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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Meditation, 260:of the Spiritual Triad. He is consciously [260] spirit-intuition-abstract mind, orMeditation, 260:His consciousness with the light of pure Spirit. The discipline of meditation is the only way inMeditation, 261:the meaning of consciousness, of life, and of spirit. He can pass - by the line of least resistanceMeditation, 269:to the downflow of light from the threefold Spirit. Thus he is permitted to touch that Triad andMeditation, 273:of holy living; the inner irradiation from the Spirit, and the outer shining before men. Meditation, 329:of color and of sound. Synthesis The study of spirit-matter-mind. Study of numbers and ofMeditation, 332:life, - naught remains but the life of the Spirit, and the voluntary giving of that life for theMeditation, 349:for personal instruction. Atma The Universal Spirit; the divine Monad; the seventh Principle; soMeditation, 351:and therefore the vehicle of Atma, the Spirit, which is the Seventh Principle. [352] Causal BodyMeditation, 356:the physical body. Monad The One. The threefold spirit on its own plane. In occultism it oftenMeditation, 357:through his physical body. The highest planetary spirit working through any particular globe is, inMeditation, 357:or what, incorrectly separating them, we name Spirit, Soul, and Matter in man. Matter is theMeditation, 357:soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these three as a trinity are synthesizedMeditation, 359:the expression of the monad. It is the germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity.Meditation, 360:between the Self and the Not-self, between spirit and matter. Wesak A festival which takes place inPatanjalisamadhi and arrive at a discrimination of pure Spirit through belief, followed by energy, memory,Patanjaliupon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thus peace can bePatanjaliand from annu (the atom or speck) to atma (or spirit) his knowledge is perfected. 41. To him whosePatanjali, 8:and the first: 1st Aspect 2nd Aspect 3rd Aspect Spirit Soul Body Father Son (Christ) Holy GhostPatanjali, 10:to them through the mutual interplay of spirit and matter. By the control of these substances andPatanjali, 32:apparent as the student remembers the oneness of spirit and matter when in manifestation; i. e. ourPatanjali, 32:The three gunas are: 1. Sattva Energy of Spirit Monad Father rhythm or harmonious vibration 2.Patanjali, 35:or upon the tanmatras or [35] elements composing spirit-matter, a knowledge of the purpose or planPatanjali, 35:be found correspondences to the three aspects, spirit, soul and body, and an illuminating study forPatanjali, 38:samadhi and arrive at a discrimination of pure spirit through belief, followed by energy, memory,Patanjali, 39:lower nature - make a contact with their monad, spirit or "Father in Heaven" and discern what thatPatanjali, 40:the Christ or soul is seeking to reveal, the spirit or Father in Heaven. First the disciple arrivesPatanjali, 40:is later contacted and that Presence is pure spirit, the absolute, the Father of Being. The selfPatanjali, 40:of the not-self dims and passes away and only spirit is known. Belief must ever be the first stage.Patanjali, 41:experience of the soul, and the knowledge of the spirit or Father aspect begins to form part of thePatanjali, 42:and it brings them to a realization of the spirit and to adeptship. There is yet another line:Patanjali, 43:the self and the not-self is achieved and pure spirit is arrived at. This is the way for the fifthPatanjali, 44:arrives at a knowledge of the reality of spirit. This is the way of least resistance for many; itPatanjali, 44:to him his Father in Heaven, the point of pure spirit. Commentators upon this sutra point out thatPatanjali, 46:with care. Aspect Quality Center Macrocosm Spirit Father Monad Will Head Central spiritual sun SoulPatanjali, 46:Son Ego Love Heart Heart of the sun Body Holy Spirit Personality Active Intelligence ThroatPatanjali, 55:rightly expressed, demonstrates the Father or Spirit through the medium of the soul. It is the WordPatanjali, 55:Masonry. It is the Word of the first aspect, the spirit aspect, and only the initiate of the thirdPatanjali, 56:in which the three lines of divine life meet - spirit, soul and body. It is also the Word of thePatanjali, 57:or the relation of the divine self or spirit to the form, its polar opposite. This relation, in itsPatanjali, 57:or what, incorrectly separating them, we name Spirit, Soul and Matter in man. Matter is the vehiclePatanjali, 58:on a higher plane for the [58] manifestation of Spirit, and these three are a Trinity synthesizedPatanjali, 59:of living light which connects the Monad, the Spirit in man, with the physical brain. Secondly,Patanjali, 69:levels of the mental plane. The things of pure spirit, and the basic purposes underlying allPatanjali, 73:When the truth or basic principle is known spirit will then stand revealed. When the disciplePatanjali, 81:upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thus peace can bePatanjali, 81:upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thus peace can bePatanjali, 83:and the ability to use it, knowledge of the spirit can be arrived at. At the center of the "heartPatanjali, 85:the soul and any object of desire other than the spirit. Patanjali, 87:and from annu (the atom or speck) to atma (or spirit) his knowledge is perfected. This translationPatanjali, 90:concerns energy; it has to do with the nature of spirit. Through. the medium of these fivePatanjali, 93:thoughts in practical fashion to his own life. Spirit Soul Body. Monad Ego Personality. Divine SelfPatanjali, 99:primary substance, matter united with spirit, undifferentiated yet without form or distinguishingPatanjali, 100:purusha as soul, but it is usually translated spirit and refers to the first aspect. Patanjali, 100:realms which are not primarily those of pure spirit. We need, however, to remember here that allPatanjali, 100:constituted that it can apprehend the things of spirit. As he passes from one stage of "seeded"Patanjali, 101:Then the nature of the thinker himself, as pure spirit, will be apprehended, and the steps, stages,Patanjali, 101:or gross) will all be lost sight of and only spirit be known. Both feeling and mind will then bePatanjali, 101:deals with objectivity and its relation to spirit. Therefore this higher condition of meditation isPatanjali, 102:Contact by the soul with the monad or spirit is the result, and knowledge of this contact isPatanjali, 104:however, he can turn the searchlight of pure spirit; he himself is light and knows himself as partPatanjali, 106:objectivity, but only identification with the spirit can reveal the nature and world of the spirit.Patanjali, 106:spirit can reveal the nature and world of the spirit. "No man hath seen God at any time, the onlyPatanjali, 106:dealt with here (knowledge of God and of spirit, independent of matter or form) is impossible. ThePatanjali, 106:from the life experience of millions is that spirit exists; the deduction to be gathered from thePatanjali, 112:41. Through purification comes also a quiet spirit, concentration, conquest of the organs, andPatanjali, 126:the seeds of the obstructions to the life of the Spirit are similarly rendered unfertile. ThesePatanjali, 132:to be found on all planes. It is a limitation of Spirit itself and a necessary corollary ofPatanjali, 135:a generic term covering the outgoing tendency of spirit towards form life. It may mean the delightPatanjali, 137:in the relationship of the two great opposites, spirit and matter; it is the governing factor inPatanjali, 137:the Logos of our solar system, or the Absolute Spirit, incarnates through the medium of a solarPatanjali, 137:will be present in the highest planetary Spirit and the most elevated spiritual existence. All thatPatanjali, 138:for the forms of those planes. When the life or Spirit withdraws itself, the form dies, occultly.Patanjali, 139:Attachment to form or the attraction of form for Spirit is the great involutionary impulse.Patanjali, 141:with the form (2nd aspect) and its adaptation to Spirit and its needs. Guyha vidya - The science ofPatanjali, 146:to the reality indwelling all forms, to the Spirit of man as it reveals itself through the soul,Patanjali, 148:of rhythm, or balance, is the quality of the spirit or monad and it is this tendency to perfectionPatanjali, 148:of the substance through which the triple spirit is manifesting in this solar system. The nature ofPatanjali, 148:manifesting in this solar system. The nature of spirit itself we know not as yet, for we cannotPatanjali, 148:of the essential nature of that which we call spirit. Coming to the practical manifestation of thePatanjali, 149:difference between the pairs of opposites, spirit and matter. Both the factors are "at peace"Patanjali, 151:basic duality of manifestation, the union of spirit and matter. It is their interplay whichPatanjali, 153:the following factors in the polar opposite to spirit which we call matter: Atoms, MolecularPatanjali, 153:of the world of form which has held his spirit a prisoner for so long. This Patanjali points out inPatanjali, 156:is called Brahma by the Hindu, and the Holy Spirit by the Christian. This is the third aspect ofPatanjali, 156:be built in order that Shiva, the Father or the spirit may have a medium of revelation. It mightPatanjali, 162:those realities which constitute the world of spirit. Through this process he arrives at aPatanjali, 163:and comes to an understanding of the nature of spirit. The mind then serves a triple purpose:Patanjali, 165:true and the false, and between the life of the spirit and the world of phenomena. He becomesPatanjali, 166:is therefore very clear. The pairs of opposites, spirit and matter, purusha and prakriti are [167]Patanjali, 168:An understanding of the distinction between spirit and matter, A comprehension of the naturePatanjali, 168:is the son, produced by the union of the father-spirit and of the mother-matter, A developmentPatanjali, 168:thinker with its Father in Heaven, the Monad or spirit aspect. Stage I covers the period from thePatanjali, 171:union of the two polarities of the Absolute All, spirit and matter, discrimination is at first anPatanjali, 171:assumes the attitude of higher polarity (that of spirit, manifesting as the soul or inner ruler)Patanjali, 171:and to occupy himself with the affairs of spirit and not with those of the great maya or world ofPatanjali, 173:still) it is this which sends forth the Monad or Spirit into incarnation. This basic desire is whatPatanjali, 178:between the self and the not-self, between spirit and matter. This knowledge is no longerPatanjali, 179:and the unreal and to discern the things of the spirit. They cause also certain changes ofPatanjali, 179:mental) received that twofold expression of spirit, atma-buddhi, spiritual will and spiritual love,
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