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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Externalisation, 650:is possible and at hand. As the momentum of this spiritual activity develops, so will theExternalisation, 651:will settle down upon our planet - death both spiritual and [652] mental. If the forces of good,Externalisation, 652:of goodwill everywhere prevail, the doors of the spiritual Hierarchy will open and - to use aExternalisation, 653:are laying their emphasis upon intelligence and spiritual freedom, working out as free andExternalisation, 656:the religious concepts of the world and the new spiritual values. The energy which is todayExternalisation, 656:in government, or in the struggle for a deepened spiritual life for man. This "energy ofExternalisation, 656:and the new world culture. The energy of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, as it is appliedExternalisation, 658:the points which all groups of disciples and spiritual workers must learn to present to seekingExternalisation, 658:and space but having no relation to the inner spiritual import. The true monastic spirit andExternalisation, 661:impacts of physical plane living. The mental and spiritual registration of the plans of the Christ,Externalisation, 663:energies, absorbing into Himself streams of spiritual force, and undergoing a dynamic stimulationExternalisation, 666:hide-bound occult student would regard as non-spiritual, yet all of them are in reality deeplyExternalisation, 666:yet all of them are in reality deeply spiritual in the correct sense, but they care not for labels,Externalisation, 667:a balance between the material values and the spiritual, and which will eventually thrust back intoExternalisation, 670:which would make material life easier. To the spiritual Hierarchy, the Plan involves thoseExternalisation, 670:and enable men, therefore, to discover the spiritual values for themselves and to make the neededExternalisation, 670:the environment, consistent with the unfolding spiritual recognition. Externalisation, 670:or autocratic activity on the part of the spiritual Hierarchy. That is one of the lessons to beExternalisation, 671:point of view. Would you, therefore, have the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet work alongExternalisation, 671:- and which will and does basically ignore the spiritual values, putting the State in the place ofExternalisation, 671:putting the State in the place of that divine spiritual center where spiritual reality is to beExternalisation, 671:the place of that divine spiritual center where spiritual reality is to be found. The method of theExternalisation, 672:groups for the production of such a widespread spiritual recognition that men everywhere willExternalisation, 672:closer to humanity. The power of the focused, spiritual unity of the Hierarchy can be felt today inExternalisation, 672:steadily and with skill in action substitute the spiritual values for those which have hithertoExternalisation, 674:the buddhic and regard as the first definitely spiritual plane, in our usually erroneous thought;Externalisation, 675:found present, with His ashram, and a vortex of spiritual forces will there be organized to hastenExternalisation, 676:few women who will be working as a group along spiritual lines in or near one or other of theseExternalisation, 679:of the Hierarchy and therefore magnetic to that spiritual organization. Goodwill will draw forthExternalisation, 679:brother of mine, for the discipline is that of spiritual inclination and an inspired intentionExternalisation, 680:with the group aspiration. This is the higher spiritual correspondence of what is called in theExternalisation, 681:Others all over the world, through their spiritual intuition and their desire to serve and to know,Externalisation, 681:the necessity for the development of a truly spiritual and psychic sensitivity, plus the unfoldmentExternalisation, 684:lives constantly in touch with the world of Spiritual perception and intention. The conditions,Externalisation, 688:furiously against the externalization of the spiritual work. The energy which cosmic evil generatesExternalisation, 689:than for the Black Lodge. Owing, however, to the spiritual growth of mankind and to the steady,Externalisation, 689:even if slow, orientation of mankind to the spiritual Hierarchy, the time has come when theExternalisation, 689:is turning steadily towards the subjective spiritual values, even if these values are interpretedExternalisation, 689:material ends, and are therefore basically anti-spiritual and subject to the influence of humanExternalisation, 691:and yet at the same time preserve a spiritual detachment which will enable the disciple to do hisExternalisation, 692:the life and soul within it on a new cycle of spiritual growth. [693] I have worded all this inExternalisation, 693:second ray, of the Builders; and the bringing of spiritual energy into contact with substance, andExternalisation, 693:in reality the applied art of esotericism and of spiritual living which is already being taught toExternalisation, 694:esoteric truths. They come along another line of spiritual perception. The intuition is essentiallyExternalisation, 698:thinking from a frank materialism to a genuine spiritual aspiration. Externalisation, 698:will be greatly increased; then the five spiritual centers will begin to take definite form, andExternalisation, 698:organizations. Then - under a great wave of spiritual inspiration - the divine spirit of expectancyExternalisation, 701:everywhere is your definite material goal. Your spiritual goal is the establishing of the KingdomFire, vi:was demonstrated to an unique degree. The spiritual truths dealt with involved in many cases theFire, vi:ideas and hitherto quite unknown concepts of spiritual realities. This unescapable limitation ofFire, VII:with the Tibetan's mind, of limitless vistas of spiritual truths which she could not possibly haveFire, viii:new capacity to take a more scientific position. Spiritual teaching will be increasingly acceptedFire, xv:suggestions made, and its power to foster the spiritual life and the intellectual apprehension ofFire, xv:tend to the development of the intuition, of spiritual diagnosis, and a discrimination which willFire, xv:inspired in us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawnFire, xviii:of vast realms of realization and vistas of spiritual unfoldment will open up before us, undreamedFire, 41:the subjective worlds or form; and thirdly, the spiritual aspect which is to be found at the heartFire, 46:in objective manifestation thus permitting the spiritual unit to contact the plane of densestFire, 47:manifestation which is neither altogether spiritual nor altogether material. 3. Finally there isFire, 50:sheath, the body or form, can the point of [50] spiritual development reached in any way beFire, 50:system, not primarily either the objective or spiritual aspect. It concerns the Entities whoFire, 50:intensified their fundamental nature, and be spiritual fire plus the fire manasic. The internalFire, 51:man at the first initiation), forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. As evolution proceedsFire, 51:existence. As evolution proceeds in the fifth or spiritual kingdom, these three fires blaze forthFire, 61:exists between that magnetism which is a spiritual emanation and that which is purely animal. ItFire, 63:evolutionary current in motion, retired to the spiritual plane congenial to its own nature, and hasFire, 81:generated by humanity, physical, mental, or spiritual, determines mainly the character of thisFire, 83:ether. 3. Third ether - Super-etheric Atmic (Spiritual plane) Aether. Third cosmic ether. 4. FourthFire, 111:and the solar Logos, and the dominance of the spiritual indwelling entity over its vehicle. 48aFire, 113:of the four planes of Buddhi, or the plane of spiritual Intuition, Manas, or the mental plane,Fire, 118:The Akasha Subatomic 2nd ether 3. Super-etheric Spiritual. Atmic. Ether 3rd ether PLANE OF UNION ORFire, 122:is with the religions of the world, and with the spiritual Essence in Man. The Manu. The One WhoFire, 122:vehicles of the Heavenly Man, the vehicles of spiritual life, the higher esoteric correspondence toFire, 127:life in this line of action, if he neglects his spiritual development and concentrates onFire, 138:this recollection nor get confused. They have no spiritual effect, and concern themselves solelyFire, 148:by Him upon the Logos of our system. This is a spiritual relationship that tends to abstraction orFire, 148:tends to abstraction or to that synthesis of the spiritual elements that will result in theirFire, 148:abstract them, and blend them again with their spiritual source. Hence the necessity of rememberingFire, 149:of pralaya and the One Who withdraws the inner spiritual man from out of his threefold body; heFire, 163:The human kingdom, The superhuman, or the spiritual kingdom, and will have developed fullFire, 164:The intuitional, or the buddhic plane, The spiritual, atmic, or nirvanic plane, by means of theFire, 167:is [167] destroyed there is left this intangible spiritual body of fire, one pure flame,Fire, 170:centers and their synthesis, the alta center. Spiritual man to the third Initiation. The heart. TheFire, 170:The heart. The throat. The seven head centers. Spiritual man to the fifth Initiation. The heart.Fire, 172:and the inner rotating cross. He is sensing the spiritual, though actively functioning in theFire, 177:monad, and is dependent upon that aspect of the spiritual triad which for the man is at anyFire, 178:upon the reflection in the personality of the spiritual life force. They are the midway point, justFire, 179:and of the centers above all. Just as it was spiritual force, or the will aspect, that built theFire, 179:is love, and Whose nature is buddhi or spiritual wisdom. By the bringing together (in microcosm) ofFire, 179:and their coherence by means of force (or the spiritual will) that objective system, the causalFire, 187:and the two higher planes of abstraction, the spiritual or monadic and the divine, or logoic. [188]Fire, 188:S. D., I, 300. There is a double set of senses, spiritual and material. - S. D., I, 582; S. D., II,Fire, 188:3. Higher clairvoyance 4. Discrimination 5. Spiritual discernment Response to group vibrationFire, 188:discernment Response to group vibration Spiritual telepathy 7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4thFire, 189:- Smell. Physical smell. Emotional idealism. Spiritual discernment. Idealism. All knowledge. [190]Fire, 191:note of his planetary Logos. On the atmic, or spiritual plane the note logoic begins to soundFire, 196:have eventually to be transmuted into intuition, spiritual perception and unity. 82 SensationsFire, 202:if it might be so expressed. It is the spiritual counterpart of that sense which in the animal, theFire, 213:in matter and which (though channels [213] for spiritual force, or centers wherein the 'will to be'Fire, 216:Spirit. It demonstrates as: [216] Abstraction, Spiritual liberation, Destruction of form through
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