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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRALING

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Fire, 143:He adds to that His own form of motion or of spiraling periodical movement, and by circulationFire, 159:matter in the three types of movement, - rotary, spiraling-cyclic and onward progression, - whichFire, 215:Relative homogeneity of group unity, Cyclic spiraling movement. The line of least resistance is notFire, 235:Cyclic progress, rotary repetition, coupled to spiraling ascension, and developing: The quality ofFire, 256:it cycles through a day of Brahma, can be seen spiraling around His greater wheel, the ten schemesFire, 1034:by another and higher vibration, and through its spiraling progress through matter it sweeps thoseFire, 1044:under the Law of Expansion, by the method of spiraling progression, cyclic growth, rotaryFire, 1045:on its own axis, yet conforming to the cyclic-spiraling action, induced by the activity of theFire, 1045:of the Sun, pursuing its own inherent cycle, yet spiraling in cyclic fashion through the heavens,Fire, 1049:begins. It is truly cyclic, repetitive and spiraling. At first the action, or the interplay betweenFire, 1075:marks the completion of a cycle of rotary-spiraling activity. No atom becomes radioactive until itsFire, 1184:of force which form the planes, and the seven spiraling lines, thus forming lines of systemicMeditation, 78:through each center and when kundalini is spiraling [79] accurately and geometrically from vortexMeditation, 103:higher centers. There is a proper geometrical spiraling which this fire should follow, dependent
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