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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUALISM

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Astrology, 125:more esoteric planets. It might be added that spiritualism and the work of the spiritualisticAstrology, 183:investigation likewise into the life history of spiritualism and of the mediums associated with itDestiny, 43:coming into manifestation of the seventh ray. Spiritualism was the religion of old Atlantis and theDestiny, 43:Today It is through the correct development of spiritualism along psychological lines and theDestiny, 43:will be revealed. But it is in connection with spiritualism that I can best illustrate the lowerDestiny, 44:of the movement is in danger of being lost. Spiritualism, in its lowest and material aspect, is aDestiny, 44:mind activity be rapidly enhanced or else true spiritualism will be unable to express itself and -Destiny, 44:of the majority of those who are interested in spiritualism and the entire negativity of the bulkDiscipleship1, 549:Order or Magic, and hence your interest in spiritualism, for one thing, and hence also your choiceEducation, 42:can be expressed by such words as animism, spiritualism, lower psychism and feeling. The sense ofHealing, 395:a common and ordinary phenomenon of which modern spiritualism is the guarantee, though theHercules, 73:they become engrossed with the lower side of spiritualism and pass much time in the seance roomPatanjali, 274:mediumistic seance and the ordinary type of spiritualism. Contact with the astral plane is madePsychology1, 50:All forms of white magic. Lower Expression: Spiritualism of "phenomena." The fourth ray isPsychology1, 98:is universal; hence the [98] rapid growth of spiritualism and of the psychic sciences, and hencePsychology1, 166:Builders, the Seven Rays The rise of modern spiritualism is no doubt due to the seventh subrayPsychology1, 412:All forms of white magic. Lower expression: Spiritualism in its lower aspects.
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