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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Initiation, 205:group may be thereby benefited and aided in its spiritual progress, and the law perfectly fulfiled.Initiation, 205:and their energy is legitimately used; the spiritual will of the divine inner God is the mainInitiation, 206:example he sets to his environing associates of spiritual living and moral rectitude, coupled withInitiation, 207:as looking out from between the Monad or spiritual self on the one hand, and the personal self onInitiation, 208:their utilization in the evolution of the inner spiritual life, application then made of that whichInitiation, 215:and has therefore passed into the Fifth, or Spiritual kingdom, having but two more Initiations toInitiation, 217:Buddhi The Universal Soul or Mind. It is the spiritual soul in man (the Sixth Principle) andInitiation, 218:of the many forms of electrical phenomena. Guru Spiritual Teacher. A Master in metaphysical andInitiation, 218:and ethical doctrines. Hierarchy That group of spiritual beings on the inner planes of the solarInitiation, 220:of the Flame One of the great Hierarchies of spiritual beings who guide the solar system. They tookInitiation, 221:connection with the physical body. It is spiritual and ethereal and passes everywhere without letInitiation, 221:means the unified triad - Atma, Buddhi, Manas; Spiritual Will, Intuition and higher [222] mind, -Initiation, 222:who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life of self-sacrifice,Initiation, 223:by Life, which pervades them all." Purusha The spiritual self. The embodied self. The wordInitiation, 223:Yoga The true system of developing psychic and spiritual powers and union with one's higher self orInitiation, 225:of mysticism and the Secret Doctrine. Triad The Spiritual Man; the expression of the monad. It isInitiation, 225:practice of Meditation as a means of leading to spiritual liberation. Intellect, 5:of steadily enlarging self-mastery, as the spiritual sense of such discipline as the Yoga joinsIntellect, 15:it may sound, the work of leading him into his spiritual heritage is the work of religion and ofIntellect, 15:- Introductory Thoughts Let us give the word "spiritual" a wide connotation! I do not here speak ofIntellect, 15:may, or may not, be true. Let us use the word "spiritual" to signify the world of light and beauty,Intellect, 15:Let us regard all manifestations of life as spiritual, and so widen the usual meaning of this wordIntellect, 16:of millions. They claimed there was a science of spiritual knowledge and a technique of developmentIntellect, 17:of possessions. In the East, where the spiritual realities have been more uniformly held, mentalIntellect, 23:of the soul." - Jones, Rufus M., The Need for a Spiritual Element in Education, World UnityIntellect, 23:and to the man who showed a marked aptitude for spiritual culture. Under the Brahmanical system inIntellect, 29:of human affairs into the wider consciousness of spiritual things has failed in its mission andIntellect, 30:the capacity to achieve greater, because more spiritual, things. These units of the human familyIntellect, 31:of our materialistic age is the lack of the spiritual element in our formal education." Some of usIntellect, 31:out of the fourth or human kingdom into that spiritual realm where the pioneers whom we callIntellect, 33:great Reality, thus gaining direct experience of spiritual things. Everett Dean Martin definesIntellect, 33:Dean Martin defines education for us as a "spiritual revaluation of human life. Its task is toIntellect, 35:culture which enabled them to enter a spiritual world, which is sealed to the majority, and toIntellect, 38:of the supernatural. It is distinctive of the spiritual man." and, he adds most beautifully andIntellect, 41:center of consciousness from the human to the spiritual kingdom, is hastened and nurtured by aIntellect, 42:and so led humanity forward along the path of spiritual perception. The exoteric result of theirIntellect, 42:throughout the Orient, alongside the highest spiritual illumination of the favored few. Intellect, 45:(and this our western system can give), plus a spiritual awareness of the indwelling divinity, theIntellect, 52:of self-discipline, an active will towards spiritual Being, unselfish service (for that is the modeIntellect, 53:of Fechner, that the soul is the whole unitary spiritual process in conjunction with the wholeIntellect, 55:is the seat of the reasoning mind and of the spiritual consciousness, which latter is attainedIntellect, 57:(as it so seldom is) as the interpreter of the spiritual self, the soul. It is this emotional body,Intellect, 59:of the entire personality to the drive towards spiritual realities. All purely mental types and allIntellect, 59:and the use of the mind in the apprehension of spiritual truth. Intellect, 60:denizen of another kingdom in nature, the spiritual, which is as real and as vital, as ordered andIntellect, 66:high Heaven for those possessions - material or spiritual - which they feel essential to theirIntellect, 73:ages nothing in common; these two parts are the spiritual soul and the form nature, but they areIntellect, 75:said that the world is not a prison house but a spiritual kindergarten, where millions ofIntellect, 77:light is gradually removed," and that "when the spiritual intelligence... reflects itself in theIntellect, 79:and so serve increasingly to hide the Self, the spiritual man. These must be transmuted into theirIntellect, 79:higher counterparts, for every animal has its spiritual prototype. The instinct ofIntellect, 80:transformed into the domination of the higher or spiritual Self. The assertion of the little orIntellect, 80:so the great work will be accomplished and the spiritual man will dominate his creation, the humanIntellect, 80:and aspects into heaven. Through meditation, spiritual knowledge grows up within the mind, and fromIntellect, 84:shows forth as pure perception, and infallible spiritual vision. The higher correspondences of theIntellect, 93:with the soul are first, fiery aspiration, then spiritual reading and, lastly, complete obedienceIntellect, 95:The significance of the second requirement, spiritual reading, must also be grasped. The word, toIntellect, 95:to discipline and transmute emotion into spiritual devotion can be saints, and many do so subjectIntellect, 96:when he uses the expression translated "spiritual reading." It really signifies reading with theIntellect, 96:that all forms are only symbols of an inner or spiritual reality, and spiritual reading involvesIntellect, 96:symbols of an inner or spiritual reality, and spiritual reading involves the development of theIntellect, 96:to do, but it is possible through training in spiritual reading. Intellect, 98:the habitual subordination of the fleshly to the spiritual point of view, the coordination of theIntellect, 98:we can trace the steady ascent of the conscious spiritual man out of the realm of feeling into thatIntellect, 101:in another - the world of subtle energies and of spiritual being. This is the concept we shall holdIntellect, 104:ideas and concepts which emanate from a deeply spiritual realm and which are communicated by theIntellect, 109:upon some other person or in relation to some spiritual work, or in some phase of the search forIntellect, 115:imprisoning and confining some thought. The spiritual meaning is that which lies behind theIntellect, 116:a state of conscious identification with that spiritual reality we call the indwelling Christ, theIntellect, 119:himself of the Two-Fold Shadow and soared into Spiritual Space, till he attained the Goal whereinIntellect, 127:a wider consciousness and into a certainty as to spiritual things and as to the ultimate Reality.Intellect, 128:be said to exist to the most exalted forms of spiritual experience." - Otto, Rudolf, Ibid., pageIntellect, 135:he becomes identified with the true inner and spiritual man. What is technically called theIntellect, 137:is entirely quiescent and still, whilst the true spiritual Entity enters into its own kingdom andIntellect, 137:registers the contacts that emanate from that spiritual realm of phenomena. The world of the soulIntellect, 137:nature, prerogatives and laws. Whilst the true spiritual man is thus active in his own nature andIntellect, 138:as a transmitting agent, then a vast region of spiritual awareness can unfold itself. The soulIntellect, 140:Perceiver, who can perceive equally the world of spiritual realities and the world of dailyIntellect, 140:an equal facility in the work of perception on spiritual levels as we have learned on worldlyIntellect, 142:and attention of the mind "whilst the soul, the spiritual man, the perceiving being, contemplates."Intellect, 143:with some words of Evelyn Underhill: "The full spiritual consciousness of the true mystic isIntellect, 148:it can be proved, I believe, that the developed spiritual perception and an illumined intellect canIntellect, 150:Out of them has come a great portion of the spiritual wisdom of the race. They are, as it were,Intellect, 150:fruits so far above the average as to make them spiritual leaders of mankind." - Overstreet, H. A.Intellect, 151:is not the source of illumination." "When the spiritual intelligence which stands alone and freedIntellect, 155:its apprehension of the laws which govern the spiritual realm may, ultimately, produce happiness,Intellect, 162:who is by nature a denizen of the independent spiritual world, and whose destiny, in mysticalIntellect, 166:intuition, nor the activity of the faculty of spiritual telepathy. People need most carefully toIntellect, 169:as well as pain - and stands steadily in [169] spiritual being. The line or channel ofIntellect, 172:and of interplay between the soul, the spiritual man, and the man on the physical plane. When thisIntellect, 178:unveiling of the Self. Through the mental and spiritual education which advanced meditationIntellect, 179:forms exist for the use and experience of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this, arises theIntellect, 179:this, arises the intuitive perception of the spiritual nature." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 180:which govern the psychical. The laws of the spiritual realm, so-called, remain to be scientificallyIntellect, 181:In the language of some of the pioneers into the spiritual realm, the third result of meditation isIntellect, 182:Prayer, page 80. All other factors below the spiritual reality are but ways to the center, and mustIntellect, 182:out of the form consciousness into that of the spiritual reality, the soul. This, being a consciousIntellect, 184:mark three stages on the Path of Illumination or spiritual progress. In the first, the devotee isIntellect, 185:End of all visible phenomena, both material and spiritual, the Rays whereof, being allowed to shineIntellect, 186:to carry a man on into the world of Light and spiritual being. Dr. Suzuki, Professor of Zen
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