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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRIT

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Rays, 428:to a revolt of the human spirit. That human spirit is to be found in Russia to exactly the sameRays, 451:is a thread of energy, which we call the life or spirit aspect, anchored in the heart. It uses theRays, 464:Intelligence Aspect The nature of form The Holy Spirit Response to evolution The note of Nature TheRays, 472:the illusory duality disappears. Then you have Spirit-matter, Life-form. For this the tripleRays, 475:as a full expression of the soul - between spirit and matter, between Father and Mother. It isRays, 475:between Father and Mother. It is evidence that "spirit has mounted on the [476] shoulders ofRays, 476:known to be a fact in consciousness, and a human spirit can say with intention and withRays, 482:substantiate that made by H.P.B. that "matter is spirit at its lowest point," and the reverse isRays, 483:must eventually give place to the rule of the spirit; the energy of the Hierarchy must become aRays, 483:too must learn to function as a duality - Monad (spirit) and form (matter) - in direct rapport withRays, 487:they desire is not that towards the Monad or spirit, but towards the soul, in an effort to bringRays, 492:between the lower and the higher minds, between spirit and matter and between Monad and personalityRays, 496:much as you like, and in which the life of the spirit receives its reasonable share, in which theRays, 496:tension that you are driven by the life of the spirit, it will entail a galvanic upheaval in yourRays, 499:institutions throughout the world. The Christ spirit is expressively present, [500] and the failureRays, 500:emergence of the love of God in its form of the spirit of Christ. Humanity in the mass hasRays, 500:attempt to arrest the progress of the human spirit and to stop the onward march of the good, theRays, 505:the relation is established [505] between spirit (Monad) and personality (form or matter), with aRays, 513:to meaning, of nature to nature, of form to spirit which matters, remembering ever that that whichRays, 515:manifestation - personality or form and Monad or Spirit - is a fact. The will of the Monad is theRays, 516:the symbol (the form aspect) and the power (the Spirit aspect) which acts as a great creativeRays, 517:the first ray disciple from the positivity of spirit. But once he intuitively comprehends andRays, 517:and factually grasps the concept that spirit-matter are one reality, and once he has achievedRays, 517:make possible his complete identification with spirit, via the antahkarana. This word is "PurposeRays, 545:attain that disinterestedness and that inclusive spirit which will enable him to stand in theRays, 554:was binding humanity and imprisoning the human spirit. This evoked a prompt reaction from theRays, 554:money. The Masters had confidence that the human spirit would be able to live through the period ofRays, 560:its foremost exponents) has to manifest the spirit of love through wisdom; the basis of thisRays, 571:brings together the two fundamental aspects of spirit and matter. It relates soul and form and,Rays, 573:which today so terribly imprison the free spirit of men. Rays, 574:when He brought together the major dualities of spirit and matter at the commencement of HisRays, 599:aware of what has been called the Monad or Spirit or Life. This is subtly revealed in theRays, 606:pair of opposites to which we give the name of spirit-matter. It is this fourth ray energy whichRays, 606:very slowly, swinging over to the side of the spirit aspect of the duality; it has not yet swung,Rays, 607:in bringing about conditions wherein the spirit aspect is released (temporarily or permanently)Rays, 612:human relations and the growth of the universal spirit of goodwill among men. Only the mostRays, 613:aims at the holding back of the life of the spirit, at clarifying by obstruction and at holdingRays, 616:masses everywhere. The outpouring of the Christ spirit. The astral plane. Stanza II. [617] "TheRays, 628:can so inspiringly illumine the plane of the spirit is focused primarily upon the three worlds ofRays, 630:evoke the harmony which will liberate the spirit of America, which will reveal to its people thatRays, 633:less exacting and evince a more understanding spirit. The bridge between these two great groupsRays, 633:is really a conflict between the mounting human spirit and the force of the totalitarian regimeRays, 633:individualism. The innate strength of the human spirit to rise has never yet failed, and thisRays, 636:would endorse partition, and thus perpetuate the spirit of aggression and territorial greed,Rays, 636:United Nations the element of conflict and that spirit of "fanatical imposition" which isRays, 638:to set about His task of resurrecting the human spirit, out of the tomb of materialism into theRays, 645:pattern will be seen, relating the human spirit to the world of forms, to the united Hierarchy andRays, 672:body, the higher and the lower, life and form, spirit and matter. This is the creative taskRays, 680:the Major Initiations The freedom of the human spirit, the freedom to think, govern and worship asRays, 680:- in its original platform - run counter to the spirit of Christ. The imposition of intellectualRays, 691:is controlled and dominated by the indwelling spirit of man; this spiritual man bases all action inRays, 706:long, long cycle of incarnation: the Monad, the Spirit, the One, the Life, the Father. Each timeRays, 714:from the darkness of matter to the light of the Spirit. But of the Will, its uses and its function,Rays, 732:form is the true place of darkness to the divine spirit which is man; it is death to the spiritRays, 732:divine spirit which is man; it is death to the spirit temporarily, and imprisonment. Evolution, menRays, 742:finally control. This reactionary and material spirit taints every department of human life, andRays, 745:This is the true imprisonment of the human spirit. The situation is, however, so pronounced and theRays, 745:and the evil so obvious (and the human spirit so basically and divinely strong) that it willRays, 746:out to you, is the imprisonment of the human spirit or its freedom and liberation. True DemocracyRays, 748:to spiritual events of major importance. The spirit of man, usually unconsciously, is drivingRays, 749:of the material values. The prevalent spirit of expectancy and of a truly divine discontent are theRays, 749:those countries where the freedom of the human spirit is attacked. There are two ways in which thatRays, 749:of disease, famine and pain, has developed a spirit of community in suffering and [750] inRays, 750:everywhere which is rapidly changing into a spirit of world goodwill. This worldwide goodwill, whenRays, 750:accompanied (for such is the beauty of the human spirit) by efforts along all possible lines toRays, 752:start has been made in a pure and disinterested spirit, goodwill will permeate the world and rightRays, 752:healing of cleavages is a practical matter. The Spirit of Synthesis, working through the greatRays, 754:relics of three dead and gone religions. The spirit has gone out of the old faiths and the trueRays, 769:the ascending Flame, that mounts to the Triadal Spirit. Six times the Flame mounts up, six timesReappearance, 11:like nature to us, "flesh of [11] our flesh and spirit of our spirit," we know and trust Them andReappearance, 11:us, "flesh of [11] our flesh and spirit of our spirit," we know and trust Them and They mean moreReappearance, 11:or adequately oriented to the life of the Spirit to bear easily the impact of an Avatar Who wouldReappearance, 21:Messenger of Liberation. He stimulates the group spirit and the group consciousness, and HisReappearance, 30:in the world will be the resurrection of the spirit in mankind; the emphasis will be upon theReappearance, 40:to us. I write here in no fanatical or Adventist spirit; I speak not as a speculative theologian orReappearance, 43:which leads to the evocative response of the Spirit of God. This Spirit works in every human heartReappearance, 43:evocative response of the Spirit of God. This Spirit works in every human heart and in all groups.Reappearance, 50:succeed, such is the potency of the awakened spirit of man. These are the things which theReappearance, 53:of men and of descent for the loving, living spirit of God. [54] Reappearance, 74:three events can be described as follows: 1. The Spirit of Peace descended upon Christ. The NewReappearance, 74:when, at the Baptism, we read that "he saw the Spirit of God, descending like a dove and alightingReappearance, 74:alighting upon Him." (St. Matt., III, 16.) This Spirit is a Being of tremendous cosmic potency andReappearance, 74:or worked through the Master Jesus. This Spirit of Peace is not the sumtotal of an emotional andReappearance, 74:era of peace. He is, in a mysterious sense, the Spirit of Equilibrium; He works with the Law ofReappearance, 74:the world today will - through the life of the Spirit of Peace, working through the Christ, theReappearance, 75:later as the result of the activity of the Spirit of Peace, working through the Prince of Peace, asReappearance, 82:vitality (augmented by the energies of the Spirit of Peace, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Buddha)Reappearance, 82:ever comes from the East; the energy of the Spirit of Peace: Love, establishing right humanReappearance, 101:and of the Buddha and under the influence of the Spirit of Peace and of Equilibrium, can implementReappearance, 107:physical living, which is the true death of the spirit. He made a unique contribution to theReappearance, 110:The sword which He wields is the sword of the Spirit; it is that sword which produces cleavageReappearance, 110:be to demonstrate in every land the effects of a spirit of inclusiveness - an inclusiveness whichReappearance, 111:will rally around Him; those who embody the spirit of exclusiveness and separativeness will standReappearance, 111:for what they are. The cleaving sword of the spirit will - without wounding - bring revelation andReappearance, 111:of the inner Triangle - of the Buddha, of the Spirit of Peace and of the Avatar of Synthesis - theReappearance, 120:to live in accordance with its rules and spirit. The fact that the signs of the time and theReappearance, 121:when Christ appears and restores the rule of the Spirit on Earth. The hour for the restoration ofReappearance, 134:of glamor and the release of the human spirit from the thralldom of matter; it will produce alsoReappearance, 137:release and truth, and that the truly religious spirit is more fundamentally alive than at anyReappearance, 137:and a vital demand for light. The religious spirit of humanity is today more definitely focused
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