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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Intellect, 186:knowledge is "...a faculty both intellectual and spiritual, through the operation of which the soulIntellect, 188:could be no enlightenment, which is the highest spiritual power in our possession. The intellect...Intellect, 189:which is purified in fire." "When the Sun of spiritual Knowledge arises in the heart's heaven (thatIntellect, 190:between the mind stuff and the Self, or spiritual man." "The state of isolated unity becomesIntellect, 191:longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure spiritual consciousness withdraws into the One."Intellect, 191:consciousness withdraws into the One." "When the spiritual intelligence which stands alone andIntellect, 199:perfect Contemplation." Michael de Molinos, The Spiritual Guide Up to this point our discussion hasIntellect, 201:is not just as much a step on the path of spiritual progress as any of the visions of the mystic?Intellect, 201:as any of the visions of the mystic? The spiritual results of the mental application which ourIntellect, 202:as vital a contribution [202] to the sumtotal of spiritual endeavor as any effects which may beIntellect, 202:ago, that implements of civilization were highly spiritual in nature, for they were the results ofIntellect, 202:- such a civilization is highly idealistic and spiritual." - Beard, Charles A., Whither Mankind,Intellect, 203:time seriously considered. These are purely spiritual results; they indicate a growing soulIntellect, 207:he will find time for the added duties that his spiritual aspiration confer, because he isIntellect, 211:therefore, presents no barrier to the inflow of spiritual knowledge to the brain. When these twoIntellect, 217:the day with the focusing of our attention on spiritual things and on the affairs of the soul, weIntellect, 218:about the way we are seeking to unfold the spiritual consciousness; that is entirely our ownIntellect, 221:and many exponents of breathing as a means to spiritual development. It has nothing whatever to doIntellect, 221:development. It has nothing whatever to do with spiritual development. It has much to do withIntellect, 222:purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading, and devotion. Third, right poise.Intellect, 232:it is too intellectual and mental and not a bit spiritual." What they really mean is something likeIntellect, 237:a pure heart, an eager intellect, an unveiled spiritual perception, a brotherliness for one'sIntellect, 243:with accuracy, the phenomena of the spiritual world which he may succeed in contacting. TheIntellect, 246:on the watch, or if we have a secret longing for spiritual prominence, or suffer from anIntellect, 257:a trained mind should accompany growth in the spiritual life. There is a third category ofIntellect, 258:to refer concerns the attitude of the soul, or spiritual man, to the world, the flesh and theIntellect, 259:the spirit conforms not only to the laws of the spiritual kingdom but to the legalized customs ofIntellect, 259:understanding, and in which the principles of spiritual living are emphasized, is one of the finestIntellect, 260:have a high aspiration and a strong urge towards spiritual living and yet have aspects of hisIntellect, 261:solve our problems through the development of a spiritual normality which is greatly needed at thisIntellect, 261:of others? Why not learn to function as the spiritual [262] man from that point, so quaintlyIntellect, 266:They work with worldly wisdom as well as spiritual insight. Above all, they work together and comeMagic, 5:and in what way we can best live the life of a spiritual man, and of an aspirant to acceptedMagic, 5:These are intended to: Teach the laws of spiritual psychology as distinguished from mental andMagic, 11:comes to the realization that a law is but the spiritual impulse, incentive and life manifestationMagic, 11:intelligently through himself as much of that spiritual life impulse which his particular organismMagic, 11:self-centered life, and opens the doors wide to spiritual energy. In so doing he finds that the lawMagic, 12:of the animal form through which the spiritual man functions, which after all is but a departmentMagic, 13:brought into play once a man can contact his own spiritual center, the soul, and live in that soulMagic, 13:Similarly the center of energy which we call the spiritual aspect in man is (through theMagic, 13:in the three worlds. By man, I mean the spiritual man, a son of God in incarnation. The forms ofMagic, 19:soul, and an outer and visible form of an inner spiritual reality. 3. There is finally what mightMagic, 32:from God. Therefore, even their monads or spiritual aspects are inherently different just as in theMagic, 38:and between that called the lower self and the spiritual man. Group consciousness, which is theMagic, 39:There is first of all what might be called the spiritual will, - that quota of the universal willMagic, 39:is adequate for the purpose of enabling the spiritual man to cooperate in the plan and purpose ofMagic, 39:There is also the second soul quality which is spiritual love, the quality of group consciousness,Magic, 42:head by the intelligent will or energy of the spiritual man. The important part of the body is thatMagic, 46:of ideas on the physical plane. Strictly spiritual energy, or force from the plane of the monad. Magic, 47:and the lower three. The higher three are: The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, nature spirits orMagic, 48:the inner light body we call the soul body, the spiritual body. It [49] is called the "golden bowl"Magic, 49:vitality. To enable the soul, or human yet spiritual man to be en rapport with his environment.Magic, 51:forms exist for the use and experience of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this arises theMagic, 51:upon this arises the intuitive perception of the spiritual man." Book III. 35. The forty-eighthMagic, 56:the conservative as the so-called religious or spiritual lines. All that tends to lift the statusMagic, 56:of manifestation is religious work and has a spiritual goal, for matter is but spirit on the lowestMagic, 56:and observers". They possess the power of spiritual insight or perception as well as objective orMagic, 58:been the paramount fact in the experience of the spiritual man, so now it is possible for aMagic, 58:place wherein the outstanding fact will be the spiritual man, the solar angel or soul. It will alsoMagic, 59:and form awareness. He is "seeing double". His spiritual perception grows slowly and surely as theMagic, 59:to humanity. "Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun, hidden by a disk of golden light,Magic, 59:is revealed - knowledge of the self in the spiritual body, knowledge of the ego as it expressesMagic, 60:Karana Sarira, and awareness of that source of spiritual energy which is the motivating impulseMagic, 61:why workers in white magic are ever advanced and spiritual men, for the "reflection" is seldomMagic, 62:stabilizing in order to enable them to "stand in spiritual being", or are they being subjected to aMagic, 67:to a choice existing between the path of spiritual endeavor and the way of the man of the world. ItMagic, 68:right, of high, or higher, and the [68] moral or spiritual values have to be faced with the mostMagic, 68:values have to be faced with the most meticulous spiritual perception. In the stress and toil ofMagic, 71:life of God Himself may emanate from the central Spiritual Sun, but it is only as the light withinMagic, 87:is duplicated in the three bodies (or by the spiritual man) and the steady meditation of the soulMagic, 88:within it two other potentialities, that of spiritual love and spiritual life. These must in dueMagic, 88:other potentialities, that of spiritual love and spiritual life. These must in due time make theirMagic, 88:limitations, and become a part of the fifth or spiritual Kingdom in nature. The first effort of theMagic, 89:the second will [89] turn human beings into spiritual entities, plus the gains of experience in theMagic, 90:and the power to act as transmitters of that spiritual energy we call love is the promised rewardMagic, 90:who, living in unbroken meditation in the spiritual realm yet can work on earth. The work ofMagic, 96:the later initiations, the positive use of the spiritual energy supersedes the equilibrized use ofMagic, 99:is primarily fourfold. 1. The stimulating of the spiritual aspect, expressing itself as the soul inMagic, 99:he stimulates and vitalizes; he transmits the spiritual forces of the universe, and all harmfulMagic, 100:the three subhuman kingdoms. The downpouring spiritual Triangle and the upraising matter TriangleMagic, 101:fellowman. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm, misplaced orMagic, 102:reads these pages to make a fresh beginning in spiritual living. I would say to him, forget allMagic, 103:given to the forces of true love, and to those spiritual energies which seem to vitalize theMagic, 104:radiant glory, magnetic force and (ultimately) spiritual energy may be demonstrated through theMagic, 104:of divine Manifestation may be seen. First Ray - Spiritual Energy Second Ray - Magnetic Force ThirdMagic, 104:the aura of perfected man. First Ray - Monadic - Spiritual Energy - Head Center Second Ray - EgoicMagic, 107:it is possible to have reached a high stage of spiritual consciousness without seeing any of thisMagic, 109:his forces from soul enterprises in the spiritual Kingdom, and centers his attention on the work toMagic, 110:Is there not such a thing (by comparison) as a spiritual inferiority complex on the part of such asMagic, 120:is the objective of any specific life. A fine spiritual discrimination is needed here however, lestMagic, 121:"Seek not, Oh twice-blessed One, to attain the spiritual essence before the mind absorbs. Not thusMagic, 126:wielding these forces must be the soul, the spiritual man, and this for the following reasons: OnlyMagic, 127:an unconscious preparation for the dual work of spiritual creation; and facility comes as theMagic, 130:vehicle) will be organized, utilizing the higher spiritual mind as its medium. When thatMagic, 140:physical body. When sounded forth with intense spiritual aspiration behind it, it acts as anMagic, 140:to those in the outer world who are gifted with spiritual perception that a disciple is availableMagic, 141:the outer phenomenal life coincide with the spiritual impulse. The use of the Sacred Word has itsMagic, 144:live through the power of his own assurance, spiritual understanding and vitality. Thus theMagic, 148:of loss, a groping in the dark, and a period of spiritual wrestling and exploration that tests theMagic, 148:the soul. All that is lacking is the developed spiritual body which is equipped to respond to the
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