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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Fire, 6:aspect. The Law of Synthesis - the law governing spirit, or the first aspect. These three areFire, 41:Unity (Father - Mahadeva - 1st Logos - Will - Spirit). Duality (Son - Vishnu - 2nd Logos -Fire, 44:plane of the cosmos. It is the interplay between Spirit and matter. The seven differentiations ofFire, 44:monadic life - Anupadaka - Akasha. The Plane of spirit - Atma - Aether. The Plane of the intuitionFire, 44:relation between the life and the form, between spirit and matter, and is the basis ofFire, 45:of the material form to the indwelling spirit, of matter to life, and of consciousness to itsFire, 45:of the little system in which the monad or human spirit is the logos, and it [46] holds theFire, 46:that intelligent will which links the Monad or spirit with its lowest point of contact, theFire, 47:achieved. Matter has been correctly adjusted to spirit, and finally the indwelling life slips forthFire, 48:table may be found helpful: Father Son Mother Spirit Soul Body Life Consciousness Form Monad EgoFire, 48:Personality Divine Self Higher Self Lower Self Spirit Individuality Personal Self The Point TheFire, 49:The third fire deals with: The evolution of spirit. Practically nothing can at this stage beFire, 49:anent this evolution. The development of spirit can be only expressed as yet in terms of theFire, 50:Ego fully to sense and express the quality of spirit. Hence the utter impossibility for humanFire, 50:consciousness justly to appraise the life of the spirit or Monad. The working of the flame divineFire, 50:not a cause, It is produced by the two fires of spirit and of mind (electric and solar fire)Fire, 51:to the time of the first Initiation. The fire of Spirit finally, when blended with the two otherFire, 52:the cessation of objectivity and the escape of Spirit, plus mind, to its cosmic center. It has itsFire, 57:of the fires of the body, of the mind and of the Spirit, so in an earlier cycle attainment wasFire, 58:holds the intuition in latency, [58] and the Spirit dimly over-shadows. Yet all is part of a divineFire, 60:with matter or substance, and not with mind or Spirit. b. The Planet. Deep in the heart of theFire, 63:three the aspects of the One God, all three are Spirit, all three are Soul, and all three are RaysFire, 63:shape of the first Dhyan Chohan, or planetary Spirit, when the evolution of man was recommencedFire, 63:- The Internal Fires of the Sheaths The fire of Spirit is the essential fire of the first Lord ofFire, 64:the correspondence of the temporary union of spirit and matter, the fires of cosmic love and theFire, 67:The Agnichaitans, a higher grade of fire spirit, who form a vortex of fire when viewed on a largeFire, 69:permanent atoms. 26 Each body or form wherein Spirit functions has, for its focal point on eachFire, 97:the "path of descent," or the coming down of Spirit into ever denser matter until the lowest pointFire, 97:evolutionary and marks the ascent or return of Spirit to its emanating source, plus the gains ofFire, 97:The essence of the first Logos. Electric fire. Spirit. Heat: Duality. The essence of the secondFire, 102:and their merging with the fires of mind and spirit till they are lost from sight in the generalFire, 102:in the general flame; the fires of mind and spirit burn up matter and thereby bring aboutFire, 102:The altar of earth is the birthplace of spirit, its liberator from the mother (matter), and itsFire, 105:the ring-pass-not for the involved planetary Spirit. Here I would point out that in the case of theFire, 105:of cure and of adjustment. 46 The planetary Spirit is another term for the Logos of our planet, oneFire, 107:of health may be comprehended and followed. The spirit of the planet (or the planetary entity)Fire, 114:full consciousness on the three higher planes of spirit before he can escape from the solarFire, 122:man. He has to work with the forms through which Spirit is to manifest; he destroys, and builds upFire, 125:active, and the body purer, the flame [125] of spirit, or the fire from the Ego, comes moreFire, 125:the activity of these fires of matter and of Spirit, the fires of mind, or manas, burn with greaterFire, 125:and admitting entrance to the downflow from the Spirit. By its means certain things are broughtFire, 125:of "Life more abundant," or the third fire of Spirit. The downrush of Spirit, and the uprising ofFire, 125:or the third fire of Spirit. The downrush of Spirit, and the uprising of the inner fires of matterFire, 126:away of all barriers, and the liberation of the Spirit by conscious directed effort from out itsFire, 126:by a simultaneous downflow from the plane of spirit), permits the entrance, through the burningFire, 127:and must be directed solely by the Light of the Spirit, who works through love and is love, and whoFire, 131:His interest and the two pairs of opposites, the spirit and the matter of the vehicle, dissociate.Fire, 133:of a more adequate form for the use of the spirit; and when this purpose is achieved then theFire, 136:for the downflow of the third fire, that of Spirit. The many-petalled head center at the top of theFire, 136:those of the body, of the mind, and of the Spirit. The at-one-ment with the Ego is completed whenFire, 136:the final consummation and the liberation of Spirit. The merging of the fires of matter is theFire, 138:and their relationship to manas, the fire of Spirit and manas, and the eventual blending of theFire, 139:lift them to the plane where dwells his immortal Spirit, and then by self-discipline, mind-controlFire, 140:mount and blend with the two higher. Only when Spirit, by the power of thought, controls theFire, 142:Therefore: His goal is the perfect blending of Spirit and matter. His function is the manipulationFire, 142:fit, or equal to, the demands and needs of the Spirit. [143] His mode of action is rotary, or, byFire, 143:rarefying and refining the forms as the Spirit of Love or the Flame Divine spirals ever onwardFire, 144:angle) of the eternal repulsion that goes on as Spirit seeks ever to liberate itself from form. TheFire, 144:repulses all tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law of Attraction, seeksFire, 147:case, it is not the unification of matter and Spirit, but the unification of the seven into theFire, 147:the one. These three figures primarily stand for Spirit, [148] for quality, for principle, and notFire, 148:for matter, although matter, being inspired by spirit, conforms. The Law of Synthesis has a directFire, 148:from below upwards. His work is the synthesis of Spirit with Spirit, their [149] eventualFire, 148:His work is the synthesis of Spirit with Spirit, their [149] eventual abstraction from matter, andFire, 149:of form, - the form from which the Spirit has been abstracted. If we carry the analogy down to theFire, 149:development is His, and He it is who drives Spirit onward through matter till it eventually emergesFire, 150:production of the objectivity of the essential Spirit) is more easy to grasp in broad outline thanFire, 150:is the fire of matter and the electric fire of Spirit blended, producing, in time and space, thatFire, 150:vibration, is the result of the blending of Spirit and matter, and the relative adequacy of theFire, 150:manifestation, is the result of the blending of Spirit (electric fire) with matter (fire byFire, 150:first Logos is electric fire, the fire of pure Spirit. Yet in manifestation He is the Son, for byFire, 152:matter in cooperation with [152] its opposite, Spirit, which cooperation brings about spiral-cyclicFire, 154:see the beginning of that agelong duel between Spirit and matter, which is characteristic ofFire, 154:from the physical plane) the attractive power of Spirit is weakening the resistance of matter till,Fire, 158:which the form confines, The separations of Spirit and matter. The end of a cycle, whetherFire, 159:of the fires of matter, of mind and of Spirit upon each other. When the point of rhythm or balanceFire, 160:of matter, the equal armed cross of the Holy Spirit, Who is the personification of activeFire, 165:with the FIRE aspect in man, or with his divine spirit. They are definitely connected with theFire, 165:will to live, and with the inherent powers of Spirit. They are not connected with objectivity andFire, 167:the fire of mind, and later with the fire of Spirit, producing thus consummation. We must disabuseFire, 171:electric light, which is the downflow from the spirit on the highest plane. This marks the blendingFire, 173:discrimination is the main method whereby the Spirit effects its liberation from the trammels ofFire, 178:activity according to the ray of the Monad or Spirit. Therefore, no hard or fast rule can be laidFire, 179:the causal body. By the bringing together of spirit and matter (Father-Mother) in the macrocosm,Fire, 179:By the bringing together (in microcosm) of Spirit and matter, and their coherence by means of forceFire, 183:of the back part of the throat. With the fire of Spirit at the point where these two united firesFire, 184:When it blends with the electric fire of pure Spirit after the third Initiation, they take on twoFire, 199:time of the Probationary Path. The merging of Spirit and matter, and the utilization of the sensesFire, 199:Evolution on the Path. Again the separation of spirit from matter, its identification with the One,Fire, 200:to a realization that the separation of the Spirit from the material vehicle involves two aspectsFire, 205:reach this condition of perfection as the Spirit or Will aspect takes ever fuller control. TheFire, 205:So the interdependence of matter, mind and Spirit can be seen and demonstrates to the eye of theFire, 213:in manifestation, dissociate the two poles of Spirit and matter, so one cannot, in initiation applyFire, 215:matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole of spirit. The second Aspect, the building, or VishnuFire, 215:are directed to the attracting of matter to Spirit, and the gradual approximation of the two poles.Fire, 215:is brought about by the attractive power of Spirit itself. It shows itself in: , FormFire, 215:the law for this aspect. The attractive power of Spirit in form-building, and in the adaptation ofFire, 215:This law of attraction is the law governing the Spirit, the opposite pole of matter. The firstFire, 215:is the law that eventually comes into play after spirit and matter are blending, and adaptingFire, 215:contradistinction to the synthesis of matter and Spirit. It demonstrates as: [216] Abstraction,
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