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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUALISTIC

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Astrology, 125:be added that spiritualism and the work of the spiritualistic movement are under the influence ofAtom, 135:phenomenon. Automatic writing, ouija boards, and spiritualistic seances of a low order are rampantAutobiography, 162:difficult because of the many metaphysical and spiritualistic writings which are of so low an orderDestiny, 43:hence again the appearance of the modern spiritualistic movement. This is a direct effect of theDestiny, 43:into play. This is what has happened in the spiritualistic movement; its investigators are occupiedDestiny, 44:to express itself and - through the present spiritualistic movement - there can be let loose uponDestiny, 44:dangers. Fortunately, there is a movement within spiritualistic circles to right this obviousDestiny, 44:societies and organizations, connected with the spiritualistic movement and the psychical researchDestiny, 46:consider the one to which I chose to refer - the spiritualistic movement - which began to takeDestiny, 48:and it accounts for the tremendous growth of the spiritualistic movement and for the enormousDestiny, 90:It is this that produces the many magical, spiritualistic and occult groups which flourish today inDiscipleship1, 669:the great task and the real achievement of the spiritualistic movement throughout the world.Discipleship2, 34:States; he has also worked for many years in the spiritualistic movement. I am giving youExternalisation, 5:esoteric, occult and mystical groups and the spiritualistic movement. Externalisation, 13:Research Societies in the world and the vast Spiritualistic Movement to lay the emphasis on divineFire, 406:lives which it embodies. Hence the success of spiritualistic endeavor, for the larger number of theFire, 457:is a Cretan Master, is interested in the Spiritualistic Movement and is responsible for Light onFire, 759:a focal point of buddhic energy in the vast spiritualistic movement, whilst another Master isHealing, 178:if I might so express it - gives the key to the spiritualistic movement. The sacral center is alsoHealing, 398:here make my position clear as regards the great spiritualistic movement which has done so much inHercules, 73:so will be the glamor. Some get sidetracked by spiritualistic phenomena. In the endeavor toInitiation, 59:initiated, through various pupils of his, the Spiritualistic movement. He has under observation allMagic, 629:Mode 1. Self-preservation Immortality Spiritualistic Research. 2. Sex Spiritual union At-one-mentProblems, 157:To this should be added the activities of the spiritualistic movement, not from the angle of itsPsychology1, 103:The consensus of opinion in the religious and spiritualistic fields and in the field of biblicalPsychology1, 107:is flooding the world today. As you know, the spiritualistic movement is producing a vast amount ofPsychology1, 211:in dreams, in all occult practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. The good type of the ray isPsychology1, 381:and it accounts for the tremendous growth of the spiritualistic movement, and for the enormousPsychology2, 564:of these powers, both in and out of the spiritualistic and occult movements. Such people are apt toReappearance, 104:in which we now live, the work of the spiritualistic movement, in its many forms, is in reality theTelepathy, 8:which is predominantly present in the average spiritualistic seance. There the medium, quite
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