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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - STABILIZATION

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Astrology, 202:the nature of discipleship and the processes of stabilization and right direction, we must precedeAstrology, 408:and cataclysm, preceding reconstruction, stabilization and relative quiet. Of these macrocosmicDiscipleship1, 94:The Master's problem is to teach him the stabilization of the relation between soul and body soDiscipleship1, 422:all pledged disciples, you need interludes of stabilization before passing on to greater knowledge.Discipleship1, 453:attitude and really work at future stabilization and reconstruction from the vantage ground of yourDiscipleship1, 580:usefulness to you to bring about this necessary stabilization within a second ray center. Will youDiscipleship1, 580:the need and call of your soul for such a stabilization and the urgent demand of your personalityDiscipleship1, 585:I pointed out the necessity for you to seek stabilization within a second ray center. How does thisDiscipleship1, 585:within a second ray center. How does this stabilization come? Through steady identification withDiscipleship1, 593:be thrown upon his own resources. This stage of stabilization now lies behind you and in time toDiscipleship1, 638:group is because you need a larger measure of stabilization and this the group will enable you toDiscipleship2, 38:with the growth of the human family and its stabilization into a new civilization. I shall begin toDiscipleship2, 59:struggle now being waged is to reach a point of stabilization in human thinking and understandingDiscipleship2, 431:mind. This leads eventually to the stabilization of his consciousness in the new field ofDiscipleship2, 547:personality upon the astral plane. Then produce stabilization of the light appropriated by theDiscipleship2, 556:is seldom put on the necessity for such a stabilization of spiritual rhythm, and too much emphasisDiscipleship2, 577:to Disciples - P.G.C. August 1942 The stabilization of your life along the line established is theExternalisation, 262:its thought, and produce a permanent spiritual stabilization. Great potencies and the expression ofExternalisation, 317:is of paramount importance and will produce the stabilization to take place in the last two yearsExternalisation, 480:masses in cooperative statesmanship, in economic stabilization through right sharing, and in clean,Fire, 130:or the Totality) comes a period of rhythm and of stabilization wherein the point of balance isFire, 813:of individual force, and its utilization for the stabilization, the development, and the refiningFire, 863:physical brain. He must strive to bring about a stabilization of both the astral body and the mind,Fire, 927:in it the processes of coordination and of stabilization are carried on; the energy or theFire, 1030:tend to coherence, to concretion, and to the stabilization of the work of the builders. If they butFire, 1098:control and alignment which will result in stabilization, and a responsiveness to causalFire, 1131:When he is proficient in these two things - stabilization and manipulation - then, and only then,Healing, 138:through stimulation, elimination and eventual stabilization. This inevitably produces difficulty,Healing, 418:or the Totality) comes a period of rhythm and stabilization wherein the point of balance isHealing, 553:of the authority of knowledge and of spiritual stabilization upon the patient, thereby instillingMeditation, 63:in of finer. On Emotional Levels: The definite stabilization of the emotional body through theMeditation, 64:its use being very largely one of purification, stabilization and centralization. This is all thatMeditation, 70:protective effect of the Word and its work of stabilization and purification, we have somewhatMeditation, 83:of the new, elimination of the old, and the stabilization of the new vibration. Then finally comesPatanjali, 17:(or activities) of the thinking principle. Stabilization of the mind and its subsequent use by thePsychology1, xvii:their mental competency, and lead to that stabilization of the emotional body which will mostPsychology1, 59:develops the brain cells and produces a steady stabilization of the power to stand in "spiritualPsychology1, 232:to the mental, and thereby produce alignment and stabilization. We now come to a consideration ofPsychology2, 653:the national life, by the production of order, stabilization, and above all, freedom. Each nationPsychology2, 712:first, the plans for bringing about world stabilization. This is essential if the human being is toPsychology2, 726:general movement towards world understanding and stabilization cannot as yet be achieved, owing toPsychology2, 731:will be productive, in its turn, of a real world stabilization. The third ray Masters are workingPsychology2, 733:that united effort which will lead to world stabilization, interracial and internationalRays, 482:Projection, Invocation and Evocation, Stabilization and Resurrection. With these various stages, weRays, 495:and the Mysteries of Initiation 5. and 6. Stabilization and Resurrection. The bridge is now built.Rays, 501:Projection, Invocation and Evocation, Stabilization and Resurrection. Of these the first two areRays, 512:act of will from a point of tension has evoked. Stabilization. This is brought about by longReappearance, 18:masses in cooperative statesmanship, in economic stabilization through right sharing, and in clean,
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