the spinal [183] column, via the etheric correspondenceHealing, 183:column, via the etheric correspondence of the spinal cord, and - in time and space - thisHealing, 183:service of the Hierarchy and of Humanity. The spinal column (from the angle of the esotericHealing, 183:thread. This threefold thread within the spinal column is therefore composed of three threads ofHealing, 184:of living energy on the right or the left of the spinal cord. Constantly a movement, an interplayHealing, 188:are all related in time and space to the triple spinal cord. There is also - again in relation toHealing, 196:underlies the dense physical body), and the spinal column with the head. It must always beHealing, 196:and their joint relationship to the centers and spinal column is recognized, we shall see a greatHealing, 201:the activities of the physical body. [201] The spinal column (esoterically, the ida, pingala andHealing, 201:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease The spinal column is primarily intended to be the channelHealing, 201:I refer not here to the bony structure of the spinal column, but to the cord, its esotericHealing, 202:yet suggestive and symbolic diagram of the spinal column and the head, looking at both from theHealing, 203:sun. It is not controlled in any way from the spinal column. It must be borne in mind that thisHealing, 209:[209] of the known facts) it is the cerebro-spinal aspect which conditions and governs the entireHealing, 209:for this, and both are related to the cerebro-spinal system: The head center is not yet awakened,Healing, 210:by an act of the will, it is projected down the spinal column, via the alta major center, whichHealing, 210:the carotid gland. As it passes down the spinal column it vitalizes two aspects of the centers;Healing, 211:energies then rush up the central channel in the spinal column, and the third or highest receptiveHealing, 213:the energies in the head, the correct use of the spinal area with its "beaded centers," and theHealing, 214:spiritual energy. From any or all of the five spinal centers to the ajna center. UncoordinatedHealing, 252:in the world. Cancer, tuberculosis, syphilis, spinal meningitis, pneumonia and heart disease, asHealing, 332:major centers are found in the head and up the spinal column. The minor centers are to be foundHealing, 602:the solar plexus center, situated in the etheric spinal column. If the patient should be sufferingHealing, 620:head, and the other five are to be found up the spinal column. This spinal column is the physicalHealing, 620:five are to be found up the spinal column. This spinal column is the physical symbol of thatHealing, 649:that area - the right hand being laid upon the spinal center and the left hand on the part of theHealing, 650:back and forth within the diseased area; the spinal center is used all the time, and the activityMagic, 19:the three parts of the nervous system. Cerebro-spinal system. Sensory system of nerves. PeripheralMagic, 95:the sutratma in the human organism is called the spinal cord, and expresses itself in three nerveMagic, 205:We shall not work with the centers down the spinal column, nor aim at their conscious utilizationMagic, 284:center of physical plane existence. The cerebro-spinal system works in close relation to the chittaMagic, 284:plexus center Pancreas. 3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary body. 4. VitalMagic, 285:Sacral center Sex glands. 5. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary. 6. SensoryMagic, 285:curiously enough, can only occur when the lower spinal center is aroused, when the energy of theMagic, 433:the throat center and the heart center in the spinal column, but nearer the heart than the throat.Magic, 496:nervous system in its three divisions: cerebro-spinal, sympathetic, and peripheral; and then thereMagic, 572:raised. This fire has to pass up through the spinal column and burn its way through the web whichMagic, 591:or complete) of any obstructions found along the spinal cord which could prevent the free rising ofMagic, 592:between the five centers found on the rod of the spinal column, such as follows: 0/0/0/0/0, andMeditation, 104:and accuracy the electrical condition of the spinal column, and correlate its condition with thatPatanjali, 209:upward, it burns out all obstructions in the spinal etheric channel and vitalizes or electrifiesPsychology1, 252:of nerves, of force centers and channels with a spinal column and a brain. This organization of aPsychology1, 371:in the head, and works through the medium of the spinal column. When scientists know exactly whyPsychology1, 426:of nerves, of force centers and channels, with a spinal column and a brain. This organization of aPsychology2, 66:the dual energy emanating from the spleen. The spinal tract with its five centers then awakens intoPsychology2, 117:of outgoing fiery power toward the top of the spinal column. As the life of the soul gets stronger,Psychology2, 388:the spine with its subsequent raising, along the spinal column, to the head. Psychology2, 523:personal will) must be raised and carried up the spinal column to the head center, via the ajnaPsychology2, 530:forces can then penetrate throughout the entire spinal area until the highest head center isPsychology2, 538:which branch out in all directions from the spinal column. [539] The raising of the kundalini forcePsychology2, 539:nervous trouble, inflammation of the tissues, spinal disease, and brain trouble. I have here hintedPsychology2, 547:them here, reminding you that the centers up the spinal column and in the head govern definitePsychology2, 589:and not upwards by the evolutionary route of the spinal column. This is of moment. 2. If the doorPsychology2, 592:macrocosm, there are formed five areas up the spinal column and two in the head where the energiesPsychology2, 594:- ida and pingala - which are found up the spinal column, one on each side of the central channel.Psychology2, 595:burning of the protecting etheric webs up the spinal column. If this is done whilst the emphasis ofRays, 698:reception of the higher will which - using the spinal channel as the pathway or the symbol of theSoul, 34:and through the network of nerves, plus the spinal cord and brain, we become aware of informationSoul, 55:These nuclei are related to the cerebro-spinal system, and the base of this psychical activity, orSoul, 85:principle was in the brain and that brain and spinal cord were coordinators of vital force, whilstSoul, 86:of spirit and distributes [86] it into the spinal column. This cerebellum by an ineffable andSoul, 88:is chiefly the brain, but it extends also to the spinal cord, the nerves, arteries, veins, and theSoul, 103:of the body, which are relayed to it through the spinal cord, before they reach the chief center.Soul, 105:are to be found in the Chakras of the cerebro-spinal system and in the upper brain (Sahasrara),
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