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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Rays, 759:the Invocation. The year 1952 will be a year of spiritual crisis and a year when it should proveRays, 760:have a short resume of the five most important spiritual results of the present century. The warRays, 760:brought the Invocation to them. The two other spiritual events which I listed lie, as you know,Rays, 760:are the closer approach of the members of the spiritual Hierarchy to our humanity, and theRays, 760:to these two "emergence"; seek to make the five spiritual events which are already within yourRays, 760:working knowledge a definite part of your own spiritual endeavor. Let humanity constitute yourRays, 760:and may it be said of you that you knew the spiritual facts and were a dynamic part of theseRays, 760:spiritual facts and were a dynamic part of these spiritual events; may it not be said of you thatRays, 761:Seek not, O twice-blessed One, to attain the spiritual essence before the mind absorbs. Not thus isReappearance, 6:humanity and divinity. The whole system of spiritual revelation is based (and has always beenReappearance, 7:are linked with the concept of some subjective spiritual Order or Hierarchy of spiritual Lives, WhoReappearance, 7:some subjective spiritual Order or Hierarchy of spiritual Lives, Who are concerned with theReappearance, 8:most of us. When They have reached that stage of spiritual decentralization, They Themselves canReappearance, 8:of humanity itself. An Avatar is consequently a spiritual event, coming to us to bring about greatReappearance, 9:They have the gift of being these embodied spiritual qualities, and because They have in fullnessReappearance, 9:for its transmission from the center of all spiritual Life. This is the basis for the doctrine ofReappearance, 11:and loved by countless millions. The nucleus of spiritual energy which each of Them set up isReappearance, 11:point acts increasingly as a transmitter of spiritual energy; it enables humanity to express someReappearance, 11:builds, protects, shields and succors the spiritual impulses by which men live; that which bringsReappearance, 13:of the Kingdom of God, the Church Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet; it is dependentReappearance, 16:Even if there is no general recognition of His spiritual status and His message, there mustReappearance, 17:presentation of a simple return to the ways of spiritual living. The priests, the Levites, theReappearance, 19:Him to work in the future. The development of spiritual recognition is the great need today inReappearance, 19:and taught about the Kingdom of God, or the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Everywhere, in allReappearance, 20:borne testimony to the existence of an inner, spiritual world. All this creates a uniqueReappearance, 20:opportunities and unique problems. All these spiritual forces and many others, both within andReappearance, 21:spirit and the group consciousness, and His spiritual energy is the attractive force, binding menReappearance, 22:the effort now being planned by Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy is dependent upon the ability ofReappearance, 23:the unique spread of knowledge about the spiritual Hierarchy and the unique development of groupReappearance, 25:planet as a whole. At the particular stage of spiritual development which Christ had then attainedReappearance, 25:attained and which had made Him the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the One who engineered theReappearance, 25:and the close and growing relation between the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity were known to him,Reappearance, 28:speaking on soul levels and not only as the spiritual man on Earth. He was also serving, when HeReappearance, 28:He spoke these words, as a working Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, for He was found by HisReappearance, 28:the "center where the will of God is known." The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (the invisibleReappearance, 29:Here He was speaking as the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy and expressing His divine will (at-oneReappearance, 29:the world of material values into the world of spiritual recognitions. It did not relate to deathReappearance, 30:statements. He announced to the assembled spiritual Hierarchy and to all His servants and disciplesReappearance, 31:permitted to be used except by the most exalted, spiritual Beings. He used it Himself for the firstReappearance, 33:Who stand subjectively behind world affairs, the spiritual Directors of our life. They stand readyReappearance, 33:underlying facts will be apparent and an era of spiritual propaganda, engineered by disciples andReappearance, 34:hitherto lacking. The clear light of the Spiritual Hierarchy now illumines the way of the modernReappearance, 35:and simple meaning and it ties in with the spiritual aspiration of all men everywhere. The use ofReappearance, 37:is working through the Christ and the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring relief; God Immanent in all menReappearance, 38:and because of the imminence of that spiritual accomplishment. Not only are all those who areReappearance, 38:of God aware of His Plans, but those great spiritual Beings Who live and dwell in the "Father'sReappearance, 38:mobilized and organized to assist His work. The spiritual line of succession from the throne of theReappearance, 38:satisfied." (Is., LIII, 11.) Right through the spiritual succession of the Sons of God, there isReappearance, 39:Christ return to Earth." For the three great spiritual centers: the Father's House, the Kingdom ofReappearance, 39:possess some understanding of this highest spiritual center to which - if we believe the GospelReappearance, 40:faithful hearts has penetrated to the highest spiritual sphere and set in motion energies andReappearance, 40:- united to the wisdom and the knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy - it has given rise to certainReappearance, 40:on Earth. A new chapter in the great book of spiritual living is about to be written; a newReappearance, 40:Him." (Rev., I, 7.) The religious livingness or spiritual history of mankind can be [41] summarizedReappearance, 41:of God Transcendent; recognition of those major spiritual concepts of love, life and relationshipReappearance, 41:and to mankind itself. It is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to right humanReappearance, 41:someone Who has never left us!) and of the new spiritual opportunities which this event will makeReappearance, 41:Representative must come forth from the world of spiritual realities, because of human need andReappearance, 42:during the centuries is no guarantee of the spiritual success at which He aimed. It needed moreReappearance, 42:cause and source of the disaster; secondly, a spiritual awakening which would have its impulse inReappearance, 42:cry, prayer or demand, directed toward high spiritual sources, no matter by what name such sourcesReappearance, 42:- physically, economically or socially. The spiritual awakening of men everywhere (within orReappearance, 43:and in all groups. It works also through the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. It impels the HeadReappearance, 43:been here upon our Earth, watching over the spiritual destiny of humanity; He has never left usReappearance, 43:not hidden). He has guided the affairs of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of His disciples and workers WhoReappearance, 44:service. He can only reappear. [44] It is a spiritual fact that those who have passed from the caveReappearance, 44:destroy that which they have accomplished. The spiritual and organizing effect of expressed andReappearance, 45:that the end is inevitably sure; the looked-for spiritual Representative must come forth; this timeReappearance, 46:standing as the Representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy and as the Leader of the New Group ofReappearance, 46:relationship comes out at certain of the great spiritual festivals where the relationshipReappearance, 46:Buddha Who in physical Presence expresses the spiritual solidarity of our planet, and the FestivalReappearance, 46:Presence upon our planet of such recognized spiritual figures as the Lord of the World, the AncientReappearance, 46:are before the throne of God; the Buddha, the spiritual leader of the East, and the Christ, theReappearance, 46:leader of the East, and the Christ, the spiritual leader of the West - all of Whom are brought atReappearance, 47:would make would be the stimulation of the spiritual consciousness in man, the evocation ofReappearance, 47:in man, the evocation of humanity's spiritual demands on a large scale and the nurturing - on aReappearance, 48:of the minds of enlightened men everywhere by spiritual ideas embodying the new truths, by theReappearance, 49:Father's House would result in such an inflow of spiritual strength, insight and creativeReappearance, 50:of all those who down the ages, have sought spiritual goals, liberated themselves from theReappearance, 53:been recognized and adapted to world need by the Spiritual Hierarchy, working under the Christ, andReappearance, 57:the world of men in the hands of that great spiritual Server Who will be the new Head of theReappearance, 57:this preparatory stage? What the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are doing is much indeed; thoseReappearance, 57:attitudes and an understanding of the divine spiritual "push" or enterprise that His way will beReappearance, 57:realization is that of a cyclic crisis in the spiritual life of our planet; it is one which [58]Reappearance, 58:the first time in human history, all the three spiritual centers or groups through which God worksReappearance, 58:focused on the same objective. Shamballa, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity (the Father's House,Reappearance, 58:source of all our planetary light but also the spiritual center from which have come all thoseReappearance, 58:and of right human relations. For this the Spiritual Hierarchy is preparing. This time the ChristReappearance, 59:The intelligence of divinity is vested in the Spiritual Hierarchy, and that Hierarchy is todayReappearance, 59:pensive figure; He will be the enunciator of spiritual statements which [60] will not necessitateReappearance, 60:the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of allReappearance, 61:the ages entitles us to a wise consideration and spiritual speculation upon the probable linesReappearance, 66:actively working - through the medium of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, of which He is theReappearance, 67:work is subject also to certain phases of [67] spiritual and cyclic timing and to impressions fromReappearance, 67:13.) Seeing life and events in the light of the spiritual values, as He does, will facilitate theReappearance, 68:that state of awareness which distinguishes the spiritual Hierarchy; to this state of consciousnessReappearance, 68:state of consciousness we can give the name of "spiritual perception," in contradistinction to theReappearance, 69:of tension is now controlling the affairs of the spiritual Hierarchy and its many groups ofReappearance, 69:hierarchical approach to humanity and a great spiritual event. The decision was, nevertheless, theReappearance, 71:not only for [71] Himself but also for the spiritual Hierarchy, during the years of decision, prior
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