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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUALLY

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Externalisation, 108:Humanity is today further advanced spiritually and mentally than might appear from externalExternalisation, 118:It was the coming into incarnation of the spiritually self-conscious human being which is theExternalisation, 118:upon the production of this relationship between spiritually conscious man and the form aspect, andExternalisation, 140:seven critical years, it lay in the hands of the spiritually minded men of the world, in the handsExternalisation, 146:used the Great Invocation in a purely detached, spiritually potent and fully understanding manner?Externalisation, 167:forgiveness is intellectually, practically and spiritually comprehended, the New Age will beExternalisation, 187:against the Axis powers just in so far as the spiritually minded peoples of the world canExternalisation, 193:- political and religious - are men of vision, spiritually motivated and selflessly inspired. TheExternalisation, 204:they will take their stand, mentally and spiritually, even if they are not called upon by theirExternalisation, 213:confronts us now. One - new, right and spiritually oriented; the other, ancient, evil andExternalisation, 222:Their Presence is sensed at times by the spiritually-minded people of the world, and Their realityExternalisation, 223:becomes apparent. It is already potent spiritually, owing to the scientific work of the occultExternalisation, 234:for which the Hierarchy works and which the spiritually minded people of the world envisage evenExternalisation, 236:nation. I tell you that humanity is everywhere spiritually minded and that the new race, the comingExternalisation, 236:as yet untouched. Behind them again stand the spiritually minded peoples in every nation, andExternalisation, 250:it into a peace prayer. It was instead a great spiritually militant invective demand. This must notExternalisation, 254:and it is the task of those who guide humanity spiritually to see that out of the surface evil andExternalisation, 256:have been unable to do much up to date except spiritually strengthen the hands of the workers withExternalisation, 262:permitted if enough people can stand together spiritually and selflessly, and so offer themselvesExternalisation, 263:right [263] handling of the present crisis by spiritually oriented humanity may bring about theExternalisation, 263:more unpredictable, and only the grasp of the spiritually minded people of the world and theirExternalisation, 267:for the untrained mind. It also produced, spiritually speaking, a direct line of [268]Externalisation, 273:event can be brought about by the spiritually minded people in the world, by the men and women ofExternalisation, 281:reaching the intelligent people, impressing the spiritually minded, and in stimulating humanity toExternalisation, 288:turning point in the life of mankind if every spiritually minded person can bring himself to theExternalisation, 292:set up. The establishing of a nucleus of energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of anExternalisation, 304:its spiritual connotation. The will-to-manifest spiritually. The antiquity of the achievement ofExternalisation, 305:It is stronger far than the demand of the spiritually oriented people - the disciples, theExternalisation, 308:worlds - will necessarily influence sensitive, spiritually oriented disciples and aspirants, andExternalisation, 313:with things which the average man who is not spiritually oriented can do as well, if not better.Externalisation, 325:present world crisis could be shortened if the spiritually minded people lived up to their innerExternalisation, 326:of evil would triumph. Humanity would then be spiritually defeated and its evolution would be setExternalisation, 340:war hitherto has demonstrated this. When, the spiritually-minded people of the world, the men andExternalisation, 350:evoke Their response to the focused will of the spiritually minded people of the world, theExternalisation, 350:of world servers and all the esotericists and spiritually oriented people of the world must work inExternalisation, 352:April 15th till June 15th are critical weeks, spiritually and materially, and this is one of theExternalisation, 369:of leaders, politicians, lecturers and the spiritually minded men everywhere; this is testified toExternalisation, 385:and women of goodwill in your environment. Be spiritually aggressive in this matter and go out toExternalisation, 390:their cry can mount to His ears? And will the spiritually minded people and the workers forExternalisation, 392:of dreams, the visioners of a future world. The spiritually minded people whom we call the worldExternalisation, 396:and all men of goodwill, by the religious and spiritually minded people everywhere and by the worldExternalisation, 396:will-to-good as it affects humanity. The work of spiritually minded men is to evoke thatExternalisation, 400:have brought humanity to the point where (spiritually speaking) man's essential divinity isExternalisation, 414:also by the planned, defined invocation of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligentlyExternalisation, 416:as humanity is related to the Hierarchy by its spiritually minded people. The realization that theExternalisation, 418:work of the masses of the people, trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working inExternalisation, 426:Process The issue is far more serious spiritually than you know; [427] the work of the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 447:to time been responsive to the influence of that spiritually supreme Council; but it has been theExternalisation, 458:will think clearly, speak forcefully, demand spiritually and implement the inner plans withExternalisation, 465:carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded people everywhere, theExternalisation, 466:before. The success of the effort now being spiritually planned is dependent upon the ability ofExternalisation, 474:to offset their efforts. They made appeal to the spiritually minded people of the world; TheirExternalisation, 474:failed. The men and women of goodwill and the spiritually minded people could not appreciate theExternalisation, 484:disciples and (where possible) through the spiritually minded people in the churches andExternalisation, 490:larger scale than the intuitional, the spiritually minded or even the men of goodwill. A far widerExternalisation, 497:era, just as it has ever been the keynote of the spiritually oriented aspirant. This liberation hasExternalisation, 544:people, those of the other world faiths, and spiritually minded people are likewise preparing.Externalisation, 552:the case. You can see therefore how critical, spiritually, are these times, and how urgent is theExternalisation, 573:when restored, will unify all faiths. Groups of spiritually-minded financiers who are consciousExternalisation, 577:to discontinue their effort or to change the spiritually-ordained plans, even when the obstacles toExternalisation, 578:out of the wreckage will emerge those true and spiritually enlightened churchmen who - with visionExternalisation, 592:the religious thinking of millions of simple and spiritually-minded people down the centuries whichExternalisation, 598:There is (among these signs) the coming together spiritually of those who love their fellowmen.Externalisation, 617:will have in it enough effective workers and spiritually-minded people to change the atmosphere ofExternalisation, 619:They are: The inertia of the average aspirant or spiritually-minded man. The lack of money for theExternalisation, 619:Externalization 1. The Inertia of the Average Spiritually-Minded Man The average aspirant, man ofExternalisation, 624:same time recognizing the existence of a small spiritually-minded minority) the money is deflectedExternalisation, 628:power felt - if they will. There are millions of spiritually-minded men and women in every countryExternalisation, 629:funds for His work; the needed trusts and the spiritually-minded trustees would then automaticallyExternalisation, 633:They constituted a group who were subjectively, spiritually, practically and openly creating a newExternalisation, 686:of men, and upon the technique of expressing spiritually the nature of "isolated unity" in theExternalisation, 695:he must be given time. He wants to make good, spiritually and esoterically, but needs to grasp theFire, 110:book can be read esoterically, subjectively and spiritually. All the keys are not yet available.Fire, 269:plane electricity 7. Kundalini and prana. Spiritually This is hid in a threefold mystery: TheFire, 683:them as standing in the same relation to the spiritually regenerated and released world Brahmins orGlamour, 13:to penetrate to meaning will further your growth spiritually ? Can you believe that through the useGlamour, 75:of view and not by our demand upon life. The spiritually minded man and the man who has set hisHealing, 118:has already been made along this line by spiritually minded psychologists and educators. The systemHealing, 123:the Great White Lodge is fundamentally good and spiritually conditioning; superficially and in itsHealing, 150:experience emerges into clarity and can then be spiritually diagnosed. Its aspects and attributes,Healing, 174:of the man who is highly developed but not yet spiritually inclined is that of desire. What are hisHealing, 201:case, the entire area is in a quiescent state, spiritually speaking, and. the focus of energy isHealing, 203:center (the monad) and the basic center (the spiritually energized personality). These two centersHealing, 226:with rationally, sanely, intelligently and [226] spiritually; it will require all the factorsHealing, 255:the old and established and the new and the spiritually demanded, needs much long and carefulHealing, 267:is emphatically a secondary Scripture, and spiritually does not rank [268] with the Bhagavad Gita,Healing, 389:agencies that when working with those who are spiritually-minded and those whose lives have for aHealing, 394:soul and to the necessity for that soul to live spiritually, constructively and divinely within theHealing, 401:dismisses those who are what they regard as spiritually recalcitrant or negative to the impositionHealing, 456:the head center for the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented human being. This is the firstHealing, 517:aware of no separation, instinctively active, spiritually obsessed by the plans of the Kingdom ofHealing, 529:in his daily life the quality of divinity, to be spiritually capable of invoking the soul of hisHealing, 538:him of knowledge-giving powers. He is also spiritually aware that the healing of the physical bodyHealing, 547:deeply by those who seek to learn to heal spiritually, and if the healer endeavors to make his lifeHealing, 564:the one Reality. Because man is a soul, and is spiritually determined to function as a soul, aHealing, 582:The attention is placed, the magnetic field is spiritually vitalized; the generated vital radianceHealing, 601:knowledge. The time when any nice, kindly and spiritually minded person sets up as a healer shouldHealing, 650:will then use both methods interchangeably. All spiritually advanced healers use both hands.Healing, 653:duty, or if the patient is very far advanced spiritually and the Hierarchy requires his servicesHealing, 660:is as yet quite incapable of "keeping the law" - spiritually understood. Law IX Perfection calls
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