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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Discipleship2, 198:the antahkarana, controls - via the soul or the Spiritual Triad - the head center, which is theDiscipleship2, 198:the head center, which is the point of focus, of spiritual appeal and of spiritual reception; itDiscipleship2, 198:the point of focus, of spiritual appeal and of spiritual reception; it controls also the ajnaDiscipleship2, 198:is the prime agent for the distribution of spiritual energy. In the group, meditation leads to theDiscipleship2, 198:has been spiritually demanded, and thus to the spiritual service of the group. In the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 199:and [199] (you must remember) in that great spiritual Center meditation is an instinctual habit andDiscipleship2, 199:evokes the energies, the Beings and the spiritual inflow which hierarchical service in theDiscipleship2, 199:been endeavoring to turn your instinct towards spiritual expression into scientific lines; I haveDiscipleship2, 199:the highest Beings on our planet to the Central Spiritual Sun. In every case, I would like to pointDiscipleship2, 199:to point out that this capacity to meditate (the spiritual expression of the mental processes)Discipleship2, 200:state they arrive at those intuitional and spiritual "discoveries" which can produce the seed of aDiscipleship2, 202:Christ" which will be an expression of your true spiritual self, meditation is, as you well know,Discipleship2, 206:are related to each other through unity of spiritual motive; they are seeking closer cooperationDiscipleship2, 206:universal quiet, so that the formulation of spiritual desire can be carried successfully forward,Discipleship2, 206:successfully forward, and the reception of spiritual energy can be a united reception. Therefore,Discipleship2, 209:upon the Nirmanakayas and through them upon the spiritual Hierarchy. Their link with all theseDiscipleship2, 211:is known by you anent this group of divine and spiritual Workers, and I will not enlarge upon itDiscipleship2, 212:the better. These people are not open to direct spiritual impression, but the intellectual approachDiscipleship2, 213:the creation of higher things, into the world of spiritual values and of that which we cover by theDiscipleship2, 213:the divine Purpose as it works out through the spiritual hierarchical Plan; this is applied underDiscipleship2, 214:We need not deal here with the higher groups of spiritual Intermediaries and their techniques ofDiscipleship2, 215:or emotional objectives or the higher aspects of spiritual, concentrated aspiration - do [216]Discipleship2, 216:6. Invocation and Evocation. This form of spiritual, dynamic meditation is largely in the hands ofDiscipleship2, 216:and for the manifestation of a more definitely spiritual civilization. 7. Ashramic Meditation. ThisDiscipleship2, 216:the evocation of human response to the higher spiritual values; it concerns itself with theDiscipleship2, The fu:contact and the great channel for the inflow of spiritual energy reaches from Shamballa to humanityDiscipleship2, 218:of worship, which is the fundamental method of spiritual recognition. Thus, creatively, the gloryDiscipleship2, 218:and a restitution, therefore, of hierarchical or spiritual control as it was known in old AtlanteanDiscipleship2, 220:that which is right from the angle of the spiritual values (the essential freedom of the humanDiscipleship2, 221:old values and in the massed recognition of the spiritual truth which underlies all life; it isDiscipleship2, 221:which is impulsed and brought into expression by spiritual insight, and by a recognition of theDiscipleship2, 222:is to change conditions, to invoke the higher, spiritual potencies, to work with concentration -Discipleship2, 224:Immanence underlies all the mass recognition of spiritual potency. Thus the meditation of theDiscipleship2, 224:with the focused desire expressed in this spiritual appeal. It is useless, my brothers, to meditateDiscipleship2, 225:order to reorient money, for instance, towards spiritual work (and by "spiritual work" I do notDiscipleship2, 225:for instance, towards spiritual work (and by "spiritual work" I do not here refer to the work ofDiscipleship2, 225:recognition of the relation of all money to the spiritual future of the race and the requirementsDiscipleship2, 225:will aid humanity in its search for the new, spiritual and free way, and which will therefore bringDiscipleship2, 226:lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to theDiscipleship2, 227:of the New Group of World Servers and men of spiritual intention and of loving hearts are workingDiscipleship2, 229:of the most important things needed today for spiritual work, what is the factor which is atDiscipleship2, 229:money? Do I regard it as a great and possible spiritual asset, or do I think of it in materialDiscipleship2, 229:and from a heartfelt desire to meet spiritual demands: "O thou in whom we live and move and haveDiscipleship2, 229:the Power that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world; touchDiscipleship2, 232:emphasis from material values to the spiritual. The political regimes of the world need orientingDiscipleship2, 233:the combined meditation of numerous subjective, spiritual and mental groups; the laws of thisDiscipleship2, 233:world period. The major thought-form of the spiritual Hierarchy, created by joint ashramicDiscipleship2, 234:masses must be met by disciples of less spiritual development, and probably their greatest appealDiscipleship2, 234:masses that - as the centuries slip away - spiritual living and true spiritual understandingDiscipleship2, 234:centuries slip away - spiritual living and true spiritual understanding include every aspect ofDiscipleship2, 234:still - it could be proved that the word "spiritual" covered every phase of living experience.Discipleship2, 234:experience. Ponder on this statement. That is spiritual which lies beyond the point of presentDiscipleship2, 234:of demarcation between what is human and what is spiritual, between what is material and what isDiscipleship2, 235:task because in so doing they satisfy their spiritual pride. You must learn to give a widerDiscipleship2, 235:effective is meditation; laying oneself open to spiritual impression and thus to cooperation withDiscipleship2, 236:of rendering himself sensitive to the higher spiritual impression, then the creative work of theDiscipleship2, 236:impression, then the creative work of the Spiritual Triad can be developed and a higher form ofDiscipleship2, 236:because it must be the expression of his own spiritual understanding, initiated by a consciousDiscipleship2, 236:this due preparation, much time, effort and spiritual energy would be lost. Therefore, we mustDiscipleship2, 237:Endeavor. The Principle of Unanimity. The Law of Spiritual Approach. The Principle of EssentialDiscipleship2, 237:will enable him to reach an understanding of spiritual law and of the nature of the Kingdom of God.Discipleship2, 238:is unanimous is not one which is - from the spiritual angle - imposed. It is in the nature of aDiscipleship2, 238:of a soul, in touch with its personality, to a spiritual truth or intuition, and from this there isDiscipleship2, 238:all men lies. This necessarily involves a deeply spiritual presentation of essential facts. TheDiscipleship2, 238:prepare yourselves for an elucidation of the spiritual [239] laws and principles, as themes forDiscipleship2, 243:or should. Apart from the demands upon your spiritual resources (incident to the particularDiscipleship2, 245:liabilities; knowledge and the pressure of spiritual energy become a danger if not used. This is aDiscipleship2, 252:fact in a developed awareness. It is the spiritual parallel of the development during materialDiscipleship2, 258:the mind to be receptive eventually to the Spiritual Triad. You can also see why for centuries theDiscipleship2, 260:effecting two objectives: [260] The Light of the Spiritual Triad streams into the consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 265:reacts increasingly to the direction of the spiritual will and to the growth of sensitive response,Discipleship2, 267:taken unless the intuition is becoming active. Spiritual instinct, the lowest aspect of theDiscipleship2, 267:for the first initiation; an illumined mind and spiritual intelligence are the definite sign that aDiscipleship2, 267:a man can take the second initiation, whilst spiritual perception or intuitive instinct signifiesDiscipleship2, 268:particular time, because only the light from the Spiritual Triad can convey this type of revelationDiscipleship2, 269:is for a measure of established relation to the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana. This is aDiscipleship2, 270:St. Paul. The full expression of these highest spiritual qualities (from the angle of modern man)Discipleship2, 270:and one which is ruled and conditioned by the Spiritual Triad. This distinction is very real, forDiscipleship2, 271:to grasp its meaning; it is related to the spiritual condition and purpose of the Monad whose goalDiscipleship2, 273:to their national soil and to their national spiritual objectives. They have of course beenDiscipleship2, 273:a nation, galvanized into activity by interior spiritual energy, and the lines which have hithertoDiscipleship2, 273:will become channels or pathways along which spiritual energy will flow into every phase of aDiscipleship2, 278:the world is going under the inspiration of the spiritual Will. The third hint I gave you wasDiscipleship2, 278:civilization and culture. There is an "art of spiritual compromise" which must be learnt and whichDiscipleship2, 279:with inherent capacities and possibilities of spiritual expression. Knowledge can be expressed inDiscipleship2, 280:will eventually be, and are those formative new spiritual and creative impulses which willDiscipleship2, 283:in their results; they are also evocative of spiritual selfishness and isolation, as well as ofDiscipleship2, 284:concerns Time and the consciousness of the spiritual man who is unaware of separation, of divisionsDiscipleship2, 287:terms) "must turn his back upon the Central Spiritual Sun, and with the light of his CountenanceDiscipleship2, 287:Thus and only thus can the light of the Central Spiritual Sun begin to penetrate the dark places ofDiscipleship2, 289:a result of focused thinking "in the heart" the spiritual eye opens and becomes the directingDiscipleship2, 289:The soul is the heart of the system of the spiritual man; it is the seat of the life andDiscipleship2, 289:experience conditioning, the expression of the spiritual man in any particular rebirth. In theDiscipleship2, 290:attention. As these developments take place, the spiritual will steadily grows into the directingDiscipleship2, 290:in etheric matter of buddhi-manas. Right eye - spiritual energy. Buddhi. Pure reason.Discipleship2, 291:three organs of revelation, as far as the spiritual man is concerned: 1. The human eye, givingDiscipleship2, 293:naught more remains to be revealed. In all these spiritual points of crisis or of opportunity forDiscipleship2, 293:crisis or of opportunity for vision, for fresh spiritual insight and for revelation (for that isDiscipleship2, 294:are able to glimpse the purpose of the spiritual eye and its functioning in the light of theDiscipleship2, 294:If you will think with clarity and with spiritual brooding upon this subject during the coming
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