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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPIRITUALLY

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Healing, 705:totally unable to work on a patient who is spiritually oriented to the slightest degree, and isHealing, 705:neither can they work through a healer who is spiritually oriented. When they attempt to do so theyHealing, 706:for himself if he reflects adequately and lives spiritually. Here are the seven statements. Hercules, 148:above the point where fear is found. The spiritually-oriented individual has centered his thoughtHercules, 186:group work. [186] Group work is standing alone spiritually in the handling of one's own affairsInitiation, 65:into the Hall of Wisdom. Advanced Egos and the spiritually inclined, who are not yet on theIntellect, 96:concept. When a man knows this he begins to read spiritually, to see below the surface and soMagic, 241:the attractive force between spirit and matter; spiritually speaking, it is demonstrated as theMagic, 413:of all nations and ages, but each one must be spiritually oriented, all must be conscious servers,Magic, 502:the head center for the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented human being. This is the firstMagic, 560:attitude personally, with the attached attitude spiritually, will cut at the very roots of a man'sMagic, 604:development. But as time elapses and a man grows spiritually, this daily meditation will perforceMagic, 623:way. Because he is not sufficiently detached and spiritually advanced, he walks bemused in a cloudMagic, 631:true work will be carried forward (the work of spiritually welding the world into a synthesis andMeditation, 99:straying from sexual purity of many apparently spiritually inclined persons. They can touch theProblems, 8:supported in their endeavor, both materially and spiritually. The situation is far more difficultProblems, 9:lack [9] of appreciation of the problem) or by spiritually minded groups and individuals. The workProblems, 18:to propaganda and see that it is properly and spiritually exploited? Will they see that theProblems, 31:The task looks hard indeed. Yet there are enough spiritually minded people in the world today toProblems, 31:change world attitudes and to bring in the new spiritually creative period. Will these men andProblems, 47:grade intelligence; without knowing it, they are spiritually alive and the first indication of thisProblems, 80:are individually imprisoned in the system which, spiritually, must end. Though they do not loveProblems, 84:trends of the times to the vision seen by the spiritually minded and by those who love theirProblems, 95:significance of these problems, materially and spiritually, and can gain some insight into theProblems, 104:of nations is a child of the one Father and spiritually identified with all men everywhere. PeopleProblems, 125:the struggling minority (in this case the spiritually-minded few) who guard the true vision andProblems, 125:Yet, humanity has never before been so spiritually inclined or so consciously and definitelyProblems, 139:It will be implemented and developed by the spiritually minded in all churches, whose minds areProblems, 159:masses of the people, everywhere trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working inProblems, 161:which the past has given, which will make it spiritually effective in the future and which todayProblems, 168:leading men can be found in the fact that spiritually minded men and women have not assumed - asProblems, 169:better human relations. This, in the eyes of the spiritually minded and of the enlightened workerPsychology1, 53:be the high moment [53] of the Masonic work, spiritually understood. The Lost Word will then bePsychology1, 56:soul is one Soul, when viewed and considered spiritually. When studied from the form side, naughtPsychology1, 94:the mechanism and the form nature, and that the spiritually minded thinkers who posit an immortalPsychology1, 186:fields, if the work proves effective. Should the spiritually minded and intellectually constitutedPsychology1, 270:and the attitude of the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented initiate to the same subject,Psychology1, 281:a response from all those who are in any way spiritually awakened. Or again, the coming may takePsychology1, 314:lives, producing on earth a large group of the spiritually newborn. They will be those who havePsychology1, 381:good may eventuate, if the world disciples and spiritually focused people measure up to theirPsychology2, 15:can, however, be in touch with that which can be spiritually cognized. The free use of the mindPsychology2, 114:lies largely in the hands of those scattered but spiritually aligned men and women whom we call thePsychology2, 150:only by the man who is beginning to be spiritually awakened. The three laws which we have alreadyPsychology2, 161:all that is unpleasant to contemplate. Yet, spiritually considered and scientifically viewed, thePsychology2, 162:Right and wrong, Good and evil, Light and dark, spiritually understood, Prison and liberty, LovePsychology2, 197:information is only of interest to those who are spiritually awakened, and will mean little orPsychology2, 254:law or rule, the power - innate, inherent, and spiritually instinctual - to idealize. Instinct,Psychology2, 349:path of the higher integration. The unselfish, spiritually oriented man also integrates the variousPsychology2, 427:and ambitions are selfishly polarized or spiritually inclined. The sense of cleavage, the need forPsychology2, 495:but they also include the ability of the spiritually-minded aspirant in the world today to touchPsychology2, 501:for sexual gratification to the longing of the spiritually-minded aspirant to see the Master, thePsychology2, 513:which arc frequently to be found in the spiritually polarized person and the inexplicablePsychology2, 632:after all, the goal which all true knowers and spiritually minded men down the ages have setPsychology2, 714:gripped and understood. The recognition by the spiritually minded that today is the day ofPsychology2, 737:another group. It is numerically smaller but spiritually potent and is composed of those whose workRays, 28:a time when motive (heart and soul) becomes spiritually obsolete because purpose has reached aRays, 78:has become - for the first time in its history - spiritually invocative. Let us now considerRays, 85:as a whole. Two factors have, subjectively and spiritually, precipitated this world crisis: TheRays, 109:necessity for the steadfast consecration of the spiritually minded to the task of developing theRays, 118:becomes absorbed - intellectually, intuitively, spiritually and finally factually - in that Light.Rays, 154:He discovers that his major responsibility - spiritually speaking - is to permit no hindrance, onRays, 198:inherent in their natures. Occult blindness is spiritually induced and "blacks out" the glory andRays, 200:it is innate and natural, soul-imposed or spiritually engendered. If it is willfully self-induced,Rays, 211:effectively making its presence felt. These two spiritually destructive processes - the destructionRays, 218:and more vital, and consequently more and more spiritually destructive. The second quality which weRays, 254:of the Christ and of the Buddha in the minds of spiritually inclined people everywhere, with theRays, 295:he "touched" because of what he could gain spiritually for himself (and this with sound motive) hasRays, 307:to desire and aspiration than to pure will, as spiritually comprehended. The Purpose of God (to useRays, 342:time when He said that so many of them were so "spiritually selfish." This spiritual selfishnessRays, 468:understood only by the mental type who is spiritually oriented. The personality is also arriving atRays, 537:his functioning in the three worlds is becoming spiritually controlled (or is in process of beingRays, 565:state of pure reason and the atmic or state of spiritually direct will intention. In giving youRays, 584:and are equally basic in their implications spiritually; this the initiate knows. These twoRays, 617:right human relations, plus the work of all the spiritually-minded people in all nations and of allRays, 625:is nearer true discipleship than is Germany and, spiritually, Austria has much eventually to give,Rays, 649:you who read to ponder upon the possible effect, spiritually speaking. What is coming is aRays, 687:to tread the Path of Return. One of the most spiritually exciting things taking place in the worldRays, 719:Path of Discipleship to make correct choices and spiritually motivated decisions. I am pointingRays, 726:and liberation upon our planet will always be spiritually qualified by divine love, and that willRays, 754:and separative and has no true message for the spiritually-minded which cannot be better given byReappearance, 11:establishing of a nucleus of persistent energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of anReappearance, 22:carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded people, the enlightenedReappearance, 32:Christianity and the 23rd Psalm has been to the spiritually minded Jew. There are three approachesReappearance, 33:possible. Secondly, esotericists, aspirants and spiritually minded people will have a deeper andReappearance, 36:the religious thinking of millions of simple and spiritually minded people down the centuries whichReappearance, 39:we read, the seal of affirmation (as it is spiritually called) was given to Him. Only the Father,Reappearance, 44:There is (among these signs) the coming together spiritually of those who love their fellowmen.Reappearance, 86:as far as the disciples and the definitely spiritually-minded people of the world are concerned,Reappearance, 94:three things: Understanding - intuitive and spiritually instinctual, but intelligently interpretedReappearance, 108:God and feeding the hungry, both physically and spiritually. He made the life of every day a divineReappearance, 114:of this are easily to be [114] seen by spiritually minded people. Such people are constantly sayingReappearance, 127:today demands something more definite and spiritually real than modern astrology, or all theReappearance, 137:The New World Religion The world today is more spiritually inclined than ever before. This is saidReappearance, 137:idea that the world of men is on the rocks spiritually, and that at no time has the spiritual lifeReappearance, 137:real spiritual revival. The other countries are spiritually alive - not along orthodox lines but inReappearance, 151:of them conveyed; the [151] task ahead of the spiritually minded people of the world today is toReappearance, 151:also by the planned, defined invocation of the spiritually oriented aspirants, the intelligentlyReappearance, 152:masses of the people, everywhere, trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working inReappearance, 161:possibilities which can be made factual. As the spiritually-minded man faces both these inner andReappearance, 166:are: The inertia of the average Christian or spiritually-minded man in every country - Eastern or
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