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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Discipleship2, 430:you to exert all that you have of intuition and spiritual perception. I would beg you to repudiateDiscipleship2, 430:when I said: "When the human crisis and the spiritual crisis coincide, there comes one of the majorDiscipleship2, 431:meditation, the development of an interpretive spiritual understanding, plus the use of the trainedDiscipleship2, 431:activity of the Initiator; within that area of spiritual and dynamic influence he becomesDiscipleship2, 432:about effective Polarization and a consequent spiritual stability. The disciple has to effect theDiscipleship2, 433:within himself and by their means sets up a spiritual rapport with the new initiate. That in whichDiscipleship2, 433:what it essentially is when the energies of the Spiritual Triad can be passed through theDiscipleship2, 434:apprehension of the hidden Mysteries and of the spiritual Realities: the conception of a goal toDiscipleship2, 434:and in their brevity they convey the greatest spiritual truths. They convey an increasing sense ofDiscipleship2, 435:begins to penetrate, through his projected spiritual awareness, on to cosmic levels where heDiscipleship2, 437:a triangle composed of the light of the Spiritual Triad, of a light which is streaming forth fromDiscipleship2, 437:blends with these lights the triple light of the Spiritual Triad; and the union of all these lightsDiscipleship2, 438:the life of the planetary Logos and the point of spiritual attainment of Sanat Kumara? ThisDiscipleship2, 443:developed in your consciousness is the basic spiritual fact that "whether in the body or out of theDiscipleship2, 443:is rare, but is for you a natural result of your spiritual Polarization. This [444] you know, andDiscipleship2, 444:told you, to be; aim at being a conduit for spiritual force; cultivate the power of identificationDiscipleship2, 444:a lack of stiffening and a too fluid response to spiritual impulses and ideals. There is a correctDiscipleship2, 444:undeviating life tendency towards the realm of spiritual reality, but in the field of manifestationDiscipleship2, 446:soul, his activities are results of deliberate spiritual intention. This is, therefore, one of theDiscipleship2, 447:affiliations and your general attitude to the spiritual realm. This you know. One aspect of yourDiscipleship2, 454:of need, but also the recognition of unfolding spiritual opportunity. As a beginning, and in orderDiscipleship2, 457:the one [457] that relates the new and incoming spiritual energy and the substance or matter aspectDiscipleship2, 457:it, but seek to make your home a center of spiritual light, and seek to make your order so vibrant,Discipleship2, 458:all other similar groups as parts of a worldwide spiritual movement which (when it reachesDiscipleship2, 460:must be overcome by a paralleling extreme spiritual sensitivity. This again I think you realize,Discipleship2, 460:I think you realize, and you know also that this spiritual tendency is accompanied in you by aDiscipleship2, 460:two points of the personality triangle. Your spiritual knowledge is so real that you will apprehendDiscipleship2, 461:the will in the sense of any fluctuation of your spiritual aspiration or failure to progressDiscipleship2, 465:He also informed you that - at the stage of spiritual development which you had attained - the auraDiscipleship2, 465:task, my brother? Is your stamina, your inner spiritual orientation and your fixed psychicDiscipleship2, 466:Master wants to see you do, is for you adequate spiritual focusing. The deep love of all your groupDiscipleship2, 467:knowledge that the phenomenal reality and the spiritual reality were one and the same reality. ThusDiscipleship2, 470:great difficulty and danger with no loss of your spiritual grip upon essential reality or of yourDiscipleship2, 470:spiritual grip upon essential reality or of your spiritual vision; your strength has been such thatDiscipleship2, 470:all the time. Having achieved one pinnacle of spiritual success, another can be glimpsed, andDiscipleship2, Esoter:been noted by us and it is for this quality of spiritual stability that we watch. The field of yourDiscipleship2, Esoter:said little to you about yourself and your own spiritual development. The war taught many disciplesDiscipleship2, 479:them to you as their temporary source of spiritual light. A magnetic influence, stimulating a newDiscipleship2, 479:rose color (most carefully visualized by you) of spiritual devotion. This stream of warm rose andDiscipleship2, 486:of the physical body and be ready for a fresh spiritual enterprise. Esoterically (if any of you soDiscipleship2, 486:and the group; to render yourself sensitive to spiritual impression, and also to see that yourDiscipleship2, 487:be very much harder. There is so much dammed up spiritual power in you; if you released it wheneverDiscipleship2, 491:my brother, you will make rapid progress into spiritual objectivity, and your light [492] willDiscipleship2, 493:of your soul) you are en rapport with a world of spiritual inspiration and awareness which you canDiscipleship2, 495:my share in the responsibility of making the spiritual work in the world successful." Pause again,Discipleship2, 498:in touch with all of them and along the original spiritual lines. I did not say along the originalDiscipleship2, 498:Arcane School. They will form the nucleus of the spiritual work we seek to do and which you can aidDiscipleship2, 499:are my pledged workers to move forward in this spiritual undertaking. Your link with the Master R.Discipleship2, 499:follows: You will note here the direct line of spiritual force descending from the Master R., viaDiscipleship2, 499:place and sphere, you must begin to prepare. The spiritual demand of humanity is great and the needDiscipleship2, 499:remnants of the School and thus reconstitute a spiritual focal point in that land. Begin,Discipleship2, 499:on your inner strength and rely on your inner spiritual contacts. Feel not futile or inadequate toDiscipleship2, 499:love, enthusiasm, wisdom and certain fundamental spiritual [500] recognitions (which must everDiscipleship2, 500:go forward, recognized by us as one of our spiritual assets. Work to bring the light of love and ofDiscipleship2, 500:assets. Work to bring the light of love and of spiritual orientation to those whom you are calledDiscipleship2, 500:coming reorganization and the success of your spiritual effort will be largely dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 500:dependent upon the depth of your individual spiritual focus, the closeness of your link with yourDiscipleship2, 500:Deepen the content of your own inner spiritual life by mature, profound daily reflection, carriedDiscipleship2, 501:my instructions from a "joint committee" of the spiritual leaders behind the world scene; they areDiscipleship2, 506:the theme then into the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad, regarding the lower three worlds thenDiscipleship2, 507:wide mixture of races, make the task of bringing spiritual liberation one of peculiar difficulty.Discipleship2, 507:apparently unrewarding toil of the years of your spiritual enterprise. [508] I have fewDiscipleship2, 508:of the work whilst you seek to act as a spiritual reservoir from which they can draw strength andDiscipleship2, 508:experience a new power, the upwelling of new spiritual fervor, the joy of seeing others competentlyDiscipleship2, 508:the work whilst you teach and aid them in their spiritual undertakings. Above all else, endeavor toDiscipleship2, 508:you will find them acutely responsive to spiritual contacts, particularly if presented inDiscipleship2, 509:arrive at a contact, at a registered sense of spiritual power (expressed through your second rayDiscipleship2, 509:you will deliberately pour out the inflowing spiritual power into: Your immediate environment, TheDiscipleship2, 513:pledged disciple) to a powerful and distracting spiritual ambition which in a group leader - suchDiscipleship2, 516:at the same time prepare you for the next great spiritual expansion of consciousness - theDiscipleship2, 519:it is a book which will take much intuition and spiritual perception to write, and it can only beDiscipleship2, 520:life; i.e., from Venus, from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning constellationDiscipleship2, 520:centers. Sirius, so important a factor in the spiritual life of the planet, brings its energies toDiscipleship2, 521:of that will to [521] the divine Will, of your spiritual will to the group will, of the group willDiscipleship2, 521:Such are some of the ideas which can govern your spiritual thinking, reflection and meditationDiscipleship2, 525:that it does. Your deeply seated sense of spiritual superiority to your group (an attitude which isDiscipleship2, 526:of acute suffering in which you live. Your spiritual morale is not high because your solar plexusDiscipleship2, 526:that my rating of you is high. It is a spiritual rating and has nothing to do with the rating ofDiscipleship2, 530:and you will enter upon a new cycle of spiritual life if understanding and a search for meaningDiscipleship2, 532:ideals have been superseded by greater and more spiritual ones. I give you no personal meditation.Discipleship2, 537:is tied to the whole theme of orientation and of spiritual location and to the magnetic effects ofDiscipleship2, 540:if you are to take what is for you your next spiritual step forward, karmically considered. TheseDiscipleship2, 540:- along with you - are struggling, earnestly for spiritual fulfilment and who have been clearlyDiscipleship2, 542:That occult obedience which signifies freedom, spiritual freedom, within a world of natural law,Discipleship2, 542:give you a wider field of service, a greater spiritual influence and an understanding which graspsDiscipleship2, 545:for your sincere desire is to follow the path of spiritual development but you make the astral bodyDiscipleship2, 549:to those who hear. As he proceeds in the spiritual life and intensifies his understanding of theDiscipleship2, 551:and of self-reference will reduce speech to its spiritual essentials. Your next incarnation holdsDiscipleship2, 551:of silence, of voiceless interludes and of the "spiritual retention of sound." This may, andDiscipleship2, 556:on you a steadfast adherence to established spiritual habits. Enough emphasis is seldom put on theDiscipleship2, 556:put on the necessity for such a stabilization of spiritual rhythm, and too much emphasis isDiscipleship2, 556:Yet disciples have to learn to turn their spiritual habits into instinctual spiritualDiscipleship2, 556:to turn their spiritual habits into instinctual spiritual responsiveness; this is the higherDiscipleship2, 558:the relation enduring. One possibility is that spiritual identification takes place and theDiscipleship2, 561:November 1944 MY BROTHER AND FELLOW-WORKER: Your spiritual life has deepened during this past yearDiscipleship2, 561:of your life warrants at times my endorsing any spiritual confidence of which you may be possessed.Discipleship2, 561:Disciples need to learn sometimes that their spiritual status is not [562] always evocative of aDiscipleship2, 562:can commune with him, wherein the force of the Spiritual Triad can restimulate and revitalize him.Discipleship2, 567:and towards the Hierarchy. But the use of the spiritual will as it can affect and direct theDiscipleship2, 567:your soul-infused personality towards the Spiritual Triad. This will require the use of the
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