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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Patanjali, 182:expression or manifestation of the life of the spirit. Means IV. Right control of the life-force.Patanjali, 197:karmic law being to bring the opposite pole of Spirit, matter, into strict conformity with thePatanjali, 197:into strict conformity with the requirements of spirit so that matter and form can perfectlyPatanjali, 197:and form can perfectly express the nature of spirit. Patanjali, 200:is desire for form of some kind which brings the spirit into incarnation. When desirelessness isPatanjali, 201:should be remembered that purity is a quality of spirit. [202] Purification is necessarily ofPatanjali, 202:and molecules which limit the free expression of spirit, and which confine it to the form so thatPatanjali, 202:which will tend to provide a form through which spirit can adequately function; The protection ofPatanjali, 204:41. Through purification comes also a quiet spirit, concentration, conquest of the organs, andPatanjali, 205:of the organs The physical body, 2. A quiet spirit The emotional vehicle, 3. Concentration ThePatanjali, 206:body, the result of purification is a quiet spirit, or the "gentle stillness" of the vehicle soPatanjali, 234:between the personal self and the purusha (or spirit). The objective forms exist for the use (andPatanjali, 234:who can discriminate between the soul and the spirit achieves supremacy over all conditions andPatanjali, 270:whilst only the future will reveal the nature of spirit, the highest or Father aspect. This line ofPatanjali, 271:of objective manifestation and the revelation of spirit through the medium of form. This is thePatanjali, 272:Essence II. The Sound or Word III. The Object 1. Spirit 1. The Soul. 1. Body 2. Pneuma 2. ThePatanjali, 272:Father. Shiva 3. The Son. Vishnu. 3. The Holy Spirit. Brahma. 4. The Monad. The One. 4. The cosmicPatanjali, 272:form is also known, and the essential nature of spirit can be inferred. The immediate field ofPatanjali, 272:is the result of the breath, the essence or spirit. "In the beginning was the Word and the WordPatanjali, 274:and linking the monad with the personality, spirit with the body. It is interesting here to notePatanjali, 281:That is translated as follows: Sattva rhythm spirit life Rajas mobility soul light Tamas inertiaPatanjali, 281:in time and space of the one eternal primordial spirit-essence. It may [282] be suggested that thePatanjali, 282:are to be found in the terms: Energy spirit life Force soul light Matter form substance ThePatanjali, 282:form substance The outstanding characteristic of spirit (or energy) is the life-principle, thatPatanjali, 282:turn of the spiral for the manifestation of spirit." (Secret Doctrine I, 80.) When the soul (orPatanjali, 286:is at an end. No karma then can draw the freed spirit back to earth for further lessons, or thePatanjali, 292:(when contacted) will pour the light of the spirit upon the path of the disciple, thus illuminatingPatanjali, 292:of Ezekiel, the symbol of the sheath of the spirit, the home of the Father, one [293] of the "manyPatanjali, 302:sun - soul - love. The central spiritual sun - spirit - life or power. In man, the microcosm, thePatanjali, 302:The Ego or Christ - soul - love. The Monad - spirit - life or power. Patanjali, 312:of the long evolutionary road travelled by the spirit. Hence the appropriateness of this term, asPatanjali, 319:or path, the first, is the giver of life, of spirit, of energy. Another, the second, is responsiblePatanjali, 319:or intelligence aspect, for the power of spirit to respond to contact and to evolve response. ThePatanjali, 319:reaches to the pineal gland - the point where spirit resides in man. The second or consciousnessPatanjali, 319:work and walk in them is achieved, for Atma or spirit shines there. Similarly through concentratedPatanjali, 320:activity. It is the characteristic of spirit, and demonstrates purpose and control. Through thePatanjali, 320:between the personal self and the purusha (or spirit). The objective forms exist for the use (andPatanjali, 321:an emotional, and a mental unit) and the divine spirit to be found in each of us. We identifyPatanjali, 321:ourselves with the form aspect, and not with the spirit. We regard ourselves as the not-self, forPatanjali, 321:the Christ principle which links the Father (spirit) and the Mother (matter). [322] Thus the greatPatanjali, 322:triplicity is again to be seen: The Father, or spirit, the one who manifests, who creates, whoPatanjali, 322:has achieved maturity, he reveals the Father or spirit and so fulfils the words of Christ, when HePatanjali, 331:Temple, and that of the "Temple of the Holy Spirit," the human frame. [332] The outer courtPatanjali, 333:First, therefore, the breath (pneuma or spirit) impinging upon primordial substance and setting upPatanjali, 342:plane is the gross summation of all the others. Spirit is matter at its lowest point. Character,Patanjali, 345:and from annu (the atom or speck) to atma (or spirit) his knowledge is perfected." (Book I, SutraPatanjali, 349:body will vibrate to the highest aspect of the spirit, which is will, power or strength - any ofPatanjali, 353:synchronizing with the Monad or divine self, the spirit on its own plane. The great "Son of Mind,"Patanjali, 356:who can discriminate between the soul and the spirit achieves supremacy over all conditions andPatanjali, 358:between the soul, the Christ within and the spirit or Father aspect. Intelligent activity has beenPatanjali, 358:of the love nature. With safety now the spirit or will aspect can be developed and power deliveredPatanjali, 358:spiritual consciousness. It is harmony with the spirit and disharmony with matter. It involvesPatanjali, 364:the word "ray," and the Christian "pneuma" or spirit, but the thought is one. 2. Consciousness orPatanjali, 365:Ray Character Place in body of Heavenly Man. Spirit Soul Body. Life aspect Consciousness Form.Patanjali, 366:demonstrates the intangible, and both reveal the spirit, whilst form, color and number speak aloudPatanjali, 368:It relates to all objects from the pradhana (spirit-matter A.B.) to the bhutas (elements, forms A.Patanjali, 369:in its turn form a medium of expression for the spirit. Matter has been brought into a state wherePatanjali, 369:and the result is that - for the first time - spirit can make its presence felt, for "matter is thePatanjali, 369:the soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit on a higher turn of the spiral. These threePatanjali, 369:is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (the spirit.) (Col., III, 3) Patanjali, 386:outward-going tendency and an abstraction of the spirit from out of the form. Patanjali, 387:the "shadow" of the Trinity, just as his spirit, soul and body are the reflections of the threePatanjali, 387:the three divine aspects, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He will find that he is responsible for thePatanjali, 390:severing of the highest principle (that of pure spirit from its two expressions, the soul and thePatanjali, 392:its relation to matter on the one hand and to spirit on the other. Meditation, or mind control andPatanjali, 402:are reached." [402] "The flight is upward into spirit. The point ascends, lifting the two behindPatanjali, 403:is that (given the one basic substance, spirit-matter) we weave it into forms by our own thoughtPatanjali, 411:from the soul, as the intermediary between spirit and matter. The soul is ever aware of thisPatanjali, 423:the helmet of salvation, and the word of the Spirit, which is the word of God." (Eph., VI, 14, 15,Patanjali, 426:becomes possible, that of the soul, with the spirit. The Master must become the Christ and to doProblems, 10:of many thousands in every nation. This spirit and attitude will some day characterize the attitudeProblems, 11:bring disorder and finally disaster. An intense spirit of nationalism - assertive and boastful -Problems, 13:In the meantime, this aggressive, immature spirit culminated in the war of 1914-1945. A thousandProblems, 15:to their benefit but always inexcusable. The spirit of nationalism and its growth is the backgroundProblems, 16:in the summer of 1940 that the values of the spirit must take the place of those which haveProblems, 17:(when turned to the study of the things of the spirit) can outstrip the researchings of lesserProblems, 17:will later demonstrate the qualities of the spirit of man. The accent upon the material values andProblems, 18:set great store by his own ideas, and all in a spirit of goodwill. This should be the keynote ofProblems, 18:leader who can enforce that regimentation in a spirit of understanding and goodwill until such timeProblems, 19:a great and imperialistic power. Her acquisitive spirit, her tenacity and the firmness of herProblems, 22:by a deeply religious, though unorthodox spirit, handicapped by a combination of oriental traitsProblems, 29:distinctive of the emerging creative life of the spirit of man. The important factor to bear inProblems, 29:factor to bear in mind is that it is one spirit and the nations have each to learn to recognizeProblems, 29:the nations have each to learn to recognize that spirit within themselves and within each other. ToProblems, 29:rhythm in the life of its peoples. To foster the spirit of right relations. This is accomplished byProblems, 31:of one family and as animated by one human spirit, the spirit of God? Will they be willing to shareProblems, 31:family and as animated by one human spirit, the spirit of God? Will they be willing to share theProblems, 31:of the stability and potentiality of the human spirit? Will they have faith in the intrinsic worthProblems, 34:the whole man and that includes his divine spirit. Problems, 34:spell disaster. It would feed the sectarian spirit, foster the conservative, reactionary attitudesProblems, 34:their membership and to imprison the free spirit in man. There are wise and good churchmen todayProblems, 35:succeed and thus salvage the religious spirit. Then let us endeavor to see what the goal of the newProblems, 36:- century after century owing to this demanding spirit of investigation - is revealed. It is theProblems, 38:a soft and relatively easy life; the pioneering spirit (which is the background of all nations) hasProblems, 43:fed the nationalistic and, therefore, separate spirit, which has fostered racial hatreds andProblems, 45:arts and for a new and free flow of the creative spirit in man. They should lay an emphaticProblems, 46:must be the elimination of the competitive spirit and the [47] substitution of the cooperativeProblems, 48:they are prompted by a thwarted, inquiring spirit, by the impulse to retaliate for injustice (basedProblems, 62:progressive revelation of the glory of the human spirit still needs expression in writing - itsProblems, 67:right human relations and the cultivation of the spirit of goodwill. This will lead to a complete
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