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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Rays, 229:years. You have, therefore, a condition of great spiritual promise, and in this combination ofRays, 232:cannot. Others will respond as fully as their spiritual status permits. This inflow of AquarianRays, 236:all its weight on the side of that which is new, spiritual and desirable. Adapting itselfRays, 236:is higher and which indicates a better and more spiritual future, with all that that implies, andRays, 245:training does not end as they attain certain spiritual initiatory goals. This fifth purpose isRays, 252:aspirant. This was degenerating into a form of spiritual selfishness and separateness. The TeachingRays, 257:in synthesis. Here we find a relation to the spiritual Triad and the three points in the CouncilRays, 258:sense of divine proportion and from the angle of spiritual mathematics, and (paradoxical as thisRays, 261:and as one whose consciousness is focused in the Spiritual Triad - he must now master. ToRays, 262:but the forces which have been transmuted into spiritual energy begin now to have a dynamicRays, 263:who function in the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad with even greater positivity than theRays, 264:The Law of Synthesis, as you know, is the law of spiritual existence, and one of the three majorRays, 264:It is the law governing the activities of the Spiritual Triad, and the conditioning law of monadicRays, 265:first of all by determination, then by the spiritual will, and finally as an implemented aspect ofRays, 265:be regarded as the individual process of spiritual integration, relating - in full wakingRays, 266:build the antahkarana and function as the Spiritual Triad within the monadic Life will inspirationRays, 273:Logos (to give you another definition) what the Spiritual Triad is to the dedicated personality ofRays, 273:of the initiated disciple, for such is the spiritual status of the planetary Logos; the one of theRays, 273:into activity is the one Who works through the spiritual will. Within the body of the planetaryRays, 275:the exoteric and the esoteric workers in one spiritual undertaking, originates in reality inRays, 276:made possible by the synthesis of purpose and of spiritual relationship which exists between ThoseRays, 277:stands and which implements the Plan; it is this spiritual planning which results in the growingRays, 277:conditions divine purpose and which leads to the spiritual planning that will give you the clue toRays, 278:they have become simply forms through which spiritual love may flow out into the world of men inRays, 279:are well known, in theory at least, to all spiritual aspirants; they are expressions ofRays, 279:Thou forsaken me?" The Temple of Solomon, the spiritual temple "not made with hands, eternal in theRays, 280:mind. Transfiguration concerns the life of the Spiritual Triad upon its own three levels ofRays, 281:angle of the initiate. The three planes of the Spiritual Triad are the spheres whereonRays, 281:Masters Themselves upon the three planes of the Spiritual Triad? Students are well aware that manyRays, 282:effect. But on the higher three levels of the Spiritual Triad, another type of evolutionary impulseRays, 283:made possible upon the three levels of the Spiritual Triad. As this transformation takes place, aRays, 283:the Master builds that of which the spiritual correspondence is [284] the manasic antahkarana. TheRays, 284:and later, to project the dynamic impulse of His spiritual will in such a manner that He succeedsRays, 284:Chohan then transcends the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad and is focused as a "projectingRays, 285:until, through resolution, we have resolved our spiritual problems, transmuted our lower naturesRays, 286:the world of significance is the world of the Spiritual Triad, which only confers its freedom fullyRays, 287:and cruelty of war, and when the new and higher spiritual influences are being steadily poured out.Rays, 290:of the Sixth Initiation. It was this event and spiritual crisis in the life of the Christ (takingRays, 290:Jesus) which enabled Jesus on His own level of spiritual development to take the fourth initiation,Rays, 295:scientifically interpret it. According to their spiritual development and their intelligentRays, 296:stage of decentralization, of automatic spiritual living and of absorption into the Hierarchy [297]Rays, 297:planetary cycle is sight, culminating in that spiritual perception which is the major gift of theRays, 299:of recognition, of orientation (towards the spiritual world and towards the service of humanity),Rays, 301:living proof of the existence of the world of spiritual Oneness. To all applicants the call hasRays, 301:reveal to the world the grouped formation of all spiritual workers, the nature of the ChristRays, 304:and preventing what is really meant by spiritual perception. The attitude of the average man, andRays, 304:through the medium of the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad. This is peculiarly so in connectionRays, 305:and similar faults, based on lack of spiritual unfoldment. The effort to remove hindrances withinRays, 305:soul. The destroying of all links which hold the spiritual man in the three worlds. These motivesRays, 306:the result of desire; it is an effort of the spiritual will and is essentially an activity of theRays, 306:will and is essentially an activity of the Spiritual Triad; it involves the carrying out of thoseRays, 307:a large scale, this requires an exercise of the spiritual will to bring about, and does not requireRays, 308:to forms in the two higher worlds of the Spiritual Triad. Rays, 310:through one or other of the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad. This activity is determined byRays, 310:from the angle of his monadic ray. Every spiritual man is upon one or another of the three majorRays, 311:nature or through the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, to which we give the inadequate nameRays, 311:Will." Students are apt to forget that the Spiritual Triad, related as it is to the Monad in muchRays, 311:the medium of buddhi, the second aspect of the Spiritual Triad. If he is on the third ray and inRays, 311:the higher mind, the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. Forget not, however, that none of theseRays, 311:or of the intuition, in the consciousness of the spiritual man will lead to the use of the will inRays, 313:of the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, the spiritual man (in incarnation) has known that he isRays, 314:therefore speaking on soul levels and not as the spiritual man on Earth. He was serving as a memberRays, 317:The three aspects of the will, as focused in the Spiritual Triad, are now in full expression; theRays, 324:the Mysteries and towards the activity of spiritual transference, which is one of the names givenRays, 326:the lower three worlds and the world of the Spiritual Triad. In doing this, it became apparent thatRays, 326:of superhuman evolution, the levels of the Spiritual Triad: atma-buddhi-manas. Between the higherRays, 326:the personality (indwelt by the soul) and the Spiritual Triad could be bridged by the aspirantRays, 327:attaining the indicated goals. There must be a spiritual future indicated. It is that which isRays, 327:succeeded, the next step forward and the new spiritual enticement must be clearly disclosed.Rays, 333:(and primarily) to the interior life and the spiritual impulses within the Hierarchy itself andRays, 333:The Hierarchy pursues its own line of spiritual unfoldment as a paralleling activity to itsRays, 334:the fifth kingdom, the Kingdom of God, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. The Hierarchy isRays, 334:The Hierarchy is itself also at a point of spiritual crisis. Its initiates stand before the DoorRays, 334:evolution as well as the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad. Forget not the overlapping of theseRays, 334:have the right to some reward or are now so spiritual that the Hierarchy can have a good and usefulRays, 335:to men) are an expression of the inherent spiritual impulse which is impelling hierarchical actionRays, 335:its own evolutionary rhythm and its own spiritual expansions; these are not the same as those ofRays, 335:planned activity of the Hierarchy is related to spiritual incentives which have their roots inRays, 335:of the Christ to lift itself on to a higher spiritual level and closer to the door which leads toRays, 340:All that is possible is to indicate certain spiritual trends and tendencies and - as this sectionRays, 341:initiate. Initiation is a process whereby the spiritual man within the personality becomes aware ofRays, 341:he is endeavoring to escape. This would not be spiritual progression. Every step upon the Path ofRays, 342:many of them were so "spiritually selfish." This spiritual selfishness has led the average esotericRays, 343:as a group, have developed their particular "spiritual enterprise." It is the law of the spiritRays, 345:and achievement. Today, so rapidly is man making spiritual progress, the Hierarchy is admittingRays, 349:(the group-building quality) he shares with the spiritual aspirant. He is essentially groupRays, 349:life is flooded with energy coming from the Spiritual Triad, via the "sacrifice petals" of the willRays, 349:a disciplined life, analogous to that of the spiritual aspirant; he practices purity for his ownRays, 349:at the third initiation there comes to the true spiritual initiate the revelation which is theRays, 351:an insuperable barrier and obstacle; to the true spiritual neophyte, the door connotesRays, 352:combine and form the "door" through which the spiritual man must pass when he undergoes the firstRays, 353:third initiation), and electrical fire from the Spiritual Triad, making its first impact on theRays, 356:initiate who seeks to penetrate to the Central Spiritual Sun - to which all the seven PathsRays, 358:four planes which connote the highest possible spiritual influences, as far as humanity isRays, 359:of the occult student to think ever in terms of spiritual abstraction can (and often does) militateRays, 360:plane - the buddhic and the atmic, the planes of spiritual love and intelligent will. The Way ofRays, 360:therefore, continually in mind that the highest spiritual attainment upon and within the sevenRays, 360:etheric planes (the four levels of so-called spiritual development); these are conditioned by threeRays, 360:superhuman effort, making the five fields of the spiritual activity of man. Love and intelligenceRays, 364:analogical teaching, and that is that the word "spiritual" refers neither to religious matters
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