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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Rays, 364:level from the lowest to the highest. The word "spiritual" relates to attitudes, to relationships,Rays, 364:a higher registration of possibility; the word "spiritual" refers to every effect of theRays, 364:or in the awakening infant are just as surely spiritual events as participation in an initiatoryRays, 364:and equipment for success, is as much a spiritual unfoldment - in that individual's experience - asRays, 364:by orthodox church people that the word "spiritual" connotes profound and effective interest inRays, 364:religion is not borne out by the facts of the spiritual life. Some day, when the world isRays, 364:intuitional, and so forth) is essentially spiritual in nature and is indicative of the livingnessRays, 365:development in terms of what is now regarded as "spiritual" by the religious devotee and by the manRays, 365:field of art, are just as much an evidence of "spiritual" unfoldment as the rhapsodies of theRays, 365:in the experience of all those thus making a spiritual approach along some specialized line, whereRays, 367:The nature of its relationship to Shamballa, The spiritual nature of Those Who respond in reverentRays, 375:which results in the magnetic impact and the spiritual "pull" which draws the soul, incarnated inRays, 380:inchoately invocative, thus drawing from high spiritual centers certain developed and informedRays, 382:cycle we shall see the first stages of the great spiritual fusion towards which all evolutionRays, 383:be preserved, but the inner relationship and the spiritual fusion will steadily proceed until: SoulRays, 383:and right timing of mankind. But that future of spiritual cooperation and interplay within andRays, 383:forward towards a conscious approach to more spiritual living; this, factually, means a definiteRays, 385:first initiation and are oriented towards the spiritual life and the service of their fellowmen;Rays, 385:hierarchical event. It was a crisis of supreme spiritual import. Rays, 388:have a more complete picture of evocative and spiritual reality. You know much (for I have told youRays, 389:states of awareness and with experiences and spiritual undertakings which lie outside my ownRays, 390:and humanity has awakened to truer values and spiritual perception to a totally unexpected extent.Rays, 390:planes - the mastery of which is our idealized spiritual goal - are after all only the lowestRays, 391:and the attractive potency of the Central Spiritual Sun, to which all the Paths eventually lead.Rays, 391:monadic and logoic planes. On these planes the spiritual and the divine will is developed andRays, 392:from the cosmic astral plane; from that level of spiritual life true divine love pours into it.Rays, 392:to the soul over-shadowing the incarnated spiritual man. Rays, 394:for it signifies a new relationship of a spiritual nature and deeply spiritual results. TheRays, 394:relationship of a spiritual nature and deeply spiritual results. The preparation of the Masters forRays, 395:with what is meant by the words the "Central Spiritual Sun," just as They were familiar with theRays, 397:of the World regards as within the field of His spiritual interference. He reserves the right toRays, 398:sounds out and reaches Those Who are waiting for spiritual opportunity and service. They thenRays, 398:or Great Enlighteners or Planetary Saviors or Spiritual Regents; They act at the request of SanatRays, 398:seven planes are an integral part; our highest spiritual world is a part of the substantial world.Rays, 399:them lead the initiate eventually to the Central Spiritual Sun. [400] All Who work in ShamballaRays, 406:over these bridges that the will of the related spiritual Identities is projected, producing thatRays, 407:of the two energies of atma-buddhi, or of spiritual will and spiritual love, completely unified andRays, 407:of atma-buddhi, or of spiritual will and spiritual love, completely unified and energeticallyRays, 408:by the brain and its special limitations - the spiritual man is not conscious of time, once He isRays, 408:in this process the antahkarana between the spiritual man in incarnation and the Spiritual Triad isRays, 408:between the spiritual man in incarnation and the Spiritual Triad is aided and finally constructed,Rays, 411:of the Hierarchy, the entire course of man's spiritual history was most peculiarly altered. ThisRays, 412:of His manifestation, just as the successful spiritual unfoldment of a human being and his abilityRays, 413:the physical plane in human affairs; this deeply spiritual and mysterious success (mysteriousRays, 413:is to our solar Logos what the Monad is to the spiritual man, has a peculiar part to play where ourRays, 414:the Sun, creating as a consequence a triangle of spiritual energy of enormous potency. You have,Rays, 414:Kumara what the egoic lotus, the soul, is to the spiritual man; it carries the life principle ofRays, 416:minor relations on Earth as those between: The Spiritual Triad and the Personality. The mental unitRays, 418:for certain changes to be worked by Masons with spiritual understanding. The present JewishRays, 419:to contact and to impressions - mental and spiritual. The history of evolution is in reality andRays, 419:consequent upon the response of substance to spiritual impact and impression. This impact and thisRays, 425:I shall not enlarge upon it, but if you have spiritual imagination and speculative ability you canRays, 428:world crisis, or else such a speeding up of the spiritual life of the planet that the coming in ofRays, 428:country in the world. Freedom is an essentially spiritual attribute, underlying the entireRays, 429:nevertheless, give her the opportunity to become spiritual in her life and attitudes, instead ofRays, 429:true vision and a new freedom, plus a wider spiritual horizon may be attained. The crisis, ifRays, 430:which are to be found in the Archives of the spiritual Hierarchy, the entire area of the Near EastRays, 431:in average man, and closely related in the spiritual man. These glands are objectiveRays, 431:by means of which the soul, or the indwelling spiritual man, controls his physical vehicle. WhereRays, 432:knowledge, rightly applied, becomes wisdom. The Spiritual Triad, acting as the intermediary betweenRays, 434:at the task of a dual and constant process of spiritual and physical recognitions. Rays, 434:seen as simply a system or collection of fusing spiritual attributes, and the lowest aspect of theRays, 434:attributes, and the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, the abstract mind. The disciple feelsRays, 435:familiarizing himself with new and opening spiritual environments, widening his horizon,Rays, 435:goodness, and of stem and unchangeable spiritual purpose. Is that enough of a goal for a disciple?Rays, 435:speed or the sattvic or rhythmic nature of the spiritual life eventually changes this attitude; heRays, 436:The overcoming of time and the demonstration of spiritual speed are indications that the dual lifeRays, 437:and direct contact must be established with the Spiritual Triad by the time the third initiationRays, 439:of painful deliberations and of high voltage spiritual ambition, with their consequent limitationsRays, 439:this behind, knowing that even this so-called "spiritual responsiveness" is a form of self-centeredRays, 439:statement - all this agonizing reaction to the spiritual urge will be left behind. The Master knowsRays, 440:face for aeons towards the clear cold light of spiritual existence"; not all the Masters make orRays, 440:overcome, the liberated Master enters a world of spiritual endeavor which is free from forms andRays, 441:disciple to live simultaneously the life of the spiritual world and the practical life of physicalRays, 441:as a whole, becoming increasingly aware of the spiritual synthesis underlying the united Ashrams.Rays, 442:to build the antahkarana, thus bringing the Spiritual Triad and the mind as the highest aspect inRays, 442:a clear alignment and a direct channel from the Spiritual Triad straight through to the brain viaRays, 442:sensitivity which expresses interpretively the spiritual understanding, conveyed by the awakeningRays, 442:by the awakening intuition - the agent of the Spiritual Triad. The meaning of this becomes clearerRays, 443:and creative agent. It is thus that the Spiritual Triad is brought into rapport with the threefoldRays, 443:he has created under the inspiration of the Spiritual Triad and with the aid of the three aspectsRays, 444:aware of that which he has - with hope and spiritual expectancy - sought to create; he discoversRays, 445:of forms), of the energy of the intuition or spiritual love-wisdom or understanding (thisRays, 445:sensitivity and feeling in the astral body), and spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lowerRays, 445:energies which animate the soul. These are the spiritual mind, conveying illumination; theRays, 445:illumination; the intuitive nature, conferring spiritual perception; and divine livingness. AfterRays, 445:is finished which links perfectly the higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. TheRays, 447:mind, into the world of the higher [447] spiritual mind and into the realm of the intuition. ARays, 447:comes into being between the personality and the spiritual Triad, via the soul body, just as theRays, 447:sends the man in the direction of the world of spiritual realities, plus certain movements ofRays, 447:as carefully studied; and the will-to-live as a spiritual being is brought into the consciousnessRays, 448:in any desired manner. Thus all aspects of man, spiritual and natural, can be focused where needed.Rays, 453:these words you have the expression of a great spiritual law, one which you would do well toRays, 454:can then occur: The magnetic response of the Spiritual Triad (atma-buddhi-manas), which is theRays, 454:of the Monad, is evoked. A triple stream of spiritual energy is slowly projected towards the egoicRays, 455:To construct the antahkarana between the Spiritual Triad and the personality - with the cooperationRays, 457:it. It is the first cable, projected from the Spiritual Triad in response to the emanation of theRays, 457:is becoming adequately magnetized from the spiritual angle, its note or sound will go forth andRays, 457:produce a definitely attractive effect upon the Spiritual Triad. This Spiritual Triad in its turnRays, 457:attractive effect upon the Spiritual Triad. This Spiritual Triad in its turn has been exerting an
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