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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SPURIOUS

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Autobiography, 225:plane to that of academic philosophy and a spurious esotericism. 1933 was the last year that weAutobiography, 274:latter worldwide effort. There are also certain spurious schools, well-known and spectacular, whichAutobiography, 291:of the initiates before the eyes of the public; spurious initiates and imposters are lecturing upDiscipleship1, 15:be realized after much time has elapsed and much spurious material has been eliminated, after beingDiscipleship1, 15:being recognized for what it is: astralism, spurious claims and thought-forms. Another questionDiscipleship1, 602:of the Tibetan brother" or of the Tibetan and a spurious astral double. Your key words areDiscipleship2, 177:engineered in various parts of the world by spurious claimants to world discipleship. They wereExternalisation, 340:the will of a ruthless minority brought about a spurious but temporarily most effective unity. ThisHercules, 50:the ages sex perverts, homosexuals, true and spurious, have been with us, and today is probably noMagic, 48:light galvanizes the moribund Lunar Lords into a spurious life. This is the great deception; andMagic, 308:raises him to the heights of hilarity and of spurious happiness in which the "light deceptive" ofProblems, 72:cash and fear; they amass wealth and buy a spurious popularity through philanthropic enterprise;Problems, 157:of its emphasis upon phenomena (much of it is spurious or imaginative, but some of it realistic andRays, 349:of a man upon the Path, and they may mistake the spurious for the real. The black magician leads aRays, 612:active hide their greedy purposes behind a spurious desire for world unity, world harmony and rightReappearance, 63:its wrong emphases, its clerical pomp, its spurious authority, [64] its material riches and itsReappearance, 125:of initiation. Every country is full of spurious teachers, teaching the so-called Mysteries,Reappearance, 125:teaching the so-called Mysteries, offering spurious initiations (usually at a cost and with aReappearance, 125:be found and that everywhere the false and the spurious would be proclaiming themselves. All this
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