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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUAL

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Soul, 106:spiritual life. When this is accomplished, the spiritual life principle animates a soul which knowsSoul, 109:life is "seated in the heart," and as rational spiritual consciousness is "seated on the throneSoul, 115:thousand-petalled lotus, is the embodiment of spiritual energy, demonstrating as Will, as theSoul, 115:demonstrating as Will, as the abstract or spiritual mind, and as the intuition. The ajna center, orSoul, 120:above the diaphragm concern the intellectual and spiritual life and bring about those activities inSoul, 132:intellect and the mind, in order to arrive at spiritual knowledge. This long line of knowers of GodSoul, 133:will be for our day and generation the mode of spiritual achievement. Soul, 134:to be the seat of the soul and of the directing spiritual will. When both these centers areSoul, 134:are awakened we have the great outstanding spiritual personalities who work with consecrated heartSoul, 135:purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara (the divineSoul, 136:and contacts the energies found in the fifth or spiritual kingdom in nature. This act is followedSoul, 136:and progression. This consciously directed spiritual energy playing through the vital body and theSoul, 137:however, that all these powers have their spiritual manifestations and also their lower. A. E.Soul, 137:faculties are developed. Later on, when the spiritual man begins to unfold, he regains clairvoyantSoul, 138:with the centers above the diaphragm that the spiritual man concerns himself, conferring, as theySoul, 138:himself, conferring, as they do, such powers as spiritual perception, correct understanding andSoul, 140:spine. Thus is produced the complete blending of spiritual energy and the force in matter itselfSoul, 142:widely prevalent are a distortion of this true spiritual union or fusion between the two centers ofSoul, 144:men in the physical as well as in the spiritual sense? These things should be investigated, andSoul, 147:more mentioning, if there be any such traits, spiritual or what not, which by definition orSoul, 149:the other differentiating elements; it is the spiritual element. The creative power of the humanSoul, 149:a new world in human consciousness; it is the spiritual world." - Pupin, Michael, The NewSoul, 151:separating things material from things spiritual. Once we realize that the knowledge of higher lawsSoul, 151:of lower laws, then we shall enter our true spiritual heritage." Soul, 151:for, as Dr. Pupin further tells us: "Yes, God's spiritual realities are invisible, but they areSoul, 151:of the Apostle's words the physical and the spiritual realities supplement each other. They are theSoul, 156:control. Failure to exercise this control is the spiritual indolence that is for both Christian andSoul, 157:Others, from what may be a mistaken idea of spiritual demands, reject the normal marriage state,Telepathy, 14:of that lower externalization of an inner spiritual reality. An intermediate stage of thisTelepathy, 17:work is still the major expression of this spiritual possibility, but at the same time MentalTelepathy, 18:and which is so constructively useful to the spiritual Hierarchy - provided it is establishedTelepathy, 21:of the disciple is fertilized with the new and spiritual ideas; he becomes aware of the great Plan;Telepathy, 21:to integrate consciously and definitely with the Spiritual Triad, and therefore to identify itselfTelepathy, 22:and the intuitions registered as coming from the Spiritual Triad, via the soul, are now formulatedTelepathy, 22:the periphery of the group. Eventually, as his spiritual sensitivity increases, he [23] can beTelepathy, 23:need not necessarily be what we call good or spiritual activity. It is quite impersonal, like theTelepathy, 30:the voices which issue forth from the world of spiritual Being, and love each other with loyaltyTelepathy, 37 To:in balancing the group, as a working unit under spiritual impression. The discovery of a weaknessTelepathy, 39:danger of sidetracking the life interest from spiritual purposes to personality attentions andTelepathy, 40:forcing, and no infringement of the liberty and spiritual franchise of the person concerned. ATelepathy, 47:of divine energy, of divine interplay and of spiritual purpose is re-established, then evil willTelepathy, 50:(an invocative sensitivity) between the Spiritual Triad (temporarily expressing itself through theTelepathy, 52:of Impression - The will-to-be. Relation to the Spiritual Triad. Source of emanation - Shamballa.Telepathy, 56:is theirs, to bring humanity to the point where spiritual vision is developed and hierarchicalTelepathy, 56:the door of initiation humanity passes to spiritual vision, leading to soul contact and spiritualTelepathy, 56:to spiritual vision, leading to soul contact and spiritual impression. Through the door ofTelepathy, 58:few are beginning to work along the lines of spiritual telepathy. Few do more than registerTelepathy, 58:clarify still higher contact, emanating from the Spiritual Triad and opening up areas ofTelepathy, 59:to it of a new area for exploration and for spiritual adventure, and as the indication of a widerTelepathy, 59:sensitivity, the disciple moves. He unfolds a spiritual recognition which is controlled,Telepathy, 60:area of the surrounding physical, mental and spiritual worlds come within the arena of perception,Telepathy, 61:vehicles, working through its instrument, the Spiritual Triad. The etheric body is, therefore, theTelepathy, 61:consciously directed, of the rapidly integrating spiritual unity. It can convey into the brain theTelepathy, 73:aware of that within himself which permits of a spiritual perception of such an expansive natureTelepathy, 75:self-related and not due to their high point of spiritual unfoldment which warrants their being theTelepathy, 75:their being the custodians of mysterious spiritual messages - usually of a most unimportant andTelepathy, 76:really the content of their right thinking along spiritual lines and can do no one any harm, but isTelepathy, 78:is very slow, for inertia or tamas controls the spiritual life within the mineral form; in theTelepathy, 79:and devas are to the vegetable kingdom what the spiritual Hierarchy is to humanity. This is, ofTelepathy, 81:Sanat Kumara in the Council Chamber. This high spiritual and ultimate impression moves outwardTelepathy, 81:the seven rays, viewing them as seven streams of spiritual energy, qualified and colored by theTelepathy, 85:of abstract energies which condition him for spiritual impression far more than they fit him forTelepathy, 86:affiliated. Directly from the Master. From the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana. [87] The firstTelepathy, 88:phenomena, even those of the highest astral or spiritual nature, plus the messages received fromTelepathy, 90:to the [90] disciple: that coming from the Spiritual Triad, and therefore from the Monad andTelepathy, 91:whereby Humanity has been taught by the Spiritual Hierarchy from the moment of its first appearanceTelepathy, 92:becomes consciously susceptible to what we call spiritual impression. At that point he becomesTelepathy, 93:and a widening consciousness; the processes of spiritual impression are thereby set up; it is alsoTelepathy, 95:increasingly sensitive; the ideas, concepts and spiritual objectives of which he is becoming awareTelepathy, 95:is a normal and natural unfoldment, paralleling spiritual development. I gave you a clue to theTelepathy, 95:is developed; he becomes a magnet for spiritual ideas and concepts; he attracts into his field ofTelepathy, 103:will come from the higher levels of the Spiritual Triad and, still later, from Shamballa. Then theTelepathy, 104:directly in the brain impressions from the Spiritual Triad (and later from the Monad), via theTelepathy, 105:truth. Impressions from the Ashram or from the Spiritual Triad (which are the only type ofTelepathy, 106:intervention; the teaching upon the Path and the spiritual impression can be interfered with byTelepathy, 107:the soul nature under the inspiration of the Spiritual Triad which is eventually substituted forTelepathy, 108:becomes increasingly sensitive to these spiritual inflowing impressions, and also increasinglyTelepathy, 108:He also becomes a "receiver of light" and of spiritual illumination, and a distributor of light inTelepathy, 110:the existence of faculties which make the higher spiritual and subjective impressions possible, andTelepathy, 112:of the aspirant or disciple toward the Spiritual Triad; it also becomes possible when the abstractTelepathy, 112:and can thus become the seed or germ of the spiritual Will; this will involve responsiveness toTelepathy, 112:becomes the seat of the consciousness of the spiritual man; at the same time, he remains in activeTelepathy, 113:a reaction from these higher Beings, and then a spiritual and intelligent interplay is set up whichTelepathy, 115:impressed by his soul, by the Master or by the Spiritual Triad, the task of the impressing agent isTelepathy, 116:it is not what a true aspirant might regard as spiritual in nature. The average, though stillTelepathy, 119:and the working disciples of the world, plus all spiritual sensitives of a certain degree.Telepathy, 119:work - the three levels of consciousness of the Spiritual Triad. This "focused area" has beenTelepathy, 121:development of consciousness, the many lines of spiritual approach become the few lines ofTelepathy, 121:approach become the few lines of conscious spiritual awareness. So it is in relation to the detailTelepathy, 122:Plan and thus come under the influence of the Spiritual Triad. They are used and not using thatTelepathy, 123:be regarded as the scientific approach to the spiritual life, and it is of value because theTelepathy, 130:is, therefore, coming under the control of the Spiritual Triad, the threefold expression of theTelepathy, 130:threefold personality is to the soul what the Spiritual Triad is to the Monad: a clear medium ofTelepathy, 133:center; the mass of men are responding to spiritual impression. Statement Six. At the same time,Telepathy, 133:the eventual appearance on Earth of the fifth or spiritual [134] kingdom. The Hierarchy or theTelepathy, 134:of Avatars" Who will be embodied Purpose and spiritual Will; They will initiate both the HierarchyTelepathy, 135:that the Monad expresses itself through the Spiritual Triad, the Soul through the three aspects ofTelepathy, 137:in number), whilst the throat center of the spiritual aspirant, of disciples and initiates belowTelepathy, 139:and rightly) between the personality and the Spiritual Triad. This gap will be bridged by theTelepathy, 145:may be the astral plane or the planes of the Spiritual Triad, for none of the energies can control
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