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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPITE

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Astrologyitself to the world of thought and science, in spite of many definitely demonstrable successes. IAstrology, 4:an exact science but that is far from correct in spite of the many mathematical computations.Astrology, 148:in manifesting its true nature and character, in spite of the personality and the antagonism of theAstrology, 282:within the womb of time and space. Jupiter, in spite of its latent power, is also "lessened" inAstrology, 372:unavoidable. This argues well for the future in spite of temporary misuse of the forces.Astrology, 378:of possibility and a steady movement forward in spite of the immediate dangers and difficulties.Astrology, 378:to work out the plans of God, proceeding in spite of each other. That is as far as the evolutionaryAstrology, 541:enough and strong enough to take them. [541] In spite of the vast destruction everywhere, the workAstrology, 624:which is dynamic and which crashes forward in spite of all obstacles; the latter does not requireAstrology, 666:does not really belong to our system, in spite of its apparent connection with the Sun. TheAtom, 106:because it is the fashion; and yet, [106] in spite of this mental attitude, our whole attention isAutobiography, 6:could say I am proud - I have kept going on, in spite of it all. I have found life very, very goodAutobiography, 11:more general good karma than evil; I say this in spite of the world war, the unutterable horror byAutobiography, 11:we have been and are still surrounded and in spite of a real knowledge of the things with which allAutobiography, 14:double-faced. I am none of these, at least, in spite of many faults and it is possible that myAutobiography, 25:the day right with a recollection of God and, in spite of the austerity of the family faith, IAutobiography, 33:very good looking and well dressed and - in spite of my ostentatious holiness I was smart,Autobiography, 43:not so easy. My sister and I had not married in spite of opportunity, a good stage setting and wideAutobiography, 58:I shall never forget the day I arrived there. In spite, however, of the beauty, my major impressionAutobiography, 79:gripped me and I loved every minute of it in spite of the fact that my health was never good and IAutobiography, 89:or where to go, or how to handle a situation, in spite of all the bunk talked by nice, well meaningAutobiography, 90:leaving me alone there to close up and this in spite of the fact that she knew Walter Evans was inAutobiography, 90:in the saddle. I never have had and this in spite of a very real sense of humor which has oftenAutobiography, 114:this held true until he died a few years ago. In spite of all this, he was quite impossible to liveAutobiography, 114:ever had. My general health got better and, in spite of the constant outbursts of fury, life wasAutobiography, 116:Ellison Sanford took the two other children, in spite of the fact she had four of her own, and IAutobiography, 119:whilst lecturing up and down western Europe. In spite, however, of knowing full well the wonderfulAutobiography, 121:as well as here and they remain Jews, and in spite of their citizenship they are separate from theAutobiography, 133:I contacted Theosophy. I do not like the word in spite of its beautiful connotation and meaning. ItAutobiography, 154:a few. I came to two conclusions, that in spite of all the talk about a balanced diet, they wereAutobiography, 165:frontier. He made this effort three times in spite of my telling him that he could find the MasterAutobiography, 173:of their interests and backing on our side. In spite of it all, however, we were hopelesslyAutobiography, 223:as I found the kind of place it was, and that in spite of all its beauty there lurked much evil, IAutobiography, 251:engulf the world. The war broke out in 1939 in spite of all the efforts of the Hierarchy and TheirAutobiography, 254:have guessed it accurately. Therefore, today, in spite of all that A.A.B. and my disciples haveBethlehem, 57:of God in humanity. The Christian faith, in spite of dogma and doctrine, and in spite of theBethlehem, 57:faith, in spite of dogma and doctrine, and in spite of the distortions of the academic theologianBethlehem, 157:p. 121. It is interesting to note that, in spite of their recognition of the significance of theBethlehem, 244:final identification with the physical form, in spite of what science and the inexperienced mayBethlehem, 266:of character of those to be loved; but in spite of all, it is a love which sees truly, and which,Destiny, 9:Towards this the entire world is headed in spite of its many ideologies, each fighting with eachDestiny, 46:in that part of the world for many centuries. In spite of these facts, the higher and more livingDestiny, 59:basically exists between the two countries in spite of outer appearance) are the original railroadDestiny, 92:These five points of conditioning energy (in spite of the [93] fact that the energy pouring throughDestiny, 119:process has been definitely successful in spite of all failures, mistakes, and delays; of theseDestiny, 152:complete understanding of [152] each other in spite of the symbolic diversity of tongues. They hadDiscipleship1, XI:true aspirants and will go on to the very end in spite of pain and sorrow, discipline, success,Discipleship1, 6:for power in fatigue; for persistence in spite of bad health; for understanding in spite of theDiscipleship1, 6:in spite of bad health; for understanding in spite of the clamor of Western life. Progress is,Discipleship1, 6:of Western life. Progress is, therefore, made in spite of, and not because of, existing conditions.Discipleship1, 16:you. I ask my disciples to love each other in spite of character and ray differences and to workDiscipleship1, 17:to each other and to me - have been chosen (in spite of limitations and faulty development) to workDiscipleship1, 128:decision. You hold to it at all costs and in spite of failure at times to achieve your own standardDiscipleship1, 147:outer activity. Your best work must be done in spite of all hindrances and because the urge to giveDiscipleship1, 155:energy of the ray of the intellect) and this in spite of the fact of your physical constitution. ItDiscipleship1, 155:no racial relationship to the Jews at all in spite of the fact that you are of the Hebrew race.Discipleship1, 166:determined souls pushing through to victory in spite of real odds. This united and definite effortDiscipleship1, 167:directed effort can achieve results in spite of world conditions, misrepresentation by those who doDiscipleship1, 201:predisposition of yours to produce harmony in spite and because of conflict be facilitated? By aDiscipleship1, 216:it, my brother, and to pursue this objective in spite of all personality objections. In a fewDiscipleship1, 415:been many years in touch with my work and - in spite of all you may think to the contrary - youDiscipleship1, 428:of the group and their individual problems. In spite of changes and difficulties, a group of youDiscipleship1, 428:brother is habitually to be found; yet, in spite of these changes and difficulties, the groupDiscipleship1, 446:The result has been integrating, satisfying (in spite of incidental suffering) and relational inDiscipleship1, 448:been vivid and alive. See that it so remains in spite of any interludes of aridness and of reactionDiscipleship1, 452:points which revolve in your mind and which, in spite of the application which is obvious, can allDiscipleship1, 471:triumphed and passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and the destruction of pastDiscipleship1, 526:of awareness (where you always truly live in spite of many excursions on to the astral plane!) toDiscipleship1, 531:roses, day lilies, tiger lilies (in spite of my rose and lily beds to the east and west!) and inDiscipleship1, 540:and succeeded in fulfiling your group tasks in spite of continuous change of environment andDiscipleship1, 557:it is the soul quality which will persist in spite of physical limitations, and the inner sense ofDiscipleship1, 612:were paramount in your consciousness (in spite of protestations to the contrary) and the groupDiscipleship1, 619:ever been your downfall in life and this, in spite of the very definite warning your true friendsDiscipleship1, 620:of the discipline and his steadfast faith, in spite of continued recurrent glamors, brought aboutDiscipleship1, 653:little impact upon the public consciousness in spite of your opportunities, and your naturalDiscipleship1, 660:it may not be as serious as you anticipate (in spite of brave words, my brother). Many of yourDiscipleship1, 664:the lesson has been to learn to move forward in spite of the activity of the pairs of opposites,Discipleship1, 664:working in these groups will tell you that in spite of the difficulties and oft the increasedDiscipleship1, 691:Disciples are chosen by the Master because, in spite of any or all personality limitations, theyDiscipleship1, 750:three worlds may be crashing around him. But in spite of all, he stands firm, poised in soulDiscipleship1, 783:engulf the world. The war broke out in 1939 in spite of all the efforts of the Hierarchy [784] andDiscipleship1, 786:have guessed it accurately. Therefore, today, in spite of all that A. A. B. and my disciples haveDiscipleship2, 29:ask you to love blindly and unchangingly in spite of all that may happen, knowing that Love StandsDiscipleship2, 74:on four counts: (Deleted by A.A.B.) In spite of many years of work with me, the group is not yetDiscipleship2, 166:Wisdom was made. It has been carried forward in spite of misrepresentation, attack upon the conceptDiscipleship2, 172:is essentially remains the great mystery, but in spite of that they can and do "know and serve" theDiscipleship2, 244:and must continue to learn from their Master, in spite of [245] the crises of initiation. UnlessDiscipleship2, 262:rapidly being promulgated. This is being done in spite of all the horror and agony and will be oneDiscipleship2, 269:and training have proved well warranted. In spite of all signs to the contrary, in spite of theDiscipleship2, 269:In spite of all signs to the contrary, in spite of the world war with its attendant horrors and inDiscipleship2, 269:the world war with its attendant horrors and in spite of the apparent unawakened attitude of theDiscipleship2, 335:a stable and persistent hold. Therefore, in spite of serious faults, and in spite of pronouncedDiscipleship2, 335:Therefore, in spite of serious faults, and in spite of pronounced personality qualities ofDiscipleship2, 335:qualities of undesirable nature, and in spite of wrong emphases, these people were and are readyDiscipleship2, 387:basic characteristics of the Jewish people, in spite of many exceptions. The "area of promise"Discipleship2, 393:clear vision and a balanced judgment, but in spite of everything, the work goes on and (in the longDiscipleship2, Esoter:Ashram work, your thinking and your service in spite of all that has been going on. This has beenDiscipleship2, 473:This is not a platitudinous truism - in spite of A.A.B. remarking sub rosa that it was. She knowsDiscipleship2, 502:not to relax unduly and should push on in spite of fatigue (the fatigue of years of living), inDiscipleship2, 502:of fatigue (the fatigue of years of living), in spite of the increasing "creaking" of the human
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