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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Fire, 218:this solar system. The final nine sounds produce spiritual synthesis, and the dissociation of theFire, 238:lack of development in the mechanism whereby the spiritual may be known, and whereby He may, andFire, 254:that activity animating the planetary chain. His spiritual life control at any given period. It isFire, 260:so until each man has for himself worked at his spiritual development, built the bridge between theFire, 261:The threefold Triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or spiritual will, intuition, and higher mind. The bodyFire, 262:The monadic trinity. First aspect - Atma or spiritual will. Second aspect - Buddhi, the ChristFire, 263:of the Monad is twofold.) The principle of atma. Spiritual nature. Will. The principle of buddhi.Fire, 264:We will note also that in the tabulation of the spiritual life of the Monad we considered it asFire, 265:6. Wisdom, Christ force, intuition. 1. Atma 7. Spiritual Will. This is the lowest enumeration forFire, 266:the numbering of the principles is a question of spiritual progress. - S. D., III, 456, 460. 12 S.Fire, 279:- the middle point. - S. D., I, 297. Spiritual Consciousness 5. Buddhic realization. The unit isFire, 280:which leads to atomic, human, planetary, spiritual, solar and cosmic marriage. This idea isFire, 289:their entrance upon the Path, and thus into the spiritual kingdom. It concerns the awakening ofFire, 292:energy of the Quaternary or lower Self, and the spiritual [294] or monadic sheath as theFire, 294:in each case which represents the highest spiritual Source, and which is recognized as the same inFire, 309:by it. 20 "Manas is the individuality or the spiritual Ego on the side of the higher Triad, and theFire, 309:the human structure, or the center on which the spiritual and material parts of man are made toFire, 309:- the higher the attainer and experiencer of spiritual heights and the lower, the soul of the lowerFire, 319:it were, the doorway between the natural and the spiritual man. It is the seat of that better andFire, 319:of "the back of the mind," which views spiritual things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view onFire, 319:views spiritual things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view on the outward lookingFire, 319:in the forward part of the head. It is the spiritual man seeking to guide the natural man, seekingFire, 319:brings a vision of the great Companions of the spiritual man, those who have already attained,Fire, 334:is made into the fifth kingdom of nature, the spiritual kingdom. Each of the five kingdoms isFire, 335:- brings about at a certain stage a spiritual individualization which is the correspondence onFire, 335:kingdom. Manas - The key from the human into the spiritual kingdom, or from the fourth kingdom intoFire, 336:are a reflection upon the lower planes of the spiritual Triads on the higher. This description isFire, 350:existence, in the other initiation into spiritual existence or group identification. For a solarFire, 381:speculations and hints that appeal only to the spiritual and the intuitive are in any way possible.Fire, 400:is the transmutation into the three, or the Spiritual Triad, made possible via the four, or theFire, 417:manifestation. 48 is He, again, who holds spiritual sway over the initiated Adepts throughoutFire, 446:out of the human kingdom into the fifth or spiritual kingdom. During His cycle of close on twoFire, 446:of the purely human into the early stages of the spiritual. Fire, 449:514) tell us that 'sounds and colors' are all spiritual numerals; nor is that all, for odors,Fire, 449:all, for odors, metals and planets are equally spiritual numerals. Each planet (or spiritual plane)Fire, 449:are equally spiritual numerals. Each planet (or spiritual plane) has relation to a metal and aFire, 454:dogma of the unseen world of thought and of spiritual existence. Increased facility in approachingFire, 454:of crystallization into form so that the true spiritual devotee may become rare, and the scientificFire, 455:and unless this is paralleled by the growth of spiritual realization, and by the steady grip of theFire, 467:ordinary man - are apparent to the eye of the spiritual man or adept. The matter of the planeFire, 473:a correspondingly easier transmission of spiritual or psychical force from the fourth cosmic ether,Fire, 480:positive atomic center from the human into the spiritual. Second: assist at the transmutation FromFire, 485:having in view the transmutation of units in the spiritual kingdom into the monadic. Those on stillFire, 486:days, and the consequent stultification of spiritual evolution for a time until karma has beenFire, 495:easily acquired when man has developed the inner spiritual ear. When this is the ease, theFire, 502:Master, and His receptivity to life impulses and spiritual currents emanating from the planetaryFire, 508:merits careful consideration. [508] It holds hid spiritual potentialities in its inherent abilityFire, 508:man achieves the consciousness of the Spiritual Triad, and transfers his polarization into theFire, 522:ether. Monadic plane (Monad) - 2nd cosmic ether. Spiritual plane - 3rd cosmic ether. IntuitionalFire, 526:he has passed out of the human kingdom into the spiritual. Therefore, it is needless for us toFire, 526:three lower planes. At his transference into the spiritual kingdom, these three aspects - theFire, 532:sumtotal of the permanent atoms of man in the spiritual kingdom (the three triadal atoms,Fire, 537:man these centers are related to the threefold spiritual man in his total development, so the threeFire, 539:are concerned with the final, and essentially spiritual stages, of his evolution, are reallyFire, 543:in world affairs until he enters the spiritual kingdom at the first Initiation; and a final andFire, 562:ceases in intent. [562] The objective life (spiritual life where cosmic thought-forms areFire, 568:which adjusts all that concerns the material and spiritual evolution of the cosmos to the bestFire, 583:82 This law is the basic law controlling the Spiritual Triad. Through this law, the force ofFire, 585:birth to new ideals, and to a new race - the spiritual. Here I might point out a numerical factFire, 588:and the fourth) into the superman kingdom, the spiritual. The fourth Ray and the fourth KingdomFire, 599:the Path leading from the human kingdom into the spiritual - again a dual reason. The fifth roundFire, 599:the merging and the point of contact between the Spiritual Triad and the Lower Quaternary. TheFire, 604:nature, and it is only as our knowledge of the spiritual life increases, and as we pass definitelyFire, 607:Fire. Activity of Spirit. The One Life. Unity. Spiritual. Dynamic. Coherence. Synthesis. CentralFire, 607:Dynamic. Coherence. Synthesis. Central Spiritual Sun. The Solar System (etheric and dense). SecondFire, 608:fire. Electric fire. Spirit Will. The Central Spiritual Sun. Egoic fire. Solar fire. ConsciousnessFire, 608:The Monad Will aspect. Electric fire. Flame. Spiritual Will. Love-Wisdom. Solar fire. Light.Fire, 608:Spiritual Will. Love-Wisdom. Solar fire. Light. Spiritual Love. Active Intelligence. Fire byFire, 608:Active Intelligence. Fire by Friction. Heat. Spiritual Intelligence. The Ego Will. Atma. ElectricFire, 610:the egoic consciousness itself is superseded by spiritual realization, and the fire of SpiritFire, 611:comes to comprehend the nature of his Monad, the spiritual or essential life which is developingFire, 618:over the human is being [618] superseded by spiritual power; the systemic correspondence to lunarFire, 619:of that which will some day unfold into spiritual man. It will thus become apparent to students howFire, 626:Cosmic ether Akasha Astral Plane Astral light. Spiritual or Atmic 3rd Cosmic ether Aether PhysicalFire, 628:is as follows: Agni Electric fire Spirit Central Spiritual Sun Energy Surya Solar fire Vishnu HeartFire, 628:Logos manifests as the seven aspects of Will, spiritual impulse or purpose. As solar fire HeFire, 628:Sevenfold electric fire. The seven types of spiritual existences, or the seven Spirits before theFire, 629:of Light, the seven Rays of manifestation of the Spiritual Sun. In time and space these seven RaysFire, 630:reflection, the logoic Personality. All these spiritual Essences are individualized self-consciousFire, 643:out of the lower human kingdom into the higher spiritual one. It will be found that between each ofFire, 644:transference from the fourth kingdom into the spiritual. His efforts must be self-induced, or theFire, 649:solar system has not yet been transmuted into spiritual power. We have above considered a few ofFire, 650:Group B - The three worlds of the Triad - Spiritual evolution. Logoic etheric. Group C - The threeFire, 653:discrimination). - S. D., II, 622. It is the spiritual evolution of the inner immortal man thatFire, 664:principle, and the astral body. The central spiritual sun, and its relation to the Spirit or atmaFire, 680:purposes, and for the elucidation of the spiritual evolution of man, this immediate section is ofFire, 681:principles are needed. This requires a living spiritual Fire of the middle principle from the FifthFire, 682:body. They are directly linked with the highest spiritual essences, and represent the lowestFire, 683:19 Solar angels are therefore entities of a high spiritual order - with a refined consciousnessFire, 683:itself, and the incarnation of certain spiritual existences who - when in bodily form - are spokenFire, 684:body," 23 for their energy comes from the spiritual sun, in the same sense that the energy of theFire, 685:says: "When the Heart of the Body throbs with spiritual energy, when its sevenfold content thrillsFire, 685:when its sevenfold content thrills under the spiritual impulse, then the currents spread andFire, 687:above downwards it is the fifth kingdom, the spiritual, which ensouls the third and produces theFire, 689:27, 28 that the individualized Monad has more spiritual consciousness than the monad itself on itsFire, 690:man can be considered from what is, for him, a spiritual aspect. 29 Human individualization, or theFire, 697:according to the key employed. The fifth or spiritual kingdom is entered when the units of theFire, 698:the Agnishvattas, produce the union of the spiritual Triad, or divine Self, and the Quaternary, orFire, 706:life, and in whom it is waxing stronger - spiritual men, aspirants, disciples of various degrees,Fire, 706:a potent factor in the evolution of the fifth or spiritual kingdom; they are that which make it
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