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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Glamour, 245:ideal, some sensed divine pattern, some spiritual hope, some consecrated ambition or some dedicatedGlamour, 247:spurred into activity under the direction of the spiritual Hierarchy? Such are some of theGlamour, 247:direction of the inner eye and controlled by the spiritual man. Which energies can and must be thusGlamour, 247:will be apparent to you that the first step the spiritual investigator has to take is to ascertainGlamour, 248:essentially is. This will prove to him of deep spiritual and significant help. This period ofGlamour, 250:disciple. The inner eye, the single eye of the spiritual man. This is the true eye of vision andGlamour, 250:have therefore in this connection a triangle of spiritual forces which can be swept into uniqueGlamour, 252:as a "life aflame with God"; it is a life of spiritual application and service wherein the higherGlamour, 254:their clutches. The Word is then used with no spiritual intent but simply as a sound which, carriedGlamour, 256:exercises is the man whose will is active - his spiritual will and, therefore, the will of theGlamour, 256:spiritual will and, therefore, the will of the Spiritual Triad. Any disciple who is in process ofGlamour, 256:his brain, his mind and the will aspect of the Spiritual Triad; in other words, the negativeGlamour, 260:and Humanity are playing, and playing now. Every spiritual group has its own tune (if I may employGlamour, 261:or by inspiration, emanating from points of spiritual tension. The astral vehicle and the forces ofGlamour, 262:it brings the centers, one by one, to a point of spiritual responsiveness and then establishes theGlamour, 262:refusal to be identified with anything save the spiritual reality as far as that is sensed andGlamour, 264:soul and later from a point of tension in the Spiritual Triad. In all cases, however, once withinGlamour, 266:When this becomes possible, the shift of the spiritual "attention" (I use this inadequate word forGlamour, 268:the slowly opening door he senses life, energy, spiritual embodiment, and the fact of the Angel.Glamour, 268:will, to full expression. I here refer to the spiritual will and to its three aspects which [269]Glamour, 269:material form - personality - Dweller. The Sun - spiritual nature - soul - Angel. The Earth -Glamour, 270:It is not the Angel or the Dweller but the spiritual man himself who has to employ the will andHealing, 2:measure of true liberation are transmitters of spiritual energy. This automatically affects someHealing, 2:body is the response apparatus of the indwelling spiritual man and serves to put that spiritualHealing, 2:indwelling spiritual man and serves to put that spiritual entity en rapport with the responseHealing, 6:and serve each other. The healing energy of the spiritual Hierarchy cannot flow through the groupHealing, 27:involves much knowledge and a high point of spiritual attainment on the part of the healer; - itHealing, 30:This law must be brought into activity by the spiritual will of man. What is a law, my brother? ItHealing, 30:that all the laws of nature have their higher, spiritual counterparts, and of these we shallHealing, 35:who are conscious of the inspiration and the spiritual contact which indicates a beginning of theHealing, 42:too can be done from the angle of mental and spiritual healing, aided by the science of psychology.Healing, 45:1000-petalled lotus Pineal Upper brain Right eye Spiritual will Synthetic Dynamic Dominant AtmaHealing, 45:vehicle Causal body Higher mental All types of Spiritual People - Dominant after 1st Initiation 3.Healing, 83:when energized and controlled by the soul, the spiritual realms stand wide open also. The ethericHealing, 93:This law will be brought into activity by the spiritual will of man." [94] If you analyze the fourHealing, 94:will be done by the active use by man of his spiritual will. We could word this otherwise and sayHealing, 110:psychological understanding, plus a measure of spiritual vision. The ideal physician and surgeon isHealing, 110:the material or physical probabilities. Complete spiritual healing will be divinely possibleHealing, 110:perception, are essential to the high art of spiritual healing. To this must be added the knowledgeHealing, 116:is affiliated. His Master, with Whom he has spiritual relation and to Whose vibratory influence heHealing, 117:which is right, and along the line of high spiritual unfoldment, and the aspect which is aHealing, 118:its problems and its impending opportunity. The spiritual technique, however, is entirelyHealing, 120:of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within the substance of itsHealing, 120:unto the soul, the Healer within the form. The spiritual or third eye then directs the healingHealing, 124:them to activity of some kind - often good and spiritual, sometimes evil, antagonistic andHealing, 128:the effects of human ills is no indication of spiritual superiority. It might simply indicate whatHealing, 128:one of the Masters has called "the depths of spiritual selfishness and self-satisfaction." TheHealing, 133:This law must be brought into activity by the spiritual will of man. Law III Diseases are an effectHealing, 134:of some divine characteristic or inner spiritual reality, produces within the substance of itsHealing, 134:unto the soul, the Healer within the form. The spiritual or third eye then directs the healingHealing, 137:it has always been presented in the language of spiritual approach, of mysticism and of religion,Healing, 141:from the environment as well as from the inner spiritual man and the subtle bodies, underlies theHealing, 144:to the four aspects of the personality and the Spiritual Triad and their dual active relationship.Healing, 145:[145] It corresponds to the central spiritual sun. It is brought into functioning activity afterHealing, 145:man is concerned, this means the energies of the Spiritual Triad, of the threefold egoic lotus andHealing, 147:for the radiant beauty and the glory of the spiritual man." It corresponds to the physical sun andHealing, 148:and the personality. The ajna center relates the Spiritual Triad (the expression of the monad inHealing, 148:physically considered - the reflection of the spiritual will, atma, and spiritual love, buddhi.Healing, 148:the reflection of the spiritual will, atma, and spiritual love, buddhi. Here also comes in theHealing, 148:vision of the plan (the disciple), and a spiritual direction of the resulting creative activityHealing, 150:the personality, the threefold soul and the Spiritual Triad), to Shamballa and to the totality ofHealing, 150:"patterns of being" appear; an expression of a spiritual Being at a certain point of consciousHealing, 151:thus presenting the mechanism through which the Spiritual Triad, the soul and the personality work.Healing, 152:their energies through these nine "points of spiritual contact" upon the physical plane into theHealing, 156:awareness and of group interplay of a deeply spiritual kind, and new forms were required throughHealing, 156:to the "heart of the Sun," and therefore to the spiritual source of light and love. It is broughtHealing, 159:constructed, the three aspects of the [159] Spiritual Triad will each find a point of contactHealing, 159:head center becomes the point of contact for the spiritual will, Atma. The heart center becomes theHealing, 159:Atma. The heart center becomes the agent for spiritual love, Buddhi. The throat center becomes theHealing, 160:and the center at the base of the spine. As the Spiritual Triad becomes active through the mediumHealing, 161:- small at first but becoming worldwide as his spiritual power develops and he thinks in terms ofHealing, 162:diaphragm, via the solar plexus, in response to spiritual "pull". The growing understanding by manHealing, 162:much. Then as experience is gained, the stage of spiritual expression supervenes and freedom fromHealing, 164:head by the intelligent will or energy of the spiritual man. The important part of the body is thatHealing, 167:life, and so postponed certain processes of spiritual tuition which were needed. This is very aptHealing, 168:diaphragm - the three centers through which the Spiritual Triad must eventually work, and theHealing, 169:center in the body (from the angle of the spiritual man) is the basic center. 5. The Solar PlexusHealing, 172:- good desire, selfish desire, wrong desire, and spiritual desire. It is the center through whichHealing, 173:or distributed by an act of the will of the Spiritual Triad. Then "the light generated in Lemuria"Healing, 173:those two centers will simply be recipients of spiritual energies from on high; they will possessHealing, 173:have Here again appears the theme of a center of spiritual force (for astral force is spiritual inHealing, 173:a center of spiritual force (for astral force is spiritual in essence) and its threeHealing, 175:of distribution - under direct control of the Spiritual Triad. The processes involved in theseHealing, 186:and by an effort of the mind (not of the spiritual will, but purely as an expression of personalityHealing, 186:of the emotions and the development of the spiritual will are carried forward. [187] There are fourHealing, 187:lotus. This can be safely stated, as the spiritual will is as yet undeveloped in those who seek toHealing, 200:the following triangles of force: The soul, the spiritual man on his own plane. The personality,Healing, 203:vehicle of the soul. Finally, you will have the spiritual aspect of the human being expressingHealing, 203:rapport, expressing the full nature of the spiritual man. It is essential that spiritual healersHealing, 203:of the spiritual man. It is essential that spiritual healers should get clearly in their minds theHealing, 205:in healing and concerns the true art of relating spiritual energy with form life, and upon this theHealing, 206:scientific work of augmenting the patient's own spiritual [207] energy. He thus enables him toHealing, 207:the healer, the patient and the reservoir of spiritual energy, plus the scientific process ofHealing, 207:trouble exists, which identifies itself with the spiritual center of energy in the patient, andHealing, 210:centers the energy of the three major types of spiritual being of which the three forces of theHealing, 211:then comes under the complete control of the spiritual man, and the blood stream is purified andHealing, 211:the emotional and mental life, and also of the spiritual life of an incarnated Son of God, aHealing, 213:upon the reality and upon the factors of primary spiritual importance. When they do this, theHealing, 213:receptive, but a constant inflow of spiritual life. There will then be that perfect balance andHealing, 214:head center. Material force is transmuted into spiritual energy. From any or all of the five spinal
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