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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPITE

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Discipleship2, 548:individual to whom the instruction is given. In spite of the individual usefulness, it will profitDiscipleship2, 559:you can render in the place where you are and in spite of a physical vehicle which at times givesDiscipleship2, 559:but pass courageously along the Lighted Way in spite of, as well as because of, the problems andDiscipleship2, 619:group formation can it be adequately handled. In spite of this, for some reason, my brother, youDiscipleship2, 644:relates ever to life service. This is true in spite of karma or environing conditions. It is not aDiscipleship2, 677:suggestions I gave - that defection occurred. In spite of sincerity, dedication and wide knowledge,Discipleship2, 701:and frustration, and frequently of despair. In spite of the profoundly unsatisfactory demonstrationDiscipleship2, 751:right at times, but it has not always been so in spite of the determination evidenced in yourEducation, 79:the children of the world. We have noted that in spite of universal educational processes and manyEducation, 90:into the forefront of the human consciousness in spite of all separate enmities. It is largelyEducation, 126:is that of an all-embracing Hierarchy. In spite of the rationalization of men's minds, thisEducation, 131:determined independence. The revolt of youth, in spite of all the immediate and individualExternalisation, 28:know little of Plato and his theories in spite of the fact that he has molded human [29] minds -Externalisation, 79:and divine potency. It is essential, however, in spite of the work to which I have called theseExternalisation, 80:and what can we do to rectify our mistakes? In spite of everything, however, men have gone fromExternalisation, 105:focal point. The second fact is that in spite of war and separation, of cruelty and of passions andExternalisation, 119:infant humanity steadily evolved and yet in spite of this the lines of cleavage, though present,Externalisation, 124:the salvaged remnant of humanity - salvaged in spite of themselves and in face of stupendousExternalisation, 126:a direct inflow of the Shamballa force (in spite of its attendant risks) to pour into the world.Externalisation, 138:to impress upon your minds. Up to date and in spite of appearances, the Forces of Light areExternalisation, 166:manner, the present keynote of human effort? In spite of a real inability to think truly,Externalisation, 226:to carry forward their work for humanity in spite of personality stresses, strains and limitations.Externalisation, 254:of the will of God; it will be wrought out in spite of, and not because of, the brute force and theExternalisation, 264:same form as of old, because man is today - in spite of appearances - more capable of handling hisExternalisation, 339:This shows itself in the fact that, in spite of the world catastrophe, in spite of the rampantExternalisation, 339:fact that, in spite of the world catastrophe, in spite of the rampant horror and evil which isExternalisation, 339:and evil which is stalking our planet, and in spite of human pain, terror, suspense andExternalisation, 339:war is not yet won. At the time of writing, in spite of sporadic successes and the staying power ofExternalisation, 339:the staying power of the Allied Nations, and in spite of a basic trend towards ultimate victory,Externalisation, 367:if developed - end the era of separativeness. In spite of all the efforts of the men of goodwill,Externalisation, 377:it many in every nation are prepared to work. In spite of the background of an evil past, in spiteExternalisation, 377:In spite of the background of an evil past, in spite of the present world carnage, in spite of theExternalisation, 377:past, in spite of the present world carnage, in spite of the almost overwhelming psychologicalExternalisation, 377:psychological problems confronting humanity, in spite of political machinations and old-timeExternalisation, 377:machinations and old-time diplomacy, in spite of the improbability of any quick successes, thereExternalisation, 380:that love is the very law of life itself, in spite of all appearances and the record of the past.Externalisation, 395:negligence; the work did not go on and this in spite of the constant effort of a few. But they wereExternalisation, 405:moving towards that relationship - and that in spite of the fact of war. The fact of the Path toExternalisation, 409:good, the true and the beautiful, and this in spite of the fact of the war and the misery andExternalisation, 428:community of nations. The Japanese nation, in spite of its great age, must go back into the nurseryExternalisation, 452:emphasize religious and national differences. In spite of much shouting, demanding and proposedExternalisation, 535:of a spiritual imperviousness which holds, in spite of all fluctuations in the three worlds ofExternalisation, 560:are no longer goals but are left far behind. In spite of all this, it is necessary to remember thatExternalisation, 580:Ashrams have done their work, and this work - in spite of the difference of ray - is largelyExternalisation, 601:its progress or slow down its momentum, In spite of appearances, this uprising of theExternalisation, 603:attempting to do it on a vast scale, and this in spite of opposition - an opposition which can onlyExternalisation, 672:vision unity in the face of great odds, and in spite of the fatigued lethargy and the pessimismExternalisation, 695:of that group; this he does not yet do - in spite of what he believes about himself. Fire, 127:matter for selfish ends, if he continues this in spite of the promptings of his inner self, and inFire, 127:of the promptings of his inner self, and in spite of the warnings that may reach him from Those whoFire, 190:a man has to find his own note, finding it in spite of the density of the form. On the physicalFire, 970:natures; they are "forced" to be interested in spite of themselves, and are "swept into theGlamour, 89:in athletic exercises and military training. In spite of all the wrong motives and the terrible andGlamour, 221:but are subject to one major difficulty. In spite of aspiration and good intention, they are seldomGlamour, 224:plus a critical mind, which loves steadily in spite of error seen, with a clear sighted perceptionHealing, 28:of animals, may rightly cause distress. In spite of all this the indebtedness of mankind to theHealing, 64:So few of them have a mental origin, in spite of all that Christian Science or Mental Science mayHealing, 126:him. He can stand with steadfastness in spite of all that he may do and feel. He realizes that theHealing, 205:have not yet got back to the basic factor, in spite of all their talk anent love being the healingHealing, 238:over-stimulation of all the centers, and this in spite of care and a carefully developed Science ofHealing, 256:done by the clinics of our hospitals which - in spite of failures and often gross stupidity -Healing, 280:and a most beneficent force in the world, in spite of human weakness, commercial exploitation andHealing, 291:as that of the past. Not all karma is bad, in spite of what man thinks. Much of it is necessarilyHealing, 327:the lesson of going on, as the expression is, in spite of and not because of circumstances. Healing, 363:all his knowledge (and he may have much), and in spite of his yearning desire to aid the departingHealing, 399:form. Conditions are at this time such that in spite of the ancient and deep seated fear of death,Healing, 480:and frequent success. All this is good, in spite of what cranks and people with a pet method ofHealing, 481:contribution of medicine is indispensable. In spite of mistakes, faulty diagnosis and much error,Healing, 528:countries) have hitherto notably failed, in spite of their claims. None of them - if they keptHealing, 603:service and goodwill are no true protection, in spite of the platitudes of the sentimentalHealing, 675:previous incarnations, nor is that essential, in spite of what some modern and generally fraudulentHealing, 694:to the scientific methods of occultism. In spite of this protection, or rather because of it, I amHercules, 3:religion has no longer its ancient appeal and in spite of the revolt against organized religion,Hercules, 41:Hercules - Labor II The Meaning of the Labor In spite of all initial partial failure, Hercules hasHercules, 63:apples to Hercules, who now also stands free, in spite of all the obstacles and hindrances, theHercules, 126:came, and a fierce battle then took place and in spite of resolutions wise, again the son of man,Hercules, 188:of humanity, is that you will see that, in spite of superficial disturbances and dire happenings,Hercules, 205:has no longer its ancient appeal but, in spite of a widespread revolt against organized, orInitiation, 78:That continuity is the thing to be aimed at, in spite of, and not because of circumstances. Initiation, 103:generations will recognize. He is one who, in spite of all this great achievement, is seldomIntellect, 246:failure to see the personality as it is. Yet, in spite of the truth of the above, let us alwaysIntellect, 255:the rules given him and drives himself, in spite of all the teacher may say or the warnings he mayMagic, 260:the standpoint of the past eternities. [260] In spite of this, however, the tendency to selfishMagic, 261:subjective activities in the face of and in spite of outer exoteric functioning. Magic, 376:Other schools (such as the Theosophical, in spite of denial) teach the fact of the self and theMagic, 412:plane. These two groups necessarily, and in spite of apparent divergences and differences are moreMagic, 552:The [552] trend of our modern civilization, in spite of all its mistakes and errors, is to produceMagic, 555:the vicissitudes of the creative work, and in spite of the potency of the many divine Thinkers whoMeditation, 134:avoids the fire. It is the man who persists in spite of warning and of pain who eventually becomesMeditation, 312:of surrounding circumstances, and preferably in spite of surrounding circumstances. The center mustPatanjali, 390:choice, or of preference for wrong action, in spite of knowledge and in defiance of the voice ofProblems, 49:the children of the world. We have noted that in spite of universal educational processes [50] andProblems, 64:into the forefront of the human consciousness in spite of all separative enmities. It is largelyProblems, 71:neutrals of their own way of thinking. Today, in spite of the disaster which they have brought uponProblems, 75:the potentialities inherent in the discovery. In spite of the fact that a machine can do the workProblems, 97:the world's great philanthropists and this in spite of undesirable and devious business methods,Problems, 106:greed. It should, however, be recognized that in spite of the many attendant evils which followProblems, 107:conferred far outweigh these, and the Negro, in spite of his natural and understandable antagonism,Problems, 139:responsive to outer forms and rituals and - in spite of a wide and beneficent philanthropy - isProblems, 156:religions and to faiths other than their own. In spite of all this, the structure of the New World
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