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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPINAL

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Soul, 111:in its three divisions, namely: the cerebro-spinal, sympathetic and peripheral. From the forceSoul, 113:pp. 45-46. The force centers are situated up the spinal column and in the head. Arthur Avalon says:Soul, 113:on the physiological side... with the central spinal system, comprising the brain or encephalon,Soul, 113:encephalon, contained within the skull, and the spinal cord, contained within the vertebral columnSoul, 114:with the periphery through the thirty-one spinal and twelve cranial nerves, which are both afferentSoul, 114:the cranial nerves, the last six arise from the spinal bulb (medulla), and the other six, exceptSoul, 114:direction along which the vital forces go. The spinal nerves, after their exit from theSoul, 114:lie on each side of the vertebral column. The spinal cord extends in the case of man from the upperSoul, 115:force centers are not merely situated up the spinal column and in the head as we have just shown,Soul, 115:related to one another through the medium of the spinal column - a relationship too intricate to beSoul, 115:centers, two are in the head and five in the spinal column. The two centers in the head have aSoul, 115:man, the personality. The five centers in the spinal column concern the varying activities of theSoul, 116:like, which have their proximate centers in the spinal cord. The cerebral centers are said,Soul, 116:of volition, feeling, and emotion; whereas the spinal centers with the subordinate sympatheticSoul, 116:motor impulses descending from the brain to the spinal cord cross over rather suddenly from oneSoul, 116:one side to the other on their way through the spinal bulb (medulla), a fact which has been notedSoul, 117:to the coccyx. This is in communication with the spinal cord. It is noteworthy that there is in theSoul, 117:corresponding with great regularity to each spinal nerve, though in the cervical region many ofSoul, 117:are also given off which pass back into the spinal nerves, and others which pass into some of theSoul, 117:the limbs, trunk, and other parts to which the spinal or cranial nerves go. The sympathetic nervesSoul, 118:up by the action of the vaso-motor center in the spinal bulb. The sympathetic, however, derives theSoul, 118:sympathetic self. The impulses issue from the spinal cord by the anterior roots of the spinalSoul, 118:the spinal cord by the anterior roots of the spinal nerves, and pass through short branches intoSoul, 118:and that centers, such as the alleged genito-spinal center, for a given physiological action existSoul, 118:action exist in a definite portion of the spinal cord. It is the subtle aspect of such centers asSoul, 138:set up is almost exclusively in the cerebro-spinal system. The lower forms of psychism are mostSoul, 140:base of the spine is carried to the head via the spinal canal, passing through each center in turn,Telepathy, 146:to be found in the etheric counterpart of the spinal column, and the energy passes (through largeTelepathy, 146:at the back of the head, just above where the spinal column ends. This makes eight centers but isTelepathy, 152:to the entire two-fold nervous system (cerebro-spinal and the sympathetic nervous systems) which
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