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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Discipleship2, 101:part to call to your attention the concept of a spiritual continuity of knowledge and of a rightlyDiscipleship2, 102:the major recognitions which is essential to the spiritual aspirant is that the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 102:you are - from our point of view - of the same spiritual generation and that the difference in ageDiscipleship2, 102:it will. The union of all the Ashrams under the spiritual Plan is complete and the interlockingDiscipleship2, 108:ever the position of leader. This is true of spiritual aspirants just as much as it is true ofDiscipleship2, 108:of aspirants and disciples who primarily value spiritual status, kudos or an elevated position? WeDiscipleship2, 108:limitations and the difficulties of true spiritual leadership, and then plead with them to mindDiscipleship2, 109:and methods of the Masters, a high point of spiritual understanding and development is therebyDiscipleship2, 113:This again - when connected by an act of the spiritual will to the solar plexus center - will helpDiscipleship2, 113:and which is so constructively useful to the spiritual Hierarchy - provided it is establishedDiscipleship2, 114:(as the Tibetan occultists call them) of the spiritual world. All this is a somewhat new conceptDiscipleship2, 115:Stage II: Next, the deliberate dispatch of spiritual energy to the solar plexus, through an act ofDiscipleship2, 116:will become living and potent units of energy (spiritual energy) and the succeeding period of groupDiscipleship2, 118:loving as one. Your aspiration also (through the spiritual awakening of the solar plexus) will thenDiscipleship2, 120:focused in the head. The activity of the true spiritual man has not been aroused, and when it is,Discipleship2, 122:essential nature of the soul - atma-buddhi, or spiritual will and spiritual love. The third soulDiscipleship2, 122:of the soul - atma-buddhi, or spiritual will and spiritual love. The third soul energy, manas orDiscipleship2, 129:of the united soul-personality toward the Spiritual Triad. [130] III. Reflect upon the antahkaranaDiscipleship2, 130:the results of the preceding cycle of spiritual and mental brooding. In this way, your subjectiveDiscipleship2, 130:higher mind simultaneously, and the stream of spiritual [131] thought and activity consciouslyDiscipleship2, 133:thereby enlightening their way, improving their spiritual expression in the three worlds andDiscipleship2, 133:or if he is advanced enough in knowledge, the Spiritual Triad and the fourfold personality. Now heDiscipleship2, 134:and in some cases the contact, with the spiritual triplicity, which is that which "hovers over theDiscipleship2, 134:during the coming year's work. This threefold spiritual reality (which is the "impressing agent")Discipleship2, 134:to which you now seek to be sensitive is the Spiritual Triad, and the quality of the impression isDiscipleship2, 136:the factual nature of this great, living, spiritual organism? It constantly "substands" orDiscipleship2, 138:which is the next step in [138] your spiritual unfoldment, leading eventually to initiation. ThisDiscipleship2, 140:Energizing by light, faith, love and power, the spiritual center within which you serve and theDiscipleship2, 143:its relationships and adhering thereto. In the spiritual sense, the motivation will be lovingDiscipleship2, 144:and reactions. Then orient yourself to the Spiritual Triad, through an act of the will and theDiscipleship2, 145:to world affairs, its usefulness and spiritual value to humanity as a whole. Holding the mind inDiscipleship2, 147:starting their work on one of the planes of the Spiritual Triad, instead of the mental plane as doDiscipleship2, 152:of the initiate of higher degree with the Spiritual Triad and the consequent result of aDiscipleship2, 153:The first faint efforts of the emergence of the spiritual will can be seen in the working out ofDiscipleship2, 154:into the thinking processes (by permitted spiritual telepathy or impressibility) of Sanat Kumara. IDiscipleship2, 161:formed through the joint action of the Central Spiritual Sun, working through Shamballa, andDiscipleship2, 161:and restoration of mankind to its original high spiritual state. There is a higher condensationDiscipleship2, 162:bring about by: [162] The deepening of man's spiritual realization through reflective meditation,Discipleship2, 162:conviction and mental knowing. Receptiveness to spiritual impression. This entails the awakening ofDiscipleship2, 162:opportunity has loomed so large or when so much spiritual light and force could be contacted andDiscipleship2, 163:energy into matter and matter into energy. The spiritual energies have, therefore, impersonally andDiscipleship2, 163:intent," penetrated from the highest point of spiritual purpose to the lowest aspect of matter, theDiscipleship2, 163:is but an essential unity. A concentration of spiritual forces in and through the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 163:results of the pressure of the over-shadowing spiritual resources. These forces have affected theDiscipleship2, 163:resources. These forces have affected the spiritual and the humanitarian people of the world,Discipleship2, 164:very large extent. They have affected the [164] spiritual workers and the men of goodwill,Discipleship2, 164:again that the inertia so prevalent among spiritual people is overcome. There is divine indicationDiscipleship2, 166:who stand subjectively behind world affairs, the spiritual Directors of our life. They stand readyDiscipleship2, 166:hitherto lacking. The clear cold light of the Spiritual Triad now illumines the way of the modernDiscipleship2, 167:to the attitudes and points of view of these spiritual Intelligences. Discipleship2, 167:and simple meaning arid it ties in with the spiritual aspiration of all men everywhere. There areDiscipleship2, 167:upon them I will later touch, but the clarity of spiritual desire and aspiration is expressed inDiscipleship2, 169:steady use will bring about an inclusive view of spiritual development and impart a synthesis toDiscipleship2, 170:word you use - by means of these three methods spiritual energies are tapped and brought intoDiscipleship2, 171:of the war, mankind has been necessary to the spiritual life or its effectiveness. The warDiscipleship2, 172:so consistently belittled devotion and advocated spiritual independence. No devotee is independent;Discipleship2, 172:will help to bring about the evocation of the spiritual will in humanity and the recognition of theDiscipleship2, 174:Simultaneously, the door into the world of spiritual reality will open before mankind, and the doorDiscipleship2, 175:and Recollection. This produces recognition of spiritual status and objectives. It involvesDiscipleship2, 177:"set-up" (if I may use such a word) of the inner spiritual man might be correctly oriented andDiscipleship2, 177:the group was given the task (or rather the spiritual enterprise) of launching the GreatDiscipleship2, 182:disciple creates. Later comes the creation of a spiritual triangle in the head between: The ajnaDiscipleship2, 183:In this third meditation you have man, the spiritual man, grounded in the soul, entering into aDiscipleship2, 183:contact (leading eventually to fusion) with the Spiritual Triad, the reflection of the Monad. ThisDiscipleship2, 184:Personality. The three aspects of the Soul. The Spiritual Triad. When these have been correctlyDiscipleship2, 184:- Part X - Meditation IV Meditation IV - Spiritual Livingness - Ashramic Relation In assigning thisDiscipleship2, 185:but by establishing a constant habit of spiritual livingness. One sentence was particularly a keyDiscipleship2, 185:symbol. His knowledge and capacities and his spiritual abilities do not become a practicalDiscipleship2, 185:Esoteric knowledge is not intended to drive your spiritual life into greater and increasingDiscipleship2, 185:inner planes has to become objective; thus his spiritual livingness becomes an everyday affair. ItDiscipleship2, 187:consider them: As embodying the viewpoint of the Spiritual Triad. As part of the work assigned toDiscipleship2, 187:VI Meditation VI - The New Invocation - Spiritual Inflow I wonder, brother of mine, if you haveDiscipleship2, 187:It provides, as a result of its correct use, a spiritual inflow - right to the very heart ofDiscipleship2, 188:synthesizing the highest desire, aspiration and spiritual demand of the very soul of humanityDiscipleship2, 188:- that is, an attitude of concentration, spiritual direction and receptivity. Then he will pray.Discipleship2, 188:means of establishing and maintaining right spiritual and human relations. When in the attitude ofDiscipleship2, 189:X - Meditation VII Meditation VII - The Cross - Spiritual Position It is an occult truism to sayDiscipleship2, 191:synthesis of recognitions, of unfoldment and of spiritual direction; if they are followed withDiscipleship2, 192:the following: That the vertical life of spiritual contact with the Ashram is constantly preservedDiscipleship2, 193:- his vertical life and [193] producing spiritual steadfastness in form; the Intelligence aspect,Discipleship2, 193:Finally, the long line from the point of radiant spiritual focus symbolizes the Path from theDiscipleship2, 193:the higher radiance must pour and from which spiritual energy reaches out on all sides. Also, ifDiscipleship2, 193:bridged the gap between the personality and the Spiritual Triad to a certain extent, and that forDiscipleship2, 193:twelve energies held together by the will of the spiritual entity (the Monad on its own plane), soDiscipleship2, 193:met by corresponding threads projected by the Spiritual Triad, but is in reality a state ofDiscipleship2, 194:The higher mind (being the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad) can be regarded as a doorDiscipleship2, 194:means of access. In the total evolution of the spiritual man through physical incarnation duringDiscipleship2, 194:effort to project the focused thought of the spiritual man from the lower mental plane into areasDiscipleship2, 194:the focused activity of the world of the higher spiritual realities; it is directing the stream ofDiscipleship2, 194:recognized world of the Masters, of the Spiritual Triad and, finally, of Shamballa. DisciplesDiscipleship2, 195:and because the mind is oriented towards the Spiritual Triad, is a definite factual experience. ItDiscipleship2, 196:In this paragraph you have indicated the spiritual, meditative way of life of the individualDiscipleship2, 196:great Group to penetrate into a still higher spiritual center and bring down from Shamballa thatDiscipleship2, 197:of evolutionary unfoldment. It is a technique of spiritual apprehension, of focusing attention onDiscipleship2, 197:of Shamballa with extra-planetary sources of spiritual inflow. It is through meditation in someDiscipleship2, 197:personnel of their Ashrams arrive at an intense spiritual perception, and arrive also at a selflessDiscipleship2, 197:concentrated clear and dynamic invocation of the spiritual Beings who have created - or moreDiscipleship2, 197:ordinary human being upon our planet into the spiritual will, which is ever the agent of theDiscipleship2, 198:is undesirable - from the angle of the immediate spiritual goal. Meditation is essentially theDiscipleship2, 198:Hierarchy of Being which is related to the basic spiritual nature of our planet; this was our major
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