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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Psychology2, 728:produce on earth the counterpart of the inner spiritual organization. The problem to be met by thePsychology2, 731:vision the higher possibilities and the world of spiritual values and of meaning. This is beingPsychology2, 731:- and there are many such. It is a new field for spiritual endeavor. It is not possible to enlargePsychology2, 731:which concern us. There are other subjective and spiritual [732] methods employed which concern usPsychology2, 732:the most potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy, is the spreading of good willPsychology2, 733:is great. The emergency is upon us and a united spiritual effort, prayerfully carried forward,Psychology2, 734:in this crisis as a necessary part of our spiritual life, demanding from us, nevertheless, all thatPsychology2, 734:and the subsequent and consequent downflow of spiritual life [735] into the personality - thePsychology2, 736:subjective side of life, or along the lines of spiritual understanding and meaning, who are thePsychology2, 736:everybody to take stock of himself and turn his spiritual theories and his humanitarian longingsPsychology2, 738:a few minutes to get the point of view of the spiritual leaders of the race, of the planetaryPsychology2, 738:are endeavoring frantically to keep their hold - spiritual, mental or financial - over the peoplePsychology2, 739:of world good will or provide a barrier to that spiritual sensitivity which makes him susceptiblePsychology2, 739:which makes him susceptible to the higher inner spiritual impression. The servants of the spiritualPsychology2, 739:inner spiritual impression. The servants of the spiritual Hierarchy and the world disciples arePsychology2, 740:will everywhere existent. Precipitating, through spiritual perception and correct interpretation,Psychology2, 740:groups: The planetary Hierarchy, which is the spiritual Hierarchy called in the West, the kingdomPsychology2, 740:Servers or the disciples and aspirants and the spiritual intelligentsia of the world. The men andPsychology2, 742:method of straightening out the world which the spiritual hierarchy has, at this time, determinedPsychology2, 743:Servers, standing at a midway point between the spiritual Hierarchy and the world of men, are thePsychology2, 744:the liberal minded people who react to the newer spiritual impression and the emerging ways ofPsychology2, 745:with the objective world, and that the world of spiritual realities is now recognized on such aPsychology2, 745:scale that the precipitation of that which is spiritual is discovered to be present in everythingPsychology2, 745:moment of fusion, the downpouring desire of the spiritual forces of the Hierarchy, of the ChristPsychology2, 745:thus there will be precipitated upon earth that spiritual [746] stimulation and that healing forcePsychology2, 746:all of us put ourselves and all our resources - spiritual, mental and material - into the meetingPsychology2, 746:good business technique and methods (which are spiritual faculties; not dedicated, as yet, on aPsychology2, 746:The forces existent today, directed by the spiritual agencies of the incoming New Age, have madePsychology2, 746:a help, but it is dependent upon receptivity to spiritual impression, which means responsiveness toPsychology2, 747:the task; it will mean the cultivation of that spiritual sensitivity which will render us aware ofPsychology2, 747:silence, for silence is the best method whereby spiritual force is both generated and stored forPsychology2, 747:the men and women of good will, the Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders have laid down the followingPsychology2, 748:the world, wherever they may be found. The spiritual Hierarchy cannot work through people whosePsychology2, 749:it) of those who see life from the angle of the spiritual values and who seek to build for thePsychology2, 750:[750] The producing of sensitivity to the inner spiritual impression, emanating from the HierarchyRays, 4:connection it should be borne in mind that when spiritual energy and material energy (the twoRays, 4:remembered that Superhuman entities display spiritual energy. Subhuman entities display the energyRays, 7:the lower personality on the physical plane that spiritual illumination and that divine energyRays, 8:must proceed side by side, he will find that the spiritual energy he may appreciate and contactRays, 9:cubes," or the cross upon which the inner spiritual Man is to be crucified. These four elementalsRays, 15:(so-called) are [15] met with upon the highest spiritual levels because they are - in their turn -Rays, 15:name (as far as humanity is concerned) of the Spiritual Triad - an area covered by the higherRays, 15:Thus a great process of ascension and of spiritual attainment is under way, though as yet only itsRays, 17:going on among men - an awakening to the higher spiritual values, to the trends and ideologiesRays, 17:of this great sumtotal the human soul and the spiritual soul are but aspects or expressions. It isRays, 17:realities" of the soul consciousness and spiritual awareness of the Members of the Hierarchy whichRays, 18:by the same soul awareness, animated by the same spiritual activity, functioning under the sameRays, 26:appear to be on the surface - trite truisms and spiritual platitudes; but they are rules forRays, 26:take the disciple and the group through a major spiritual experience; they embody the techniques ofRays, 27:in action and the focused attitude of the Spiritual Triad in relation to the personality. I wouldRays, 27:reason Base of spine - Personality - Manas - Spiritual activity In these words you have, therefore,Rays, 27:of the purpose of the Monad, working through the Spiritual Triad which is - as you know - relatedRays, 28:brothers - moving forward into the light? Is the spiritual will of the individual personalities ofRays, 28:it negates the personality relation and leads to spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay andRays, 28:relation and leads to spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay and spiritual relation? It is onlyRays, 28:spiritual recognition, spiritual interplay and spiritual relation? It is only in consideration ofRays, 29:but now is preoccupied with the problem of spiritual ambition - a spiritual ambition which isRays, 29:with the problem of spiritual ambition - a spiritual ambition which is working through a very smallRays, 29:to move forward and possess a strong inner spiritual life - hence my finding the time to work withRays, 29:does not control. The evocative power of the Spiritual Triad is not, therefore, adequate to holdRays, 30:the secret of the coming revelation and of the spiritual dispensation which will emerge as humanityRays, 31:This highest of all the fires, this deeply spiritual and hitherto seldom recognized burning ground,Rays, 32:many of the world Scriptures to express living, spiritual energy. I said "spiritual energy" and notRays, 32:to express living, spiritual energy. I said "spiritual energy" and not soul force, and herein liesRays, 33:governed by pure reason and working out in spiritual activity. That is a sentence easily written,Rays, 33:the initiate-in-training should be one of right spiritual motive - the motive being the intelligentRays, 33:means, secondly, the release of the faculty of spiritual perception and of intuitive understanding,Rays, 34:[34] active, you will have the emergence of true spiritual activity upon the physical plane,Rays, 34:be apparent to you, therefore, that these higher spiritual faculties can only be brought into playRays, 42:before him, and he knows that no forms and no spiritual complexes and no pull by either soul orRays, 43:him from experience in the life of the Spiritual Triad. This Spiritual Triad is essentially, to theRays, 43:in the life of the Spiritual Triad. This Spiritual Triad is essentially, to the initiate, what theRays, 45:of [45] a completely perfect expression of the spiritual life, but it does indicate that theRays, 50:is brought into touch with the will of the Spiritual Triad. This takes place in three clearlyRays, 54:For aeons the Word of the soul and the Sound of spiritual reality are lost. Today, the Word of theRays, 54:hearing the Sound emanating from the Central Spiritual Sun and penetrating all forms of divine lifeRays, 57:to personalities, the Monad in relation to the Spiritual Triad, the Master in relation to HisRays, 59:responds to the impact of energy coming from the Spiritual Triad. Only when this is visioned, evenRays, 61:space) the higher unfoldment in the world of the Spiritual Triad. What I am doing in theseRays, 61:between the threefold personality and the Spiritual Triad, linked and brought together by theRays, 61:the three demands which evoke response from the Spiritual Triad and thus reach the Monad in itsRays, 63:higher mind, which is the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad - to work in the world of ideas andRays, 64:plane (the second or middle aspect of the Spiritual Triad), he arrives at a great and basicRays, 64:divine purpose through the power of the dynamic spiritual will. When you can [65] appreciate thatRays, 65:that I may say. From the highest plane of the spiritual will, what is, technically called "theRays, 66:this out and endeavor to build up the right spiritual habits. In this way the Master wastes no timeRays, 69:our Earth, the planet Venus and the Central Spiritual Sun. The function of the Custodians of theRays, 72:and is becoming increasingly aware of their spiritual impersonality, which seems to him to beRays, 73:endeavoring to develop their capacity for spiritual impersonality. He knows it is something whichRays, 73:of the intellect, and the light of the spiritual will, which is the revelation of the unfoldingRays, 74:them are the expression of the activity of the Spiritual Triad. Let me make myself clearlyRays, 74:as life, where the Monad and its expression, the Spiritual Triad, are concerned. All the lights areRays, 74:identification - upon mental levels - with the spiritual will. All these three aspects of light canRays, 74:from the angle of the Monad. The light which the Spiritual Triad reflects upon the mental plane.Rays, 75:take place in a gradually unfolding series of spiritual events. I cannot and must not put theseRays, 75:What will come through that series of spiritual happenings and their inevitable reaction upon theRays, 76:Shamballa? Can this evocation of a new cycle of spiritual contact and of liberation be broughtRays, 76:women of goodwill? Can the will-to-good of the spiritual Forces and the goodwill of humanity beRays, 76:could not be invocative were it not that the Spiritual Hierarchy (and by that term I include bothRays, 76:is evoked by the invocation or Sound of the spiritual hierarchies. Man's responsibility, however,
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