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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Externalisation, 257:ways upon the physical plane that the inner spiritual forces will be enabled to work also moreExternalisation, 257:as these (under diverse names) constitute the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Call Them by whatExternalisation, 258:then we shall see also an embodiment of spiritual force which will bring disaster to these potentExternalisation, 258:however, and its unshakable masses and its spiritual nucleus will save the day for the brokenExternalisation, 259:hosts which may be evoked for the aiding of the spiritual forces, and certain ancient propheciesExternalisation, 260:very different. I refer not here specifically to spiritual leaders but also to leaders in otherExternalisation, 260:as one between the second aspect, the developed spiritual consciousness, and the material aspect ofExternalisation, 261:expression and potency that only the massed spiritual purpose of vast numbers of men can be potentExternalisation, 261:The problem of a blended demand from the spiritual Hierarchy and from humanity - simultaneouslyExternalisation, 262:beliefs - in unison with the [262] highest spiritual forces which claim your allegiance, no matterExternalisation, 262:and its thought, and produce a permanent spiritual stabilization. Great potencies and theExternalisation, 262:thus hasten the day of heightened and deepened spiritual contact in the immediate present? Such isExternalisation, 262:themselves as channels for these new and unknown spiritual Forces. There are divine attributes,Externalisation, 266:these refers to the waiting attentive group of spiritual Lives who seek to aid when right demandExternalisation, 266:of interplay between the two groups - of spiritual Lives and men. The third indicates methods andExternalisation, 266:incidental ideal of heaven, of initiation and of spiritual attainment), and gradually molding humanExternalisation, 268:is therefore dependent upon the point of spiritual development of the one who seeks the aid of trueExternalisation, 269:world Service. They issue forth via that highest spiritual center wherein the Will of God is heldExternalisation, 270:happen when the three centers - humanity, the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and the "placeExternalisation, 272:correct Self-respect, and understanding of the spiritual, yet natural, laws of Rebirth and of CauseExternalisation, 273:and recognitions. For decades, I, as one of the spiritual teachers, along with many others, haveExternalisation, 273:relation of humanity (the kingdom of men) to the spiritual Hierarchy (the kingdom of God). WhenExternalisation, 274:intent, then will come the affirmation from the spiritual Forces. Externalisation, 274:Master of all the Masters, is concerned with the spiritual development of humanity, and the work ofExternalisation, 274:The Lords of Liberation, reached by the advanced spiritual thinkers of the world whose minds areExternalisation, 274:and the correct relation of three great spiritual centers of the planet, a thing which has neverExternalisation, 275:to the future externalization of the lodge of spiritual Lives (the appearance of the kingdom of GodExternalisation, 276:rein among the sons of men. The divine [276] and spiritual Will, carried on the impulse of selflessExternalisation, 277:of any earlier vision, no matter how apparently spiritual, but something so entirely new that youExternalisation, 277:goal in Atlantean days, where peace was a great spiritual issue. But peace and the love of peaceExternalisation, 279:can and do hold back the hour of liberation. A spiritual fluidity, a willingness to let allExternalisation, 279:a real and lasting love of humanity. Love, true spiritual love as the soul knows it, can ever beExternalisation, 280:they can put up an impregnable wall of spiritual light which will utterly confound the enemy ofExternalisation, 281:then bring into closer relation humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy; they will be en rapport in aExternalisation, 281:only the outer and visible sign of an inner and spiritual event - one for which all enlightenedExternalisation, 285:In all of them, the idea of a subjective, spiritual Order, concerned with the developing welfare ofExternalisation, 286:is Love" is founded on that deepest, recognized, spiritual fact. The expression of this divineExternalisation, 287:is created and focused through three great spiritual Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in theExternalisation, 287:can only sense Their essential nature; Their spiritual potency has to be stepped down if mankind isExternalisation, 288:who are anxious to act as transmitters of the spiritual energy which will, at that time, be pouredExternalisation, 288:revealed religions. They are essential to the spiritual growth and the progressive realizations ofExternalisation, 288:rejection or development as man's intellect and spiritual perception unfolds; they are not basic orExternalisation, 289:expressed in these simple words the instinctive spiritual reaction of man and of the undying humanExternalisation, 290:mystical beatitude, and to the recognition of spiritual Being. It may be the reaction of man toExternalisation, 291:by other and earlier Avatars, enriches the spiritual content of the human consciousness, enhancesExternalisation, 291:content of the human consciousness, enhances the spiritual life of the race, and stimulates man toExternalisation, 294:takes place. So it is today in the world. The spiritual and the material are in conflict, andExternalisation, 295:world of daily living and the inner world of spiritual realities. A fresh influx of love and lightExternalisation, 296:to surmount this crisis. From the side of the spiritual Forces of the planet, everything will thenExternalisation, 298:those truths which throw light upon the spiritual development of humanity. Such Avatars were Plato,Externalisation, 304:Own life, the three great energies: The will-to-spiritual power. The will-to-love in its spiritualExternalisation, 304:will-to-spiritual power. The will-to-love in its spiritual connotation. The will-to-manifestExternalisation, 307:His mind, His energy and His plans. This is the spiritual correspondence to obsession. In the caseExternalisation, 307:or the disciple is enlisted on the side of the spiritual Agent; the spiritual man, functioning as aExternalisation, 307:enlisted on the side of the spiritual Agent; the spiritual man, functioning as a soul, becomes theExternalisation, 307:process and results. It is an act of free spiritual cooperation, for the good of humanity, in theExternalisation, 307:for the good of humanity, in the work of a great spiritual Force or Being. The cooperation of theExternalisation, 307:Being or Presence, taking place on still higher spiritual levels of consciousness and producing anExternalisation, 309:I can say will awaken disciples to the needed spiritual effort - a spiritual effort which must findExternalisation, 309:disciples to the needed spiritual effort - a spiritual effort which must find expression inExternalisation, 309:the keynotes of the time. But it is the inner spiritual activity and orientation (paralleling theExternalisation, 311:and thus clear the channel for the inflow of spiritual force. The major prerequisites today forExternalisation, 313:to think that any work along the old lines of spiritual endeavor is of no real use: still othersExternalisation, 314:demonstrate in a constant effort to invoke the spiritual will in self-discipline and persistence;Externalisation, 315:serve to bind you all together in the closest spiritual unity. This will aid in the vitalizing ofExternalisation, 316:and to so rearrange human life that the higher spiritual values may prevail, a simpler mode of lifeExternalisation, 319:nations of the world, for realistic as well as spiritual reasons, must come to the abandonment ofExternalisation, 321:was available to invoke Those Who (on the inner spiritual side of life) are waiting to help. ThisExternalisation, 323:could find those who could safely carry spiritual power and be channels of love and understandingExternalisation, 323:and initiates, and is intermediate between the spiritual Hierarchy and the intelligent public. ItsExternalisation, 323:every country, are unorganized except by their spiritual relation to the Hierarchy and to eachExternalisation, 323:human consciousness to lead humanity into a more spiritual way of living. They aim to foster theExternalisation, 324:for ages; men have been driven by desire and spiritual aspiration to pray, and have recognized theExternalisation, 325:needed training ground and the field of your spiritual experimentation. With them I shall not deal,Externalisation, 325:human relations, a sound world politic, a united spiritual effort and an economic "sharing" whichExternalisation, 325:ask it on behalf of the Forces of Light, of the spiritual Hierarchy and of distressed humanity. TheExternalisation, 330:within this larger group of mine. 7. Leaders of spiritual, religious and esoteric groups, as wellExternalisation, 331:in the occupied countries and elsewhere, giving spiritual and practical material aid. Work for theExternalisation, 332:the scenes. Let them draw upon all available spiritual resources, dedicating all their mental,Externalisation, 332:concerning the share in these plans which spiritual groups can undertake. I would have you rememberExternalisation, 333:which signifies the most at this time is the spiritual poise and the spiritual sensitivity of theExternalisation, 333:most at this time is the spiritual poise and the spiritual sensitivity of the workers. It is toExternalisation, 333:members must pay due attention. Disciples and spiritual workers must not be so occupied with theExternalisation, 333:the externalization of the ideas, that the spiritual training and strengthening of the workers isExternalisation, 335:vision in due form on earth. This will require spiritual energy, sound business sense, skill inExternalisation, 336:attitudes, the intensification of the inner spiritual life of understanding and the welding of allExternalisation, 336:of love, of hopeful expectancy, of courage, of spiritual demand and of directed will is potent inExternalisation, 336:do the work and too little consideration of the spiritual dynamics of the work itself? The need hasExternalisation, 339:the growth - the phenomenal growth - of [339] spiritual perception. This shows itself in the factExternalisation, 339:This better world is to be a world in which the spiritual values will control, viewing those valuesExternalisation, 339:as religious and theological interpretations. Spiritual perception has become inclusive and nowExternalisation, 340:the dominance of matter and the negation of the spiritual values, it is obvious that on theExternalisation, 340:individual, group or nation. The occult law of spiritual freedom had to be recognized andExternalisation, 341:rehabilitation. This will be both physical and spiritual in scope and will embrace those activitiesExternalisation, 341:and the re-enunciation of the essential spiritual values which must guide humanity in the future.Externalisation, 342:and tribulation has come to an end, a great spiritual awakening (of a quality and a nature quiteExternalisation, 342:oppose desire is Will, using the word in its spiritual connotation and as an expression of theExternalisation, 342:There has been but little of that organized, spiritual will shown by the United Nations; the AlliesExternalisation, 343:effort to understand and express the quality of spiritual Will; it will be the manifestation ofExternalisation, 345:flow of human life and which is bringing death (spiritual and real) to humanity. This Will must be
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