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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Autobiography, 5:pride and selfishness, the same aspiration and spiritual objectives and the same desire to serve.Autobiography, 7:aspiration [7] to launch out in obedience to spiritual impulse, something will have been gained andAutobiography, 7:and the possibility of telepathic and direct spiritual contacts and knowledge - what I say mayAutobiography, 7:new civilization is of interest and all of spiritual import. The self-disclosures of the mystic ofAutobiography, 7:use of these revelations) are a major modern spiritual factor; the struggle that is going onAutobiography, 7:systems are all indicative of a divine and spiritual [8] ferment which is leavening humanity. AndAutobiography, 18:was very broad. She gave me certain keynotes for spiritual living which have never failed me and toAutobiography, 18:anything to bring people into some measure of spiritual realization, it is largely because sheAutobiography, 20:writing (done with an etching pen) my spiritual history. It had in it tiny photographs of closeAutobiography, 20:of close friends and autographs of my spiritual companions on the Way. I wish I had it now for itAutobiography, 20:of people and episodes and help me to trace my spiritual unfoldment - the unfoldment of a worker. Autobiography, 22:mental approach and the power to know. Surely spiritual instinct must precede spiritual knowledge,Autobiography, 22:to know. Surely spiritual instinct must precede spiritual knowledge, just as the instincts of theAutobiography, 23:attention. Above all, the soul, the inner spiritual man, could be indicated, as seeking to make itsAutobiography, 29:I may have had can be traced back to her deeply spiritual influence. Until she died she kept inAutobiography, 31:first time I began to differentiate between the spiritual values and the material. To her, it was aAutobiography, 31:aunt, Margaret, gave me something of such true spiritual significance that to this day I attempt toAutobiography, 33:people, what was it that made me so fixed in my spiritual aspiration and my determination to beAutobiography, 36:my heroine) and that, like her, I was seeing spiritual visions and was consequently set aside for aAutobiography, 36:do succeed in bringing them some inner, spiritual contact and they then interpret it in terms ofAutobiography, 38:who have not the experience and the mental and spiritual orientation required, that true disciplesAutobiography, 39:that it was my correct place and indicated my spiritual status. Autobiography, 40:and that all existence - the material world, the spiritual realm, the aspiring disciple, theAutobiography, 40:Masters and subjective events upon the inner spiritual planes and in the world of meaning whichAutobiography, 40:It is said that one's deepest and most intimate spiritual experiences should never be discussed orAutobiography, 42:was God's dictum and that was that. This was my spiritual background and field of thinking. [43]Autobiography, 48:into a certain and sure knowledge of the spiritual verities to which the mystics of all time haveAutobiography, 52:the Way back to our Source, to God, and to the spiritual center of all life. When translating itAutobiography, 67:he had only a short time to live and needed some spiritual help. He had asked for me. MyAutobiography, 78:brooks no denial; it is the voice of the inner Spiritual Identity saying: Return to your center, orAutobiography, 80:bad districts. I used to impute this to my deep spiritual power and my platform eloquence. I haveAutobiography, 83:these interior questions were thundering in my spiritual ears. Autobiography, 91:things. Our past record - from our present spiritual standpoint - is probably completelyAutobiography, 94:my basic integrity and what she called my "spiritual poise" and she knew I was essentiallyAutobiography, 95:aghast, and realized that my marvellous, heroic, spiritual sacrifice for the sake of the work wasAutobiography, 105:rest of us, though he could speak to us on the spiritual values. I was so horrified that, with myAutobiography, 126:when I came to this decision. It was a major spiritual crisis. As I have earlier pointed out, I hadAutobiography, 126:with much questioning in my mind as to the spiritual verities which could be believed. TheAutobiography, 133:and into a realm of discovery that we might call spiritual - the world which the ancient HinduAutobiography, 133:it really is. This marked the opening of a new spiritual era in my life. There were two EnglishAutobiography, 139:they all fitted into the general program of my spiritual life and gave me a clue to world affairs.Autobiography, 139:I found that the Head of this Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders was the Christ and when this dawned onAutobiography, 140:it is apt to evoke a spirit of weariness and of spiritual fatigue. One life seems hard enoughAutobiography, 142:years ago. You will see, therefore, how my whole spiritual horizon was opening up. There was lightAutobiography, 142:endeavor to approach a little closer to that spiritual Hierarchy [143] which I had alwaysAutobiography, 152:Everybody there appeared to me to be deeply spiritual. I thought the leaders and teachers were atAutobiography, 154:they were very, very good and well on the way to spiritual enlightenment. But no one's reputationAutobiography, 157:policy of admitting nobody into the E.S. for spiritual teaching [158] unless they had been for twoAutobiography, 158:member of the T.S. is proof of this. Why should spiritual teaching be withheld until a person hadAutobiography, 158:dedicated to the service of one's fellowmen, the spiritual Hierarchy and, above all, one's ownAutobiography, 158:own soul? No personality has the right to ask spiritual pledges from other personalities. The onlyAutobiography, 158:of it. Just as I thought I had found a center of spiritual light and understanding, I discovered IAutobiography, 162:response to impression coming from certain high Spiritual Sources. Again and again in the Bible theAutobiography, 162:what was said. Much of it is beautiful and of spiritual import. Much of it, however, bears theAutobiography, 166:transferring me into the Tibetan's ashram (or spiritual group) but that He wished me still to workAutobiography, 167:can demonstrate to hold one's achieved point of spiritual attention at the very highest possibleAutobiography, 169:humanity needs. New teaching, along the line of spiritual training and the preparation of aspirantsAutobiography, 170:democratic point of view and those who stood for spiritual authority and the complete control ofAutobiography, 171:to be ousted, and if they had fought for the spiritual basis of the movement. But they did not andAutobiography, 179:need and that both are equally important in the spiritual life. The trouble with prayer has beenAutobiography, 182:all of them could attain a certain measure of spiritual realization if they cared enough to do so,Autobiography, 182:clothes, etc., whilst reading a book on spiritual or occult matters and that it did not mean IAutobiography, 182:thinking and learn mental concentration and spiritual orientation whilst peeling potatoes andAutobiography, 182:your family and their welfare to your own spiritual urges. At the close of the lecture a woman gotAutobiography, 182:appreciation at all of the person who furthers a spiritual realization at the expense of theirAutobiography, 182:that their families are not sympathetic in their spiritual aspiration I ask them the followingAutobiography, 183:whole question of occultism into disrepute. The spiritual life is not lived at the expense ofAutobiography, 188:group who regarded themselves as wiser and more spiritual than the rest of the membership and thoseAutobiography, 189:use of the word. It concerns the Aryan method of spiritual evaluation and the way in which peopleAutobiography, 192:meditation, about the way to God and about the spiritual plan for humanity, so we sent them copiesAutobiography, 192:and how to handle all the appeals for help along spiritual [193] lines with which we wereAutobiography, 194:path which leads between the higher psychism, or spiritual perception, and the lower psychism whichAutobiography, 194:membership. Those ready to be trained in the spiritual laws which govern all disciples are rareAutobiography, 196:both groups are equally needed; both can serve a spiritual purpose and whether one is a probationerAutobiography, 196:seniority in the A.S. need be no indication of spiritual development and that they may have inAutobiography, 196:that if the School succeeds in deepening their spiritual life in widening their horizon and inAutobiography, 197:almost every possible organization which has a spiritual or religious basis. We take people whoAutobiography, 197:that this is a school wherein belief in the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is scientificallyAutobiography, 197:are but terms for the phrase used above, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. It is a schoolAutobiography, 198:to the Hierarchy instead of the road of selfish, spiritual self-culture. We determined that theAutobiography, 200:They are such realists that the beautiful, spiritual, subjective thing is often forgotten and thisAutobiography, 206:dreamed. Seventeen long years we walked the spiritual way together. I gave her all the spare time IAutobiography, 210:We spent about an hour talking about things spiritual and the need for love in the world. He hadAutobiography, 211:There was evidently quite a close link upon the spiritual level between the Grand Duke, FosterAutobiography, 212:and unless there was an inner mechanism of spiritual recognition no harm could possibly be done.Autobiography, 213:the science of the soul. It concerns the living, spiritual, vital principle found in every form. ItAutobiography, 213:handful of students we now have a number of spiritual projects all occupied with the service ofAutobiography, 217:the idea that with our help she should start a spiritual center at Ascona near Locarno on LakeAutobiography, 218:the students and speak to them on the modern spiritual approach to truth and to talk to littleAutobiography, 223:Some day the place will be cleaned up and real spiritual work will go forward. One of the things weAutobiography, 224:seemed non-existent and we all spoke the same spiritual language. It was there for the first timeAutobiography, 224:could not come into a room without his essential spiritual qualities making his presence known.Autobiography, 225:lecture in French, Italian and English and the spiritual power which poured through him was theAutobiography, 225:teaching given shifted from a relatively high spiritual plane to that of academic philosophy and aAutobiography, 225:and, immediately through the power of her spiritual personality, dominating the whole center. SheAutobiography, 229:truth. The first indications of a rising spiritual tide could be seen everywhere, equally in PolandAutobiography, 229:America. It was almost as if the door to a new spiritual life had been opened to humanity and thatAutobiography, 229:it will have led to an intensification of the spiritual urge and that those of us who are workersAutobiography, 230:the future civilization, particularly from its spiritual angle, we ourselves have been used toAutobiography, 230:are contributory to the factors in a great spiritual enterprise which the Hierarchy started in
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