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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPOKE

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Astrology, 566:This is testified to by Christ in the words He spoke to His disciples: "What shall it profit a manAstrology, 566:He referred indirectly to the same idea when He spoke of Himself as the "water of life," assuagingAtom, 44:have had something of this sort in mind when he spoke about the Heavenly Man. By the "body ofAutobiography, 15:my uncle towards the end of his life. He never spoke of it, I am sure, and I have not done so untilAutobiography, 43:I had an exceedingly good classical education; I spoke fluent French and some Italian; I had enoughAutobiography, 75:"China." A well known infantry regiment always spoke of me or wrote of me as the B.O.L., whichAutobiography, 77:entirely with men. Often for weeks at a time I spoke to no woman except my co-worker and currentAutobiography, 89:Who had come to me when I [89] was fifteen spoke to me. I did not see Him this time but I stood inAutobiography, 131:heel before I had time to thank him and never spoke to me again, but there was always a clean ragAutobiography, 215:join the Arcane School, and the majority of them spoke English. At this time we had none of ourAutobiography, 224:National barriers seemed non-existent and we all spoke the same spiritual language. It was thereAutobiography, 295:second aspect of divinity and that of which Paul spoke when he referred to "Christ in you, the hopeBethlehem, 104:St. Paul perhaps touched this truth when he spoke of Christ as the "Eldest in a vast family ofBethlehem, 106:Heaven streamed upon the Christ, and His Father spoke those words which have sounded down the ages,Bethlehem, 160:did not make His Presence known. The angels spoke the word, embodying Christ's mission on HisBethlehem, 167:work shifted into a field of new values, and He spoke those words and enunciated those truths whichBethlehem, 214:and not, this time, by the Father. Christ spoke a sevenfold word, and in that word summed up for usBethlehem, 218:most to Him, and from the agony of the Cross He spoke to them a special message, relating them toBethlehem, 234:days, to Christ and to life in the world: "They spoke in plain terms of God. They did not think ofBethlehem, 234:that men already meant something when they spoke of God, and, without challenging the inheritanceBethlehem, 258:of those Mysteries. Then the Buddha came and spoke to the multitude, telling them what was theBethlehem, 269:listened when He heard a Voice, and the Father spoke to Him. It is the intuitive response of anDestiny, 131:it this way, the ancient statement that "God-spoke and the world were made" simply means that God'sDiscipleship1, 150:placed your finger upon a major need when you spoke of the "lack of fire" which you evidence. ThisDiscipleship1, 338:crises. Then, remember the words which I spoke to you last year. We grow by the presentation ofDiscipleship1, 627:and that is good. In my last instruction, I spoke to you with frankness and you recognized theDiscipleship1, 768:called esoterically "within the heart." I spoke to you elsewhere about world disciples being "closeDiscipleship2, 31:at the center of the disciple's being." Thus spoke one of the Masters not long ago to a discipleDiscipleship2, 208:truism that "God thought, God visualized, God spoke and the world was made and is sustained"Discipleship2, 213:(as far as humanity is concerned) the Christ spoke scientifically and also in a planetary senseDiscipleship2, 314:to which I would like to call your attention. I spoke of the coming ability of mankind to "share inDiscipleship2, 652:upon that "pinnacle of loneliness" about which I spoke to your brother, W.D.S., in my instructionExternalisation, 90:on his own lot and related to the eighth. They spoke and knew each other. They saw and they desiredExternalisation, 300:Great Invocation, and in that communication I spoke of Divine Embodiments as the highest type ofExternalisation, 300:could look at this point in its evolution. I spoke of the activity of the Hierarchy and ofExternalisation, 304:world." In the earlier cycle, the then initiates spoke of the "sacrificial horse, slain to allExternalisation, 317:but their numbers are not large, and the Christ spoke a true word to His bewildered disciple whenExternalisation, 333:You will remember that some little time back I spoke of the crisis with which the group is faced.Externalisation, 391:came in touch with His Father in Heaven. God spoke to Him in terms of recognition; God testified toExternalisation, 403:I know that He realizes that the words He spoke have been lost in the labyrinths of theExternalisation, 407:the earthly life of Christ we read that a Voice spoke to Him, the Voice of the Father was heard byExternalisation, 463:message is as new today as it was when He spoke His words on earth; a recognition of its truth andExternalisation, 592:and to radiant, magnetic living. The words He spoke were few and simple, and all men can understandExternalisation, 605:then are the "greater things" of which Christ spoke, and here again is the triumph of the ChristExternalisation, 683:in what Patanjali calls "isolated unity" when he spoke of himself once as "being caught up into theFire, VII:mechanism. Even to the end A.A.B. often spoke of her amazement at the glimpses she obtained throughGlamour, 271:"He shall increase but I must decrease." When he spoke these words, he spoke as a disciple, priorGlamour, 271:I must decrease." When he spoke these words, he spoke as a disciple, prior to the second initiationHealing, 143:that "life more abundantly" of which Christ spoke and of which we, as yet, know nothing. The fourHealing, 236:as yet; it was referred to by the Christ when He spoke of the time when nothing secret would remainHealing, 368:the work now being done many years ago when she spoke of the recognition ultimately to be accordedHercules, 15:who sat within the Council Chamber of the Lord, spoke to the Teacher and bade him call the gods toHercules, 24:demonstration of his powers and by the words he spoke, we have the proofs of the Initiate. And nowHercules, 36:the ocean of existence, and the enthroned queen, spoke to Hercules of the magnitude of his problem,Hercules, 36:of his problem, but the third constellation spoke to him of victory. Perseus is the third of theHercules, 38:21st - May 20th) The Myth The presiding One spoke to the Teacher of the man whose light shone forthHercules, 53:of the first aspect of God, the Father who spoke and is the creative sound. Steropes meansHercules, 55:at length with sadness to the Teacher, Nereus spoke of failure. "The first of the five lesser testsHercules, 56:And lo! the deed was done: Antaeus, vanquished, spoke: "I come again in different guise at theHercules, 56:sits within the Council Chamber of the Lord he spoke, reporting on the deed. "The second test isHercules, 57:and bound him to the altar in his place. He spoke no word, but left him there to learn. TheHercules, 58:make his way. The Teacher, watching from afar, spoke to his seeking pupil these clear words, theHercules, 77:who sits within the Council Chamber of the Lord, spoke to the Teacher, standing by his side: "WhereHercules, 78:is the home of Artemis. And Artemis, the fair, spoke words of warning to the son of man. "The doeHercules, 80:is mine, for every form is mine." The Sun-God spoke, from out the holy place. "The doe is mine, notHercules, 114:seeing both the girdle and the maid, the Teacher spoke and said: "Labor the sixth is over. YouHercules, 125:the purpose of the coming test, went forth and spoke to Hercules. "Go forth, my son, and captureHercules, 155:Within the place of peace the Teacher stood, and spoke to Hercules. "O son of God who art also aHercules, 169:to face with him who was his guide, the latter spoke: "A thousand dangers you have braved, OHercules, 218:therefore, is the Path or Way. When Christ spoke to His disciples as the Cosmic Christ, He toldIntellect, 16:its verity. These witnesses to the unseen world spoke with words of power and gave forth messagesMagic, 34:the ages, and which St. Paul referred to when he spoke of being "caught up to the third Heaven,"Magic, 35:and this was in the mind of St. Paul when he spoke of the "Christ in you, the hope of glory." ThisMagic, 142:process when, through the medium of sound, God spoke and the worlds were made. It has been saidMagic, 574:he held mentally, and whether the words which he spoke on any particular occasion were prompted byMeditation, 99:the Great Lord said when last on earth, and He spoke in occult terms, that have not as yet receivedMeditation, 152:the occultist. Here their paths become one. I spoke earlier in this letter of the interest to thePatanjali, 353:said of the Creator: "God meditated, visualized, spoke, and the worlds were made." 2. PerceptionProblems, 120:tread the "narrow way" of love of which Christ spoke, and they indicate they are treading it by anPsychology1, 119:The initiate Paul referred to this when he spoke of the eternal warfare going on between the carnalPsychology1, 286:that reality. Out of the darkness of time God spoke, and the Fatherhood of Deity was revealed. ThePsychology1, 398:On their return to life on earth, they spoke of this event. This was their error; the longPsychology2, 38:ever he swung between the pairs of opposites. He spoke at last within himself: 'I cannot seem toPsychology2, 39:bewilderment increased. To the Magician thus he spoke: 'The ways of the Creator must be good.Psychology2, 160:the "noble middle path" of which the Buddha spoke. Through comprehension of the words of Christ,Psychology2, 168:which I desire. I harmonize the whole.' Thus spoke the Mixer, as he stood within his darkenedPsychology2, 170:the temple of his heart, he heard a Word. It spoke with clarity and power: 'Look, deep within,Rays, 83:we read in the New Testament that "the Father spoke to Him," that "He heard a voice," and that theRays, 228:that "life more abundantly" of which the Christ spoke and which He can draw upon at this time in aRays, 314:the priests, the Pharisees and the Sadducees. He spoke as an expression of the substance aspect (HeRays, 314:as an expression of the substance aspect (He spoke to His mother) and also as a soul (He spoke toRays, 314:(He spoke to His mother) and also as a soul (He spoke to His father), but He was controlled byRays, 331:of electricity - that mystery of which H.P.B. spoke; though much progress has already been made byRays, 389:into that "life more abundantly" of which Christ spoke; the origin and source of this more abundantRays, 453:transmuting knowledge into wisdom. Previously I spoke of "knowledge-wisdom" which are wordsRays, 697:I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me." So spoke the Christ. The initiate is lifted up by hisRays, 706:the Life, the Father. Each time that that Voice spoke, it gave him recognition. It is in realityRays, 732:is the "life more abundantly" of which Christ spoke and which only an initiate of the seventhReappearance, 28:man on Earth. He was also serving, when He spoke these words, as a working Member of the SpiritualReappearance, 37:and to radiant, magnetic living. The words He spoke were few and simple and all men can understand
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