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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITS

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Patanjali, 10:and they do so. Under the logoic plan, the spirits or divine sparks are imprisoned by them, beingPatanjali, 10:restraint of their instinctual activities, these spirits gain experience and eventually liberation.Patanjali, 53:is the disciple of one of the three planetary spirits who represent the three major aspects, [54]Patanjali, 267:of the various planetary Logoi, or of the seven Spirits before the Throne of God, is not uniformPatanjali, 268:the following names: The seven Rays, The seven Spirits before the Throne, The seven planetaryPatanjali, 310:Hierarchy (the Hierarchy of human monads or spirits), the fourth center in man whether consideredPatanjali, 319:of the spiritual worlds and of those pure spirits who work and walk in them is achieved, for AtmaPatanjali, 361:contrast and compare the first four classes of spirits enumerated [362] there with these four typesPatanjali, 369:our solar system. The planetary Logoi (the seven Spirits before the Throne), and the Lords of KarmaPsychology1, 6:three groups: Those energies which we call "the spirits in men." You note here the utterPsychology1, 20:and to the life and nature of the seven "Spirits which are before the Throne of God" in thePsychology1, 377:into tangible existence of the incarnating spirits. Matter capitulated to spirit, the divine desirePsychology2, 6:as it is known and expressed by the seven Spirits before the Throne, the seven planetary Logoi. ButPsychology2, 191:of the outer garment of God, and human spirits. The possibility is, therefore, to be noted that theRays, 142:the "Buddhas of Activity," and certain "Eternal Spirits" from such centers of dynamic spiritualRays, 150:Each is presided over by one of the seven Spirits before the Throne; by one of the seven Ray Lords.Rays, 206:a symbol - it lacks any true analogy. The Seven Spirits before the Throne of God are also MembersRays, 702:that "Christ descended into hell and taught the spirits which are in prison" for three days. ThisRays, 702:They have left hell behind and the term "spirits that are in prison" no longer applies to Them.Rays, 713:following the experience of "teaching the spirits which are in prison," the Master receives aReappearance, 46:of the World, the Ancient of Days; the seven Spirits Who are before the throne of God; the Buddha,Reappearance, 148:Kingdom of God" (Matt., VI, 33.) Here dwell the "spirits of just men made perfect" (Heb., XII,Soul, 87:of the Middle Ages, believed firmly in "animal spirits." He taught that these animal spirits passedSoul, 87:in "animal spirits." He taught that these animal spirits passed into the third ventricle by aSoul, 88:the brain the chief soul, the sum of the animal spirits, whose functions were distinctly mental." -Soul, 105:corresponds to the Psychikon pneuma, animal spirits, of Greek philosophy, a category which isSoul, 124:spirit, of divine life, of the unseen world of spirits, and of that "cloud of witnesses" whoTelepathy, 161:rays are the seven emanations from the "seven Spirits before the throne of God"; Their emanations
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