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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRILLA

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Fire, 71:rise to the dense physical manifestation. 27 Spirilla. "In order to examine the construction of theFire, 71:its predecessor; these we call spirillae. "Each spirilla is animated by the life-force of a plane,Fire, 406:of the following facts in nature. The fifth spirilla within the atom of matter will become active.Fire, 406:atom of matter will become active. This fifth spirilla is beginning faintly to vibrate, while theFire, 406:beginning faintly to vibrate, while the fourth spirilla, in this fourth round is assuming aFire, 406:which responds to the vibration of the fifth spirilla. The fourth ether is coming into recognition,Fire, 435:on which the causal body is found. The fifth spirilla will, consequently, become active and theFire, 441:and in the vitalization of the fifth spirilla and the consequent reflex action of the seventh, weFire, 462:and the consequent play made upon the third spirilla in the animal atoms by human magnetism orFire, 464:vibration. This work is begun when the sixth spirilla (in the minor group of seven) is active. TheFire, 464:with the vibratory activity of the fifth spirilla. In like manner, the less evolved units of theFire, 464:of the combined vibrations of men, whose fourth spirilla is functioning adequately. In these lastFire, 531:egoic Ray, whatever that Ray may be. The fifth spirilla has a peculiar value inasmuch as itFire, 651:atoms of all self-conscious beings. The fourth spirilla was tremendously stimulated, and itsFire, 652:stress of danger and experience, had this fourth spirilla brought up to, and beyond, that of normalFire, 652:humanity. Through this stimulation of the fourth spirilla of the units of the fourth CreativeFire, 685:is coincident with the awakening of the third spirilla in the permanent physical atom of theFire, 694:full vitality and activity of the fifth logoic spirilla; this vitalization shows itself in theFire, 696:and the development of the fifth spirilla. On the buddhic plane, when flashing forth at initiation,Fire, 697:kingdom have succeeded in vitalizing the fifth spirilla in all the atoms of the threefold lowerFire, 698:which are energized and connected with the fifth spirilla of the logoic permanent atom, and all ofFire, 706:and consequently with the activity of the fifth spirilla. When the hour strikes, these units ofFire, 712:own positive force, so as to bring the fifth spirilla in due course of time into full activity andFire, 751:as it pours through Him via a particular spirilla or life current in the permanent atom of theFire, 774:fourth round (through the creation of the fourth spirilla) the fourth or human kingdom can comeFire, 774:of energy. Only in the next round will the fifth spirilla be an active functioning unit in a senseFire, 774:much ahead of earth's humanity, and their fifth spirilla is awakening into organized activity inFire, 775:and the energy becomes centralized in the fourth spirilla of the mental unit. Then and only then doFire, 775:will later be an accomplished fact. The fifth spirilla in the lower two atoms increases itsFire, 787:sheath. This takes place only after the fourth spirilla is beginning to vibrate, and the periodFire, 861:the cosmic Path. The fact that the fifth spirilla is in process of awakening. This has to beFire, 906:in the awakening to full activity of the fifth spirilla of the human physical permanent atom. HenceFire, 907:be brought about by the arousing of the fifth spirilla, by the unfolding of the fifth petal in theFire, 1107:of the next plane (which utilize the second spirilla of the mental unit) are called "TheFire, 1107:is formed of lives functioning through the third spirilla, are found "the points of frictionalFire, 1138:human, is energized by the force of the fourth spirilla, to which we give the name of buddhic
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