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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Problems, 22:not what it is. This fact, that Russia is the spiritual custodian of a revelation, is sensed by theProblems, 23:effect upon surrounding nations and of a spiritual giving of which they are as yet apparentlyProblems, 25:people think. The reason lies in a deeply spiritual, innate idealism, enormous humanitarianProblems, 28:possible when pure religion is restored and the spiritual impetus, nascent in every nation, isProblems, 28:yet the case; theological forms still hold the spiritual life. Every nation, owing to its pastProblems, 29:the disintegration of the old world forms is a spiritual one. The spiritual life of humanity is nowProblems, 29:of the old world forms is a spiritual one. The spiritual life of humanity is now so strong that itProblems, 29:imposed Church controls. From the angle of the spiritual Forces of Light, the immediate worldProblems, 30:to all men of goodwill throughout the world. The spiritual guides of the race can present thisProblems, 33:the man of high mental development as well as of spiritual vision will take his place, thusProblems, 34:youth for total living. Education is a deeply spiritual enterprise. It concerns the whole man andProblems, 36:to prove their existence. It is this inherent, spiritual faculty which has produced all the greatProblems, 36:produced all the great Sons of God, all truly spiritual people, all artists, scientists,Problems, 38:and far too low from the angle of the spiritual values, or when subjected to an intelligent senseProblems, 39:and historical, he adds an understanding of the spiritual and moral values, then we have anProblems, 39:then we have an approximation to what the truly spiritual man is intended to be. In relation to theProblems, 39:in which man can return to the simplicity of the spiritual values of beauty, truth and goodness?Problems, 40:boys and girls, have deteriorated and the spiritual values will need awakening. There is directProblems, 40:There is direct evidence, however, that this spiritual awakening is already sweeping over EuropeProblems, 40:perhaps from that continent may come that new spiritual tide which will turn the entire world toProblems, 40:civilization has gone, never to return. A spiritual renaissance is inevitable and is nowhere moreProblems, 45:our similarities, our creative achievements, our spiritual idealisms, and our points of contact.Problems, 46:we have noted the imminence of the coming spiritual renaissance. Problems, 54:human happenings [54] in terms of the deeper spiritual and universal values. Education should beProblems, 56:that this training will be fundamentally spiritual, using that word to mean understanding,Problems, 59:purpose behind the constant appearance of spiritual, cultural and artistic world leaders down theProblems, 63:and intelligent living but also in the world of spiritual values and to do this with a completeProblems, 65:enlightened everywhere and the hallmark of the spiritual man. In these three, you have rightProblems, 69:the hope of the world and form the basic spiritual triangle behind the plans and the shaping of theProblems, 70:universal angle and with an eye to the emerging spiritual values. First of all, it must beProblems, 73:rising demands and the steady emerging of the spiritual values. They are beginning therefore toProblems, 74:not emerge and take over. The interest of the spiritual workers in the world today is not on theProblems, 75:the angle of the planned evolutionary [75] and spiritual development of the human family, leadingProblems, 75:to the wealth of the rich classes. The spiritual principle of Freedom became increasinglyProblems, 77:of the labor unions was, in fact, a great spiritual movement, leading to the uprising anew of theProblems, 77:divine spirit in man and an expression of the spiritual qualities inherent in the race. Yet all isProblems, 79:materialistic civilization or shall we have a spiritual world trend? What must be done to preventProblems, 80:is little left for Christ's work, for simple spiritual living. The task facing the men and women ofProblems, 81:be developed for two main reasons: The purely spiritual reasons of human brotherhood, of peacefulProblems, 83:will bring into expression mass creative powers, spiritual potencies and psychic unfoldments whichProblems, 83:the one Father, and the fact - natural and yet spiritual - that [84] all men are brothers. HereProblems, 84:of the problem with which we are dealing. The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet recognizes neitherProblems, 89:in the world may benefit. It is a living, vital, spiritual organism and not a selfish, materialProblems, 92:from taking sides, losing thereby a great spiritual opportunity, based upon the principle ofProblems, 93:must realize that if the best possible steps, spiritual and material, were to be taken for theProblems, 96:is struggling to end it and, therefore, the spiritual forces of the world are on the side of theProblems, 99:after and valued. These belong to the great spiritual aristocracy of humanity, and though theyProblems, 102:demanding that these persecutions end. The spiritual forces of the world and the spiritual leadersProblems, 102:end. The spiritual forces of the world and the spiritual leaders of humanity (both those working onProblems, 103:psychological insight or any recognition of the spiritual values involved; no problem can today beProblems, 105:and will begin to cooperate with a full sense of spiritual understanding and so aid the thousandsProblems, 110:a race with an amazing contribution to make of spiritual assets, cultural values and creativeProblems, 122:to teach religion, who claim to represent the spiritual life, to direct the spiritual approach ofProblems, 122:to represent the spiritual life, to direct the spiritual approach of the human soul to God and toProblems, 122:soul to God and to lay down the rules for the spiritual life. In writing on this theme we areProblems, 122:of the human Spirit to its Source, to that spiritual Center where divinity rules and to those WhoProblems, 122:of God, the fact of Christ, the fact of men's spiritual approach to divinity, the fact of theProblems, 122:of the deathlessness of the Spirit, the fact of spiritual opportunity and the fact of man'sProblems, 124:teachers of the truth able to exemplify the spiritual life. Nothing under heaven can arrest theProblems, 124:every land and composing all faiths do not offer spiritual guidance and help, humanity will findProblems, 125:or so consciously and definitely oriented to the spiritual values and to the need for spiritualProblems, 125:to the spiritual values and to the need for spiritual revaluations and realizations. The appealsProblems, 128:He taught that service was the keynote of the spiritual life and that the will of God would beProblems, 129:authority are characteristic of creative spiritual thinking at this time; this is regarded byProblems, 131:in the priest and in the Vatican are regarded as spiritual duties. The Roman Catholic Church standsProblems, 131:eventually it may emerge as a regenerating and spiritual force. The challenge of its environment isProblems, 132:- had nowhere to lay His head. There are deeply spiritual men whose lot is cast within the crampingProblems, 133:in the churches; they know well that the spiritual realities have been forgotten in the materialProblems, 133:hands, eternal in the heavens". They serve that spiritual Hierarchy which stands - unseen andProblems, 133:being into conscious relation to Christ and that spiritual Hierarchy is to them the factor of majorProblems, 133:both in the East and in the West and in all spiritual groups, dedicated ostensibly to spiritualProblems, 133:in all spiritual groups, dedicated ostensibly to spiritual purpose. They are simple, saintly men,Problems, 134:and power; their temporal power is nil but their spiritual example brings illumination and strengthProblems, 135:their countless millions are registering a deep spiritual need, are conscious of the stirrings ofProblems, 135:past and for the appearance of those virtues, spiritual impulses and incentives which men appear toProblems, 135:of the forces which drive humanity on towards spiritual living. Everywhere people are ready for theProblems, 135:of material betterment only, but in terms of a spiritual vision, true values and right humanProblems, 135:human relations. They are demanding teaching and spiritual help along with the necessary requestsProblems, 136:they should listen. The hope within them is spiritual and undying. This hope and this demand haveProblems, 136:restoration of the world? By what means will the spiritual Guides of the race lead men forward intoProblems, 136:and respond to the appeal of Christ and to the spiritual demand of countless millions? Or will theyProblems, 137:is the guarantee that a new and fuller unlimited spiritual life is now possible? Will they remindProblems, 137:all faiths in both hemispheres attain that inner spiritual light which will make them light bearersProblems, 137:these disastrous faults were there because the spiritual values had no place in the life of theProblems, 137:today there are men responding to the new spiritual idealism, [138] to the urgency of theProblems, 138:everywhere. Men want to be assured that a great spiritual revelation is due and cannot be arrestedProblems, 138:be arrested and that there lies ahead of them a spiritual future as well as a material one. It isProblems, 138:today; a new mode of interpreting the ancient spiritual teaching, because man has evolved and whatProblems, 139:to God Immanent and God Transcendent is the spiritual problem, facing all the world religions atProblems, 140:win be regarded as emanating from one great spiritual source; all will be seen as unitedlyProblems, 140:not as theological concepts but as essential to spiritual living; they will stand together on theProblems, 140:divine Plan, as it is revealed to them by the spiritual leaders of the race, and as it indicates toProblems, 140:forming today. A second emerging guide to the spiritual life is the hope of revelation. NeverProblems, 141:and then the development of the habit of spiritual recognition! It is the task of the churches toProblems, 144:3. Christ and the Hierarchy The third great spiritual and essential truth is the fact of Christ,Problems, 144:and not death will be proclaimed; attainment of spiritual status through spiritual living will beProblems, 144:attainment of spiritual status through spiritual living will be taught, and the fact of theProblems, 144:of humanity will be the goal. The fact of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, the ability ofProblems, 145:- these are the truths upon which the future spiritual teaching will be based. The fact of theProblems, 145:doctrinal authority into direct, personal and spiritual experience; they are coming under the
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