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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Bethlehem, 252:selfish individualism to the light of universal spirit, from falsehood to truth, from the slaveryBethlehem, 261:the death of the lower nature in order that the Spirit of God may have full sway. He taught us thatBethlehem, 263:of life and the planned work of a vital evolving spirit. A reaction to the appearance of theBethlehem, 266:realizes that the world needs love, and that a spirit of love (which is a spirit of inclusiveness,Bethlehem, 266:love, and that a spirit of love (which is a spirit of inclusiveness, of tolerance, of wise judgmentBethlehem, 267:exact nothing for the separated self. When this spirit (which is outstandingly the spirit of ChristBethlehem, 267:When this spirit (which is outstandingly the spirit of Christ and of those who know Him best)Bethlehem, 279:the initiate gives his life are those of the spirit, of the kingdom of God, those which concern theBethlehem, 279:truly Christian all who demonstrate the Christ spirit, whether they be Hindu, Mohammedan, orBethlehem, 282:transfigured except by a manifestation of the spirit of God. Instead of waiting for God to takeBethlehem, 283:into clear-sighted disciples animated by a spirit of love and goodwill to all men, irrespective ofDestiny, 18:temper destruction and bring to the fore the spirit of construction, setting in motion the buildingDestiny, 26:and ideas, through the cultivation of a loving spirit and through the general use of the GreatDestiny, 30:energy is to bring [30] together and to relate spirit and matter and also substance and form (noteDestiny, 36:substance should temporarily control and that spirit should learn to "mount on the shoulders ofDestiny, 37:sixth ray is to be found in Christianity, the spirit and principles of which were embodied for usDestiny, 42:the evolving life in any particular world cycle: Spirit and matter. Life and form. The ego and theDestiny, 46:make physically visible the results of bringing spirit and matter [47] together. Its function is toDestiny, 47:matter [47] together. Its function is to clothe spirit with matter, producing form. Destiny, 47:in the development of a worldwide international spirit, in the recognition of one universal faithDestiny, 51:and the elucidation of the things of the spirit, then they will carry revelation to the world. WhenDestiny, 61:conflict is proceeding and the rare mystical spirit and the truly religious orientation of theDestiny, 62:expressing themselves [62] through the Russian spirit. Spain, too, acts as a link in worldDestiny, 65:individual nations and races. This isolationist spirit was one of the dangers to which the neutralDestiny, 72:is responsible for the intensely nationalistic spirit of the modern French and which negates inDestiny, 95:a clearer vision of the Whole and a cooperative spirit hitherto unknown and which will be the firstDestiny, 106:cheer, for there is no true defeat of the human spirit; there is no final extinction of the divineDestiny, 127:temporarily separated the two great concepts of spirit and matter in their thought and teaching,Destiny, 127:apparent opposites together, to demonstrate that spirit and matter are not antagonistic to eachDestiny, 130:are the laws governing form and its relation to spirit or life. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, IDestiny, 143:and that the impetus given to the human "spirit of discovery" has served its purpose. Any furtherDiscipleship1knowing that their dedication to the life of the spirit and their love of humanity warranted theDiscipleship1, 8:a non-critical attitude and the outpouring of a spirit of love on the part of each member of theDiscipleship1, 14:explanation before accepting a mystical one. A spirit of agnosticism (not of atheism) is of realDiscipleship1, 14:Thus we shall have the fostering of the spirit of Truth, which is the governing principle of allDiscipleship1, 38:emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit. This group is, in a pronounced sense, aDiscipleship1, 55:wisdom, practice and expression. It is only in a spirit of real detachment that the best work of aDiscipleship1, 57:personality claims? This is not the "don't care" spirit which will affect the disciple's attitudeDiscipleship1, 62:of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad. May Men ofDiscipleship1, 62:abroad. May Men of Goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation. Let Power attend theDiscipleship1, 74:and of these undesirable things, hatred and the spirit of separateness must be the first toDiscipleship1, 101:the nature of the undying human [101] spirit. To all of you I say: My love surrounds you and theDiscipleship1, 107:Path of Love. I demand of my soul that I, the Spirit in form, shall act as a channel for compassionDiscipleship1, 113:disciple must be your goal and that outgoing spirit which produces the magnetic server. YourDiscipleship1, 133:gives you a sense of the relationship between spirit and matter, between soul and body and enablesDiscipleship1, 164:achieving a greater inner freedom and a clearer spirit of true liberation which will express itselfDiscipleship1, 164:assumed, joy and peace and a less weighed down spirit of responsibility. It must be remembered thatDiscipleship1, 178:for the seventh ray is the ray controlling spirit-matter relationships. Your mental ray is that ofDiscipleship1, 230:capacity to meet all who seek your aid in a spirit of love, free from personal criticism and withDiscipleship1, 272:they must see to it that they are animated by a spirit of love. I give you a thought here which isDiscipleship1, 284:and expression of some kind, preserving the spirit of psychic drama which informs all such events.Discipleship1, 299:the group goes on and will go on, as long as the spirit of love continues to prevail among theDiscipleship1, 331:of divinity, of the beauty of the life of the spirit, of truth and of the power of your ray life.Discipleship1, 342:cautiousness may lead (if over-accentuated) to a spirit of isolation and separateness which can beDiscipleship1, 345:Continue so to do and preserve ever a watchful spirit so that your high standard can be maintained.Discipleship1, 350:integration, and learns the nature of that quiet spirit which is free from criticism, undueDiscipleship1, 363:joyous service? May I ask you to cultivate the spirit of joy? If you give this more definite aidDiscipleship1, 400:hinders my being full of joy? How does a joyous spirit affect my fellow men? In what way can I mostDiscipleship1, 402:things. But it also gave you, as it ever does, a spirit of conflict, urging you forward to freshDiscipleship1, 406:OF MINE: I take up definite work with you in a spirit of expectancy because of your realDiscipleship1, 420:much liberation. Secondly, the cultivation of a spirit of happiness, of joy - which is based on anDiscipleship1, 425:veils (and yet reveals) the hidden glory of the spirit. Your faults are there, as are the faults ofDiscipleship1, 433:if not mellowed and motivated by a loving spirit and qualified by that divine indifference, theDiscipleship1, 438:The seventh plane is the plane upon which spirit must express itself. It is the receptacle ofDiscipleship1, 459:- if you approach your problems in the right spirit and consecrate your life anew to service. OneDiscipleship1, 506:I answer: The gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. No greater gift canDiscipleship1, 506:with no motive but that of a pure and loving spirit. For you, I have these words which are your ownDiscipleship1, 512:more prone to this failing than you are. 2. A spirit of criticism. This induces more states ofDiscipleship1, 514:and the same-necessity to cultivate the spirit of liberating love will suffice to occupy you duringDiscipleship1, 516:are inwardly recognizing - a slowly growing spirit of criticism. You are deeply loved by yourDiscipleship1, 518:fogs of questioning and doubt or when there is a spirit of criticism. One's spiritualDiscipleship1, 519:and that which is not of the kingdom of the spirit. For the remaining years of your life lay theDiscipleship1, 532:and any faulty handling. See that the dawning spirit of love irradiates your life and pours throughDiscipleship1, 535:to you on the inner planes and send forth the spirit of love and peace. Then do the followingDiscipleship1, 536:of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad. May men ofDiscipleship1, 536:abroad. May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation. May forgiveness on the partDiscipleship1, 538:much as you like, and in which the life of the spirit receives its reasonable share, in which theDiscipleship1, 538:tension that you are driven by the life of the spirit, it will entail a galvanic upheaval in yourDiscipleship1, 558:my hint or through a display of the magnanimous spirit, or as the result of intellectual reasoning,Discipleship1, 564:of the service with no thought of self and in a spirit of joy; give of your [565] strength and loveDiscipleship1, 568:ray mental body. The development of a greater spirit of service and upon a wider scale. YourDiscipleship1, 570:have never served with a completely sacrificial spirit. You have done kind things and made smallDiscipleship1, 572:a one-pointed attack. I say this not from a spirit of criticism, for it is the right use of thisDiscipleship1, 589:any way constructively. You have interjected a spirit of criticism everywhere. Why is this? ThereDiscipleship1, 590:5. Can you train yourself to overcome a critical spirit? I would remind you that habit is potentDiscipleship1, 610:negate your usefulness. It is the "organization spirit" and the "manipulative faculty" of the thirdDiscipleship1, 618:you have been prone. I say not this in other spirit than that of warning you, and I am happy to seeDiscipleship1, 620:spiritual will prove futile and the power of the spirit will dominate; but the time is notDiscipleship1, 635:that they will take my words in the right spirit. I tell you, therefore, with truth andDiscipleship1, 636:emphasis is now upon the form and not upon the spirit aspect. This is due to two things: First, theDiscipleship1, 636:processes of initiation whereby the power of the spirit and the power of substance are broughtDiscipleship1, 669:subject, approaching it in happiness and in the spirit of service, I will give you later some ideasDiscipleship1, 701:of dualism make themselves felt as the energy of spirit makes its impact upon soul force andDiscipleship1, 702:of effects in the realization that the Master (spirit or Monad) reflects himself in or inspires theDiscipleship1, 716:of determined orientation to the things of the spirit and to live by the light of that spirit. IDiscipleship1, 716:of the spirit and to live by the light of that spirit. I believe that many who read my words willDiscipleship1, 718:naught is then left but fully conscious form and spirit. Until, however, man has taken the higherDiscipleship1, 720:about is the stimulation of the flame of the spirit in them so that they may set the world on fire.Discipleship1, 720:is today devastating the world, the fire of spirit must be opposed, distributed and effectivelyDiscipleship1, 720:fire the entire world with the new idea of the "spirit of relationship," beginning with the
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