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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPLIT

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Atom, 89:the representative man, "I am that I am." If you split this verse into its three parts you haveAutobiography, 159:The whole situation was so serious and the split in the section so great between those who stoodBethlehem, 138:confronted. Personalities seem to function in a "split" manner; people are distraught because ofBethlehem, 138:saints testify. The entire human family today is split on the rock of duality. Either theBethlehem, 213:upon which the religious mind founders and is split against itself." (Psychology and the PrometheanDestiny, 127:sense as an individual person can suffer from a "split personality." The lines of demarcationDiscipleship1, 744:the higher correspondence to the so-called "split personality" is to be found, or (to word itDiscipleship1, 744:where that state of consciousness, of which the split personality is the shadow and the distortion,Externalisation, 650:democracies, are in a state of great confusion, split into political, religious and social parties,Fire, 171:rays of fire in two directions, which appear to split the vortex into two; the motion is muchFire, 219:sound substance symbolized as Om, necessarily split itself into a primal three, a subsequent sevenGlamour, 186:Catholic Church"; the Protestant Churches are split up into warring factions; the Christian ScienceHealing, 117:familiar, is that which is called a "split personality"; when this condition is present, theHealing, 117:to great unexplored areas of awareness. The split personality and the mystic are two aspects of oneHealing, 119:we proceed any further. The discussion about the split personality, the problems of the mystic andHealing, 503:has demonstrated. The nucleus of the atom is split in two. (This wording is scientificallyMeditation, 238:indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom, - and then split into three major colors and thence into theProblems, 10:language in a religious meeting. Nations are split and divided within themselves by racialProblems, 129:of truth and in its living processes) eventually split into three main divisions - [130] the RomanProblems, 130:Church and the Protestant Churches. All of them split away on the question of doctrine and all ofPsychology2, 318:is the problem of what is commonly called a "split personality". This division in the continuity ofPsychology2, 409:realized cleavage, ranges all the way from the "split personality" difficulties of so many peoplePsychology2, 420:leading to many of the problems of so-called "split personality" which is in reality the ownershipPsychology2, 448:soul. This latter is the resolution of a basic "split", and it is definitely brought about by theRays, 193:we read [193] that the veil of the Temple was split in twain from the top to the bottom. TheRays, 647:therefore the first aspect to take effect. It split the thought-form of materialistic living (whichSoul, 102:atman in the universe is pushed to an extreme: Split a hundred times the tip of a hair, And take a
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