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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Intellect, 91:we have to master the flesh and magnify the spirit, despise the world to save it, and lose the lifeIntellect, 93:breathe towards," as Webster puts it. The word "spirit" comes from the same root. Aspiration mustIntellect, 102:may be used in three senses; first, as Mind or Spirit in reference to some Activity, for us God;Intellect, 122:point of view in another book, Life, Mind, and Spirit, as follows: "Spirit is nowise separable fromIntellect, 122:book, Life, Mind, and Spirit, as follows: "Spirit is nowise separable from life and mind, nor theyIntellect, 122:Divine Purpose... We too are manifestations of Spirit which is 'revealed' within us. Each of us isIntellect, 122:within us. Each of us is a life, a mind, and Spirit - an instance of life as one expression of theIntellect, 122:as a different expression of that world-plan, of Spirit in so far as the Substance of thatIntellect, 123:universal." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind, and Spirit, page 32. God reveals His purpose throughIntellect, 123:to an illumination, emanating from the Spirit aspect, and this we will shortly consider. ThisIntellect, 132:point, when it is applied in 'the unity of the spirit and the bonds of love' to real andIntellect, 137:slipped over the borderland into the realm of spirit and he becomes literally the soul, functioningIntellect, 138:some of the realizations and concepts of the Spirit aspect. Students would do well to remember theIntellect, 138:on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, and these three are a Trinity synthesized byIntellect, 139:to find Him and by the shortest way. Then the spirit is transported high above all the facultiesIntellect, 179:to distinguish between the personal self and the spirit. The objective forms exist for the use andIntellect, 183:concepts about God and matter, about life and Spirit. Through that race and through the humanity ofIntellect, 202:the service of mankind, to liberate the human spirit from ignorance, superstition, and slavery toIntellect, 202:feeling into sensitivity to the things of the spirit, and love of self into love of God. Thus theIntellect, 210:able to register also impressions from that of spirit. He is mental in two directions, and the mindIntellect, 226:of emotion, calling them the bright fields of spirit; we were permitted to think we think... untilIntellect, 228:snow, subtler than the ether is the Self, The spirit within me. I am that Self. That Self am I."Intellect, 248:alike; they indicate a lovely aspirational spirit; they say no new thing, but repeat what has oftenIntellect, 258:celibacy must always accompany the life of the spirit. May it not be possible that the trueIntellect, 259:relations. The aspirant to the [259] life of the spirit conforms not only to the laws of theIntellect, 262:- Chapter Ten - Conclusion CONCLUSION "The spirit within is the long-lost Word, Besought by theIntellect, 267:of essentials and in living the life of the spirit in the world of every day. They know the meaningMagic, 8:of clarity, the most usual might be here listed: Spirit - Matter Life - Form Father - MotherMagic, 8:is the result of the union of the two poles of spirit and matter is the soul of all things; itMagic, 9:only the unity will remain, and only spirit will persist, plus an increased vibratory action, plusMagic, 12:force which is the result of the union of the spirit with sentient matter in the human kingdom andMagic, 13:or what, incorrectly separating them, we name spirit, soul and matter in man. Matter is the vehicleMagic, 13:on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesized byMagic, 18:noted. The comprehension of that triplicity of spirit, soul, and body lies as yet beyond man'sMagic, 18:apparatus. This is the microcosmic symbol of spirit. 2. The nervous system, with its complexitiesMagic, 20:aspects of divinity, the central energy, or spirit, the coordinating force or soul, and that whichMagic, 21:so often used when speaking of deity, such as spirit, soul, and body, - life, consciousness, andMagic, 22:that inexpressible sum total of which the terms spirit, soul, and body are regarded as the mainMagic, 22:but for the average thinker of today the terms spirit, soul, and body stand for the aggregate ofMagic, 22:man has sought to explain God Himself. "God is Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship [23]Magic, 23:they that worship Him must worship [23] Him in Spirit and in Truth," states one of the scripturesMagic, 23:in the same scripture." I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved blameless,"Magic, 23:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks a. Spirit, Life, Energy The word spirit is applied to thatMagic, 23:Remarks a. Spirit, Life, Energy The word spirit is applied to that undefinable, elusive, essentialMagic, 23:consciousness aspect, and from the soul to the spirit (as we call the three aspects of the oneMagic, 23:to express it in words, and end by calling it Spirit, the One Life, the Monad, Energy. Again weMagic, 24:and to express truth to himself in terms of Spirit, Life, the One. These terms mean to himMagic, 25:there are those advanced souls to whom the spirit and its nature is also a rational andMagic, 25:To the Master of the Wisdom, the nature of the spirit, or that positive center of life which everyMagic, 25:of the hierarchy of adepts. The nature of spirit, its quality and type of cosmic energy, its rateMagic, 27:the analogy and the clue to the understanding of spirit, soul and body, and their mutual functions.Magic, 27:there follows still another expansion when the spirit aspect, man's emanating source of energy,Magic, 27:which will make the soul the instrument of the spirit or monad, just as the personal man became, atMagic, 27:the soul is brought under the dominance of the spirit, an analogous two stages are likewise seen:Magic, 28:he begins to comprehend the significance of spirit, the one life back of all forms, the centralMagic, 28:of this abstruse subject, the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous terms and areMagic, 28:in the minds of many people between body and spirit, between life and form, and have led to aMagic, 30:the correspondence in man of that which we call spirit or life in the macrocosm. Just as the lifeMagic, 30:at the close of his life cycle. This is the spirit in man, manifesting as the will to live, to be,Magic, 30:This is the result of the interplay between the spirit or energy aspect and the matter or bodyMagic, 31:Therefore let us remember that the definition of spirit is not possible of accomplishment, nor isMagic, 31:nor is the definition of God. When one says that spirit is the inexpressible, undefinable cause,Magic, 33:to such abstruse subjects as the nature of spirit and soul could have a general definition andMagic, 34:regarded as somewhat more feasible than that of spirit owing to the fact that there are many peopleMagic, 34:that entity which is brought into being when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related toMagic, 35:each other. [35] The soul therefore, is neither spirit nor matter but is the relation between them.Magic, 36:through the interplay of the pairs of opposites, spirit and matter, and their effect upon eachMagic, 36:aspect in every form (made through this union of spirit and matter) which feels, registersMagic, 36:entity produced through the union of Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter. It is that which in theMagic, 37:that Mother-Matter has been fecundated by Father-Spirit and thus life and matter have been broughtMagic, 38:pairs of opposites, between the urge or pull of spirit and the lure of matter or mother-nature, andMagic, 38:the consciousness of the planetary Logos, that "Spirit before the Throne" Who manifests through theMagic, 40:the soul has [40] it as the dynamic factor. The spirit, or monad is primarily the expression ofMagic, 43:as the blood goes to all parts of the body. Spirit nature: - The nervous system, as it energizesMagic, 43:man is the correspondence to the energy of spirit. In the head we have the analogy to the spiritMagic, 43:spirit. In the head we have the analogy to the spirit aspect, the directing will, the monad, theMagic, 44:is the analogy to the physical form which the spirit animates in connection with man, that fivefoldMagic, 44:sum total which is the medium through which the spirit on the physical plane has to express itself.Magic, 44:for the breath of life, is the correspondence of spirit. In the lower torso again we have thisMagic, 44:this energy is the analogy to the energizing spirit. Magic, 47:of the sensitive responsive entity which links spirit and matter together. This entity we call theMagic, 47:soul of mankind is not only an entity linking spirit and matter, and mediating between monad andMagic, 51:between the personal self, and the purusha (or spirit). The objective forms exist for the use andMagic, 56:difficulties and become so strong and poised in spirit that he forces recognition of his fitness toMagic, 56:work and has a spiritual goal, for matter is but spirit on the lowest plane, and spirit, we areMagic, 56:matter is but spirit on the lowest plane, and spirit, we are told, is but matter on the highest.Magic, 56:are told, is but matter on the highest. All is spirit and these differentiations are but theMagic, 57:of receiving impressions from the realm of spirit and of registering them in his physical brain. ItMagic, 64:steady play of cyclic force from the kingdom of spirit upon each one of us calling us forth intoMagic, 75:man in his turn becomes a " Sacred Four" - spirit and the three of manifestation. Four words shouldMagic, 82:condition of affairs. First, the world of spirit, or the formless abstract world of subjectiveMagic, 83:Science has said, There is no God and no spirit within man. Religion has said, There must be a God,Magic, 83:the future does not exist. When the life of the spirit is negated, when the manifesting lifeMagic, 88:its own world and concerned with its relation to spirit, and with this the man, working through hisMagic, 95:in its turn expresses the positive energy of spirit, the negative energy of matter, and theMagic, 103:action, and the demonstration of a non-critical spirit. So, free passage can be given to the forcesMagic, 115:of force along destructive lines, and a spirit contrary to the law of the plane of unity. The termMagic, 119:higher principles are those comprehended by the Spirit and are only readily comprehended by theMagic, 146:as light, as the [146] revealer, whilst the Spirit aspect will later be recognized as sound.Magic, 172:to them which could foster in Their chelas the spirit of separateness. The disciple soon finds also
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