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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPOT

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Autobiography, 112:the Catholic, attended and it was the one bright spot in the week, partly I think because it linkedDiscipleship1, 373:soul influence. But behind all this lies a blind spot. It is a "sticking your head into the sand"Discipleship1, 436:and which is of importance. From the quiet spot where you have lived and where you can rightly careDiscipleship1, 525:the garden which I have magnetized. At that spot within your garden, talk your problems aloud toDiscipleship2, 481:disciple is otherwise competent to give. A blind spot. This is one of the most frequent deterrentsDiscipleship2, 620:to his disciple is the particular "blind spot" in his life which it is the purpose of the soul toDiscipleship2, 635:Have you learnt something anent this lonely spot? If so, the next development for you may involveExternalisation, 576:seen, by its means, from even the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian, the aboveFire, 55:at the base of the spine. They are situated at a spot which stands in relation to the physical bodyFire, 202:leads them back unerringly to the familiar spot from whence they originally came. It is theFire, 1014:the point where land and water meet. The midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide theHealing, 314:nature, there is a vital core or a living spot of energy which is absorbing, slowly or quickly, asHealing, 458:in the region of the head and on a particular spot in the medulla oblongata will be found helpfulInitiation, 33:dwell in the Himalayan mountains, in a secluded spot called Shigatse, far from the ways of men, butInitiation, 130:with our solar Logos is secreted in that central spot in the heavens around which our solar systemMagic, 235:the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provideMagic, 235:Most true aspirants are now at the midway spot, and can either drown (and so make no furtherMagic, 236:flow of the waters. The dangers of the midway spot, its nature and the opportunity it affords. TheMagic, 245:Then is the time to appreciate that "the midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide theMagic, 246:divine mind in nature. Withdrawing to the midway spot, he endeavors to realize his divinity andMagic, 247:You ask for a clearer definition of the midway spot. For the probationer it is the emotional plane,Magic, 247:advanced disciple and the initiate, the midway spot is the causal body, the karana sarira, theMagic, 247:and the soul is established there is a midway spot in the center of the head in the magnetic fieldMagic, 247:that the aspirant takes his stand. This is the spot of vital import. It is neither land orMagic, 248:man projects his consciousness into the midway spot within the brain cavity where the magical workMagic, 249:be asked what are the dangers of this midway spot? The dangers of too violent fluctuation betweenMagic, 249:The effect of this is felt in the midway spot and produces a violent instability. This instabilityMagic, 249:on the solar plexus center which was the "midway spot" in early Atlantean times, and is still theMagic, 506:in the region of the head and on a particular spot in the medulla oblongata will be found helpfulMeditation, 14:and of universality. When a teacher is on the spot, differentiated practice may be carried onMeditation, 48:like to urge that you picture not some isolated spot for their location. In the world, yet not ofMeditation, 61:hints: The aspirant seeks daily a quiet spot where he can be free from interference andMeditation, 61:If wise, he will always seek the same spot, for he will there build up a shell around it that willMeditation, 61:higher contact more easy. The matter of that spot, the matter of what you might term theMeditation, 125:of a disciple leads to a weakness in some one spot, and this is taken advantage of. This type ofMeditation, 137:shows that that man has in his life some weak spot. The door whereby entrance is effected must beMeditation, 137:weakness causes a disintegration; the weak spot breaks and a gap appears, and through that gap evilPsychology2, 45:wisdom meets. These two are one. From that high spot of unity, the One who is released stands forthRays, 707:senior disciples and initiates (being on the spot) should soon begin to work with more authority.
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