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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STABILITY

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Astrology, 119:more complex. The man begins to dream of stability, of ordered changes and of union with that whichAstrology, 568:willingness to be tested and to show unalterable stability is the major factor involved. This is byAstrology, 580:cataclysm, by desire for peace and the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for allAstrology, 643:Fortune and Destiny, who uphold the eternal stability of the laws of Nature throughout incessantBethlehem, 81:back from the issue, and prefers inertia and stability to the needed activity and to consequentDiscipleship1, 16:that purity of body, control of the emotions and stability of mind are fundamental necessities andDiscipleship1, 109:been inhibited. You are of an age and a mental stability that will make it safe and beneficial ifDiscipleship1, 110:itself with the reactions of others and a mental stability which will enable you to work as a soul.Discipleship1, 158:of potent usefulness within my group. You give stability and [159] you carry the gift of assuredDiscipleship1, 200:my group than you have ever been. Preserve this stability and this freedom from criticism which youDiscipleship1, 200:real measure achieved, seeing to it that this stability does not crystallize into a staticDiscipleship1, 213:significance of the following four words: Stability, Serenity, Strength, [214] Service, taking oneDiscipleship1, 220:offset this and lead to a condition of focused stability. This will probably also better yourDiscipleship1, 256:preserved in order to guarantee continuity and stability. I seek to word the teaching which I giveDiscipleship1, 259:Achieve alignment, conscious fusion and stability. Then definitely and consciously shift yourDiscipleship1, 282:aware. You have had a period of relative stability in a life hitherto full of ceaseless movement,Discipleship1, 301:group that balancing factor and that patient stability which it needs. The group has passed throughDiscipleship1, 382:else. I would, however, here commend you for the stability you are endeavoring to preserve. You areDiscipleship1, 541:and requires variety; it dislikes quietness and stability; part of it is the result of your fifthDiscipleship1, 593:can enter into his real service. This resumed stability took place with you because you areDiscipleship1, 667:of your consciousness the three words: joy, stability and the Plan. Discipleship1, 668:your attention anew to the three key words, Joy, Stability, and the Plan; during the past yearDiscipleship1, 668:I have given you here a deeply esoteric hint. Stability or steadfastness, which is the power toDiscipleship2, 60:much larger numbers, without upsetting ashramic stability. He has also to consider the ability ofDiscipleship2, 334:the lower self, primarily from the angle of the stability of its hold; his treatment of theDiscipleship2, 432:Polarization and a consequent spiritual stability. The disciple has to effect the stage ofDiscipleship2, Esoter:by us and it is for this quality of spiritual stability that we watch. The field of your workDiscipleship2, 628:spiritual experience but with a pronounced stability. This should indicate to you something ofDiscipleship2, 669:is a guarantee to the watching Master that your stability is assured and immovable. Much furtherExternalisation, 342:cataclysm, by desire for peace and the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for allExternalisation, 366:capacity and the restoration of financial stability are important factors in world restoration. ButExternalisation, 377:will lead to right human relations, economic stability (based on the spirit of sharing) and to aExternalisation, 446:sacrifice, because only upon sacrifice can world stability be safely founded - the sacrifice ofFire, 960:quiescence, or stable vibration, Emotional stability, resulting in limpid reflection, EthericFire, 995:to those who are beginning to know. Astral Stability. The student of magic aims, above all, toFire, 1103:the forces in the personality (thus producing stability, and alignment) is brought about throughFire, 1135:of Inertia - Tamas, the power of resistance, stability, quietude. The Aspect of Activity gives toFire, 1264:seeketh to deter or to distract." Perhaps cosmic stability and magnetic equilibrium serve best toFire, 1264:with the mantram of insulation. Quality - Cosmic stability and magnetic equilibrium. Glamour, 33:from illusion and give to him that emotional stability and poise which gives no room for theGlamour, 118:will need consideration: The nature, quality and stability of the glandular system. The pointGlamour, 149:the longing for emotional comfort, for mental stability and assurance that the higher desires willHercules, 42:God, or the soul, manifests. It produces the stability which demonstrates in the persistence of theIntellect, 34:Racial development, one will reply; glandular stability, or instability, another will say; theIntellect, 227:begin all over again at the bottom, and the word Stability looms." - Comfort, Will Levington,Intellect, 234:by our increased efficiency, self-control, stability and helpfulness. We have found it wise toMagic, 78:of time and of high vibration, result in that stability of rhythm which facilitates occult work,Magic, 127:meditation and their willingness to proceed with stability and caution with the needed discipline.Magic, 264:God, which seems of a beauty so rare and of a stability of so sure a nature that, when the finalMagic, 416:for his flexibility and experience, and his stability of contact can be all subordinated to theMagic, 486:a rule, when that is so, character of sufficient stability and wisdom goes alongside. But it is notMagic, 627:themselves together for defense and for economic stability. Out of this instinctual reaction of theMeditation, 2:then to physical coordination add emotional stability, and you have the two vehicles functioning asMeditation, 5:of one-pointedness. Each life tends to greater stability but seldom is the threefold PersonalityMeditation, 90:of insistence upon physical purity, on emotional stability and on mental equilibrium before theMeditation, 99:ovoid and its positive-negative control. The stability of the emotional matter and its consciousMeditation, 153:beauty of the ascending clouds; according to his stability of temperament will be the accuracy ofMeditation, 299:Mental development when paralleled by emotional stability and a strong healthy body is the aim forMeditation, 346:aspiring servant of all. He cultivates serenity, stability, and a sense of secure dependence onPatanjali, 84:nature. This results in a corresponding mental stability and in an ability to concentrate, for thePatanjali, 155:activity, 3. Tamasic substance inertia, stability. These three are divided into: 1. The specificPatanjali, 317:and persist for increasingly long periods as stability of the mind is achieved. Gradually the lightProblems, 10:of adding their quota of usefulness and of stability to the national whole; they are seeking to beProblems, 19:Isles. She has wrought with diligence for a stability among the nations which will enable her toProblems, 22:into other nations, in order to upset their stability and so weaken them that they could be easilyProblems, 31:against them through firm conviction of the stability and potentiality of the human spirit? WillProblems, 167:apparent that peace, security and world stability are primarily tied up with the economic problem.Psychology1, 103:2025, when there will come a cycle of relative stability and of steady shining without muchPsychology1, 228:out of the Plan, so as eventually to restore stability to the planet and give the incoming AquarianPsychology1, 270:and serious nature that the very peace and stability of the world are threatened; out of thePsychology2, 183:purity of body, control of the emotions, and stability of mind are fundamental requirements andPsychology2, 218:be, confers a sense of proportion and also of stability. It leads to a much-needed readjustment ofPsychology2, 264:owing to his endowment and the relative stability of his emotional nature, and his sound andPsychology2, 400:of the divine nature, and an organized stability and purity of life. Ponder on this. This use ofPsychology2, 624:from any mystical or occult disturbances is its stability, its coherency and the surety of itsPsychology2, 624:mystic and occult student therefore lacks stability in his environing conditions and faith in hisPsychology2, 653:will be superseded by a real measure of stability and security. A more leisured life willPsychology2, 659:- all leading in the last analysis to economic stability. The [660] right order by which men willPsychology2, 660:[660] right order by which men will find that stability is the ancient one that certainPsychology2, 669:issues of modern life into some kind of stability. Men would then have time to make the neededRays, 427:the mantram of insulation Quality gained Cosmic stability and magnetic equilibrium PATH VI. THERays, 429:and anxiety may teach her; the result will be stability. In the hands of the United States, GreatRays, 510:the effect of the Word of Power. When adequate stability has been acquired, the disciple utters aRays, 674:food, warmth and housing, for the restoration of stability and security and for the cessation ofReappearance, 20:lift humanity, to rebuild the world, to restore stability and the sense of security and thusTelepathy, 174:the aura, and its potency of attraction, and its stability, which also holds a group together,
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