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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Fire, 711:"self-consciousness," and thus enable the divine Spirit to enter into fuller life by means ofFire, 712:a downflow of force or energy from the Monad (or Spirit) and this, in conjunction with the energyFire, 714:inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested. As this is brought aboutFire, 729:most esoteric standpoint "Man is a deva;" he is Spirit and deva substance, united through the workFire, 731:heat and light, can the electric fire of Spirit show forth in its glory. Only again when theseFire, 731:When this is accomplished, the fire of pure Spirit (increased and intensified by the gaseousFire, 733:one that concerns the relationship between Spirit and matter, in which a condition in substance isFire, 733:through the action of the energizing factor, the Spirit. It has, therefore, to do with the relationFire, 734:that it concerns the relation of the Holy Spirit to the Mother in the production of the Son, andFire, 734:brings the form under the Destroyer aspect of Spirit, working ever under the Law of Attraction, ofFire, 741:next solar system will start with the threefold Spirit manifesting through substance which isFire, 752:through self-induced contact with his own divine Spirit. At the fifth Initiation he becomes awareFire, 768:higher by the lower, and as the response of the Spirit aspect to the radiations, or attraction, ofFire, 771:their work has reached a very high stage, the Spirit aspect must become, in the causal body, anFire, 774:force, and is not as yet radioactive towards the Spirit aspect. Its activities are primarilyFire, 775:a plant, a beast; a beast, a man; a man, a spirit; and the spirit, God." - S. D., I, 267. From theFire, 775:beast; a beast, a man; a man, a spirit; and the spirit, God." - S. D., I, 267. From the combinedFire, 775:of men. Sin - The fall of man, involution of Spirit. Soma - Moon. The work of lunar Pitris,Fire, 799:initiatory cause and its objective effect: [799] Spirit-matter in dual activity produces theFire, 799:cannot dissociate them in his mind and deal with Spirit per se, or with matter per se, any moreFire, 810:"Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Holy Spirit?" No Being can become a God without passingFire, 818:by the student of this Treatise: Electric fire - Spirit - Will aspect - Jewel in the lotus. SolarFire, 819:of energy and vitality proceeds steadily. Spirit uses the Soul, or the Ego, as a vehicle ofFire, 819:as its medium of expression. The evolution of Spirit can really therefore be divided into threeFire, 833:and groups, and the medium of expression for the Spirit aspect, for Spirit manifests by means ofFire, 833:medium of expression for the Spirit aspect, for Spirit manifests by means of soul. The lunarFire, 837:For Creation is the result of the projection of Spirit into matter; and with this projection cameFire, 837:but evil is the result of the materialization of Spirit. If you examine carefully all we have saidFire, 837:God created evil; but yet it is true that God is Spirit, and being Spirit is incapable of evil.Fire, 837:but yet it is true that God is Spirit, and being Spirit is incapable of evil. Evil is then purelyFire, 837:things are God according to the measure of the Spirit in them." That is to say, a perfectedFire, 837:humanity will be a perfect vehicle of the divine Spirit (see the Mercaba of Ezekiel, 1st Chapter).Fire, 837:and mystery of human life, where the struggling Spirit within is so often buried in the depths ofFire, 850:than the sought. Within the Hall of Wisdom the Spirit rules; the One within the lesser ones assumesFire, 874:of the material aspect through the influence of Spirit as the two together perform their legitimateFire, 876:of the true meaning of the word "life" or spirit. The consciousness has to be fully awakened beforeFire, 882:the form (second aspect) and its adaptation to Spirit and its needs. Perhaps this concerns theFire, 882:when: One gives oneself up to it, body, soul and spirit. - S. D., III, 62, 63. One has anFire, 882:III, 481. One realizes knowledge is the fruit of Spirit alone. - S. D., III, 453. Knowledge isFire, 893:in the serpent stage, - not the life of the Spirit, but the life of the soul, and this will beFire, 900:the fact lying behind the Biblical words "the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters,"Fire, 906:plane; it is the ray whereon deva substance and Spirit can meet and adapt [907] themselves to eachFire, 907:the end of this root-race, in order to liberate Spirit from constricting forms. Volcanic actionFire, 909:ritual of the Son," because upon this ray Spirit and matter can meet and have union. This fact alsoFire, 916:the solution of the mystery of the Holy Spirit and the Mother. In this realization, and itsFire, 916:a principle at all by occultists. The Holy Spirit, the One Who over-shadows and Who implants theFire, 916:in connection with substance it is the Holy Spirit. The work, therefore, on etheric levels, and theFire, 918:and is only now becoming aware of the Holy Spirit aspect, or of the energy which enables thatFire, 919:God, Monad, and Atom are the correspondences of Spirit, Mind and Body. - S. D., I, 679. The LogosFire, 921:his threefold divine nature. Man is dual, being Spirit and matter; he is also, during evolution, aFire, 922:demonstrated, the nature of Brahma, or the Holy Spirit, becoming apparent. The old Commentary says:Fire, 963:in man, being in fact: That much of the fire of spirit, or electric fire, which any particular EgoFire, 979:of the first Person of the Trinity putting his Spirit, vitality and force into it so that it is aFire, 986:light), and - by using the soul-powers of the Spirit - to produce material things from the unseenFire, 986:is concerned with the life within the form, with Spirit. Fire, 1000:The [1000] Highest and the lowest aspects met, spirit and matter were brought into contact withFire, 1008:moment. Shiva stands for: The Will aspect, The Spirit aspect, The Father in Heaven, The directingFire, 1010:on a tiny scale, of the pairs of opposites, spirit and matter), produces the great organ ofFire, 1010:head of man. Major head center - Will Aspect - Spirit - Father in Heaven. Pineal gland -Fire, 1010:or force, and thus an instrument of the will or Spirit; it is responsive only to that will asFire, 1019:for the magician is the will, or purpose, or spirit behind the objective phenomenon which he is inFire, 1019:the occult teaching that Father and Mother, or Spirit and Matter, when brought into contact,Fire, 1019:- Mother - Matter, The etheric - Matter - Holy Spirit, The astral - Moisture - Water, work as aFire, 1029:or the submergence in matter of Life or Spirit. The activity which produces the equilibrium ofFire, 1029:the equilibrium of these two forces, matter and Spirit, or manifestation, or the processes ofFire, 1034:as a unity, the activity of Brahma or the Holy Spirit, perfected in the first solar system. It isFire, 1042:the next system atoms and the third factor, pure spirit may be synonymous terms. The Primordial RayFire, 1042:Ray of Will or Power. Atoms are inseparable from Spirit. - S. D., I, 367. They are the sheathsFire, 1063:of the subjective. - S. D., I, 407. Impulse is Spirit energy causing objectivity. - S. D., I, 349,Fire, 1063:the thought of the Logos. - See S. D., III, 179. Spirit evolves through form and out of form. - S.Fire, 1063:through form and out of form. - S. D., I, 680. Spirit has to acquire full self-consciousness. - S.Fire, 1063:- S. D., I, 215. Form imprisons Spirit. - S. D., II, 775. The principle of limitation is form. - S.Fire, 1063:of limitation is form. - S. D., III, 561. Spirit informs all sheaths - S. D., I, 669, note. SpiritFire, 1063:informs all sheaths - S. D., I, 669, note. Spirit passes through the cycle of Being. - S. D., I,Fire, 1085:four and this four is started by yagna - the spirit of evolution that connects the higher and lowerFire, 1085:the higher and lower or in Puranic fashion, the spirit that seeks to add to the harmony of theFire, 1085:work upon and establish its own greatness. This spirit of yagna in its way to produce theFire, 1085:Parjanya is applied to rain and often times to a spirit whose function is to produce rain. - SomeFire, 1097:door" out of which the animal soul or the human spirit can "look out upon the world illusion." TheFire, 1097:by you in order that you may catch the spirit of the ancient philosophy. The derivation that isFire, 1118:it is hid in the nature of the electric Fire of Spirit itself. Fire, 1130:the egoic lotus, is the window of the Monad or Spirit whereby he looks outward into the threeFire, 1132:incarnation. Fifth, the relation of a planetary Spirit to His group of planets, and the processesFire, 1136:body. It is this contact which produces man, for Spirit (as man understands the term) is after allFire, 1136:His essence indwells all forms. This we call Spirit, yet He Himself is other than those forms, justFire, 1158:the man nor the angel, but a divine, essence or Spirit. These three types of energy demonstrateFire, 1158:of energy demonstrate during manifestation as Spirit, Soul, and Body, and through them the threeFire, 1158:with accuracy. The sevenfold activity of spirit makes itself felt when each of these seven centersFire, 1159:a miniature picture of the whole evolution of spirit and matter for, The lowest center correspondsFire, 1167:is the governing principle of Brahma or the Holy Spirit; the Law of Synthesis is the law of theFire, 1169:but in the "occult marriage" of The Soul and the Spirit. The Son with his Mother (or the Soul withFire, 1171:planetary Logos and the Life of the informing Spirit of the animal kingdom become adjusted. If thisFire, 1171:Sons of Mind, and thus linked the two poles of Spirit and matter, producing upon the plane of mindFire, 1171:and to bring down from the levels of the Spirit that which is to it what the rays of the sun are toFire, 1172:have upon the lesser, such as the power of the spirit of the Earth (the planetary Entity, not theFire, 1173:of nature are concerned. The absorption of the Spirit aspect proceeds under the Law of Synthesis.Fire, 1186:MAN: 1. Human Causal Body. Jewel. Monad. Spirit. Atma-Buddhi. Electric Fire. Positive Force. 2.Fire, 1188:or consciousness aspect and that relating to the Spirit on its own plane. It is the cause of thatFire, 1192:a vehicle which will be a fitting instrument for spirit, the following factors must be borne inFire, 1196:is dual: They are the mediators between Spirit and matter. They are the transmitters of force from
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